Bible History: Epic Hero, Isaiah

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A Moment on the Life and Times of the Epic Hero, Isaiah

When you understand a few things about this towering prophet and epic hero—Isaiah—it is easier than you think to liken his writings to your own life and times.

isaiah3When Lehi and his family departed for the New World in about 600 B.C., Jerusalem was ripe for destruction.  Isaiah’s fifty-year ministry came to a close almost one hundred years before that, but his far-reaching influence had barely begun. Not only was Isaiah a mighty prophet, but he was also a statesman, who served as adviser to four kings of Judah.

1. Under Uzziah, Judah was a strong military power.

2. Then King Jotham further fortified the nation.

3. King Ahaz was idolatrous; he engaged in human sacrifice of his own children.  In the political realm, he tried to appease the Assyrian terrorists by offering them tribute money from the treasures of the temple.

4. Hezekiah, son of Ahaz, tried to cleanse the land of his father’s idolatry.[1]

Meanwhile the powerful and brutal Assyrians had conquered the kingdom of Israel in the north, and moved upon Judah, putting Jerusalem under siege.  To safeguard the city’s water supply, Hezekiah constructed a conduit which still exists today.

As the Assyrians were themselves threatened by Egypt, Hezekiah sought an alliance with Egypt.  But Isaiah warned that Egypt could not be trusted, and prophesied of the Assyrian destruction and Judah’s future peace and prosperity.  Hezekiah remained steadfast and trusted in the Lord by following Isaiah’s counsel.  The prophecy was fulfilled, once. It will be fulfilled again, for Isaiah’s prophecy of the destruction of Assyria was a prefiguring, or type, of the destruction of the wicked at the Second Coming of Christ.

Thus were the times of Isaiah fraught with wars and contention, as were the times in ancient America, and as are events of our day.  The names of the main actors are different, but the scenes and drama are repeated throughout history.  Much of what Isaiah saw in his day is not unlike what we see in modern times.  These repeated patterns, or type-scenes, are the key to understanding Isaiah’s vast prophetic world view— a window to the future.

Isaiah Spoke of Five Eras

1. His own day. 

Consider his perspective.  Unlike many self-absorbed persons of our day, Isaiah knew that his grand and sweeping visions were “not about him.”  He did not get caught up in the tumultuous moment of his day, but was able to see the total picture.

isaiahlds2. Birth and ministry of Christ in the meridian of time.

Right in the middle of an interview with the wicked Ahaz, Isaiah by command of the Lord, gave the glorious prophecy of the birth of Christ that is famous throughout all Christendom.

3. The Last Days (our times.) 

Isaiah describes why we are losing our liberty, due to uninformed citizens. (Isaiah 5:13)  He vividly describes the corruption, evil, and immorality of our day …even Political Correctness. (Isaiah 5:20) In Isaiah 29, (2 Nephi27), the prophet saw ahead nearly 3,000 years and described in detail  the coming forth of the Book of Mormon in the nineteenth century.

resurrected Christmed

4. The Second Coming.

Isaiah’s writings are fraught with prophecy regarding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to usher in the Millennium.

5. The Millenium.

Lamb and Lion resizeWMIsaiah saw world events as God sees them; he described them, in some ways like a journalist, but more as a poet, using breathtaking imagery.  Isaiah’s superb literary skills are worthy of his subject.  Isaiah’s work is the finest epic literature ever written.  But there is much more to it than that.

His writings are not a mere history, nor will casual perusal unlock the treasures therein.  To limit oneself to a hasty scan would be to walk thirsty past the wells of salvation.

The Savior regarded Isaiah so highly that He gave a commandment, to “search these things diligently; for great are the words of Isaiah.”(3 Ne. 23:1)

So how does one read Isaiah?

— Pray for the spirit of prophecy, which is the testimony of Christ.

— Keep in mind that the overarching theme of Isaiah is the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

— Remember Isaiah’s broad world view, which encompasses at least five different eras in the scriptural spectrum.  Look for the big picture, rather than dwelling on fragments that you may not fully understand.

— Search for themes. Do not try to read Isaiah chronologically.  Let each chapter stand alone, and find its theme.  Chapter headings give helpful clues.

— Research the footnotes.

isaiah4bibletext— Look for parallels, like reading today’s newspaper.

— Remember types and symbols. For example, Babylon means “the world.” The vineyard of the Lord means “Israel.”

— Savor the exquisite imagery. Ponder the themes and the layers of profound meaning.

— Liken the scriptures to yourself.  And liken them to the nations and the global scene.

— Be Patient. To plumb the depths of Isaiah’s inspired writing is a lifelong quest.

The Savior desires us to search the words of Isaiah (whose very name means “Jehovah saves”), for they expound the power of His Atonement and our rescue from the fallen state. Furthermore, Jesus knows there are blessings and treasures that await us if we but seek them. 

Isaiah knew this, too, when he said,

Therefore, with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

(Isaiah 12:3)

Copyright 2010 by C.A. Davidson

       [1]CES, 1981:Old Testament Student Manual, Religion 302, pp.131-135

YouTube Video: Classical Music and Bizet

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Pearl Fishers Duet

From Wikipedia

bizetGeorges Bizet (25 October 1838 – 3 June 1875), formally Alexandre César Léopold Bizet, was a French composer, mainly of operas. In a career cut short by his early death, he achieved few successes before his final work, Carmen, became one of the most popular and frequently performed works in the entire opera repertory.

During a brilliant student career at the Conservatoire de Paris, Bizet won many prizes, including the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1857. He was recognised as an outstanding pianist, though he chose not to capitalise on this skill and rarely performed in public. Returning to Paris after almost three years in Italy, he found that the main Parisian opera theatres preferred the established classical repertoire to the works of newcomers. His keyboard and orchestral compositions were likewise largely ignored; as a result, his career stalled, and he earned his living mainly by arranging and transcribing the music of others. Restless for success, he began many theatrical projects during the 1860s, most of which were abandoned. Neither of the two operas that reached the stage—Les pêcheurs de perles and La jolie fille de Perth—were immediately successful.

After the Franco-Prussian War of 1870–71, during which Bizet served in the National Guard, he had little success with his one-act opera Djamileh, though an orchestral suite derived from his incidental music to Alphonse Daudet‘s play L’Arlésienne was instantly popular. The production of Bizet’s final opera Carmen was delayed through fears that its themes of betrayal and murder would offend audiences. After its premiere on 3 March 1875, Bizet was convinced that the work was a failure; he died of a heart attack three months later, unaware that it would prove a spectacular and enduring success.

Bizet’s marriage to Geneviève Halévy was intermittently happy and produced one son. After his death, his work, apart from Carmen, was generally neglected. Manuscripts were given away or lost, and published versions of his works were frequently revised and adapted by other hands. He founded no school and had no obvious disciples or successors. After years of neglect, his works began to be performed more frequently in the 20th century. Later commentators have acclaimed him as a composer of brilliance and originality whose premature death was a significant loss to French musical theatre.

Read more about Bizet  from Wikipedia



Election 2016: Massive Voter Fraud Video by Undercover Journalism reveals Hillary Clinton-approved Rigged Election

Explosive Breaking News

Election 2016:

Massive Voter Fraud Video by Undercover Journalism reveals Hillary Clinton-approved Rigged Election

O’Keefe Exclusive — Video Sting: ‘We’re Starting Anarchy Here’… Using ‘Mentally Ill’ People

Note: Be aware of offensive language throughout videos and in quotes from videos. This is the language used by the Left.

Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies


Joel B. Pollak


rush-voter-fraudDemocrats have used trained provocateurs to instigate violence at Republican events nationwide throughout the 2016 election cycle, including at several Donald Trump rallies, using a tactic called “bird-dogging,” according to a new video investigation released Monday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

The goal of “bird-dogging”: to create a sense of “anarchy” around Donald Trump that would undermine his political support. Often, the tactic uses the most vulnerable people — including the elderly and disabled — to maximize shock value.

Creamer affirms on one video that Clinton is aware of “all” of his work, and that Democracy Partners has a daily telephone call with the Clinton campaign to coordinate efforts.

O’Keefe and his team also obtained hidden camera videos showing one of Creamer’s consultants, Scott Foval, describing “bird-dogging,” among other tactics, and taking credit for having instigated violence at several Republican events during the 2016 election cycle.

Foval — who praises Creamer as “diabolical” — explains how “bird-dogging” works: how they plan confrontations in advance, choose particular individuals to provoke, and maximize media coverage.

Foval also tells Project Veritas’s undercover journalist that Republicans are less adept at such tactics because they obey rules:

Creamer, who is married to Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), is a Saul Alinsky acolyte who trained many of the key political figures in the Chicago clique that surrounds Barack Obama. He went to prison in 2006-7 for a check-kiting scheme, but was hired by Obama to train volunteers for his 2008 presidential campaign.


Voter Fraud Video Part II

Rigging the Election – Video II: Massive Voter Fraud


How to Commit Voter Fraud on a Massive Scale’: Part II of Project Veritas Investigation into Clinton Network

Democrat confesses to rigging elections ‘for 50 years’

Video bombshell reveals methods of voter fraud on massive scale

Bob Unruh

Editor’s Note: Be aware of offensive language throughout videos and in quotes from videos.

A loyal Democratic activist has told undercover investigators for Project Veritas that his party has been rigging elections “for 50 years” and isn’t likely to stop now.

“You know what? We’ve been busing people in to deal with you f—ing a—–es for 50 years, and we’re not going to stop now,” said Scott Foval.

George Soros, financier of riots and BLM

George Soros, financier of riots and BLM

He previously worked with People for the American Way, a George Soros-funded group, and more recently with Americans United for Change before that group announced he no longer worked for them following the release of another video by Project Veritas on Monday.

The comments were captured in Project Veritas’ videos released this week. The organization reports it has interviewed a number of Democratic Party operatives who are working in support of Hillary Clinton, and it plans to release videos until Election Day.

Foval was quoted in the video released Monday, and shortly later the United for Change organization announced he no longer worked for them.

In the first video, Foval said he, his agents and others are “starting anarchy” by creating “conflict engagement … in the lines at Trump rallies.”

Sign the precedent-setting petition supporting Trump’s call for an independent prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton!

FBI Docs: Hillary Clinton Removed Furniture from State Department to Furnish D.C. Home

Katherine Rodriguez

hillary-thief-furniture2An unnamed State Department staffer disclosed to the FBI that Hillary Clinton and her staff took lamps and furniture from the State Department to furnish Clinton’s D.C. residence, according to FBI documents.

The FBI document of this exchange is part of “The Vault,” which is a collection of documents providing evidence for federal investigators looking into Clinton’s private email server.

Most of the documents are testimonies provided to federal investigators in interviews the agents conducted with witnesses.

hillary-thief-furniture1In one of the documents, an unnamed State Department official tells the FBI that “early in Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, she and her staff were observed removing lamps and furniture from the State Department, which were transported to her residence in Washington, D.C.”

The staffer did not know “whether these items were ever returned to the government upon Clinton’s departure from the State Department.”

The Clintons were accused of taking more than $200,000 worth of furnishings and other items from the Executive Mansion after they left the White House in 2001, PolitiFact reported. They eventually returned several items due to political pressure.


…DEAD BROKE? Clinton Staffers Seen Moving State Dept. Lamps, Furniture to Hillary’s Home…

Truth Zone: FBI Whistleblowers Expose Lying Crooked Hillary Corruption, Massive Cover Ups

Truth Zone:

truth2momentFBI Whistleblowers Expose Lying Crooked Hillary Corruption, Massive Cover Ups

Rush Limbaugh

hillarypowerFBI Document Dump Proves This Woman Has No Business Anywhere Near Power

Nurse Ratched

Hillary-and-Nurse-RatchedThis is astounding what the FBI dumped yesterday.  Why this hasn’t been dumped earlier is obvious.  It is damning!  It is destroying of Hillary Clinton, as a person, as a secretary of state.  I go through all these emails.  Have any of you who’ve spent any time going through any of the emails, part of the WikiLeaks dump, are you seeing anybody that works for her talk about what a nice person she is?  I am not.  I see references to friends of Bill that need this and friends of Bill that need that.  I don’t see any references to friends of Hillary.

But all the stories that we heard back when the Clintons were in the White House about Hillary disliking the Marines, disrespecting the Marines, throwing ashtrays, apparently it’s true, because she did it at the State Department.  She was so mean to people that State Department security agents, which they have, every bureaucracy has security agents that travel with the ambassadors, with the secretary of state.  None of them wanted to work for her.  They all quit over the four-year time she was in the secretary of state’s office.  None of them. 

The people that ended up on her detail were brand-new and had no idea. They were the last ones to go there because everybody else begged off, because she was just plain and simple mean and rude and disrespectful.  She was violating protocol at every turn.  As an example, one of the parent protocols is that when the secretary of state’s traveling, you get off the plane and you always join the ambassador to whatever country you’re in. The ambassador gets in a limo with you, it’s a security thing, too, from the airport into the embassy or wherever you’re going.

In other words, when you get off the plane in a foreign country, you are joined at the hip with the ambassador.  She never would do it.

The only person allowed to get closer to is Huma Abedin and whoever this guy that runs around with her, this big, big black guy who is there rubbing her back and telling her just keep talking, just keep breathing.  He’s obviously some medic, and he’s constantly around her.  Other than this guy and Huma Abedin, she just blows off everybody and everything.  You can’t find any references, or very few, to people with any affection for her.  They’re all working for her and they’re all trying to rig the game for her, but there doesn’t seem to be any affection.


Obama Cover Up

obama-email-cover-upRUSH: Now to the FBI document dump.  It’s a hundred pages and it’s dynamite, and it’s just astounding, folks.  You look at this and you wonder how in the world did this woman not get charged?  How in the world did this not get sent to the grand jury?  Of course, we know.  President Obama didn’t want it.  He didn’t want any of it going anywhere because he’s implicated in it.  He lied.  He said he learned about Hillary’s private server while watching the news just like all of us, except that’s not true.

He was regularly communicating with her via her private server and all this suspicious email activity using a fake name, a pseudonym, if you will.  He was fully aware.  And that’s why to go after her would have included him, and ah, ah, ah, ah, not going to happen.  I did as much looking into this as I could, and I have to tell you, John Hinderaker at Power Line has probably put together the best summary of this.

Yesterday “the FBI released another 100 pages relating to its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s conduct as Secretary of State.” This was not just an investigation that was limited to her emails and server.  By definition, it ended up including her conduct as secretary of state.  Why it has taken so long for the FBI to review, to redact, and publish — I mean, a hundred pages is a small quantity.  It’s dynamite.  What’s in these 100 pages, even what is not redacted is dynamite.  But the question, why it has taken so long for the FBI to review, to redact and publish a hundred pages is inexplicable.

CORRUPTION: Pressure from inside FBI to De-Classify Emails to protect Hillary

hillary-liar-emailsThe pages that were released yesterday are explosive, big-time explosive. Folks, it’s serious stuff.  And it all — you can’t conclude anything other — this woman ought not be anywhere near the levels of power.  This woman is as corrupt as anybody.  This makes Watergate, as I say, look like Romper Room.  Now, you may have seen headlines that Hillary’s State Department tried to pressure the FBI to say that various documents located on her home server were not classified.  That was critical.  It is critical, obviously, because one of Hillary’s lines of defense was to claim — falsely, as it turned out — that she never sent or received classified documents on her off-the-books email system.

“In the first page, an unidentified FBI employee says he was ‘pressured’ to change the classification of an email to render it unclassified. This pressure came from someone within the FBI.”

This is in FBI documents.  This is not somebody’s speculation.  It was in what was released yesterday.  You remember, now, she has denied trafficking in classified documents, sending or receiving.  And yet in one of the pages yesterday, an unidentified FBI employee says he was pressured by someone within the FBI to change the classification of an email to render it unclassified.

hillary-liarThis person within the FBI “who said he had been contacted by Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy, who ‘had asked his assistance in altering the email’s classification in exchange for a “quid pro quo.”‘”  You may see people denying this left and right at the State Department.  It’s in the FBI documents.  It happened!  Somebody within the FBI called over to state, talked to Patrick Kennedy and asked for his help in changing the classification of the email in exchange for a quid pro quo.

And what was the quid pro quo?  “The quid pro quo was that, if the FBI would say the email was unclassified, the State Department would allow the FBI to ‘place more Agents in countries where they are presently forbidden.’ Subsequently, the interviewee was summoned to an ‘all agency’ meeting at the State Department to discuss the classification review of the Hillary Clinton emails. This fact,” and that’s what it is, “is astonishing: the meeting was attended by representatives of the State Department, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency ‘and other government agencies,’ including, obviously, the FBI.”

So you had an all-agency meeting at the State Department to discuss reviewing the classification of Hillary Clinton’s emails and changing from classified to unclassified, with all of these government agencies at the meeting.  “Patrick Kennedy presided. Someone asked whether any of the Hillary emails that were being reviewed for production were classified. Kennedy replied, ‘Well, we’ll see.'”

Meaning, when we get through here, after we’ve declassified a bunch of ’em, probably not.  So they had classified emails, agency-wide meeting with all of these different elements of the government to discuss declassifying certain Hillary emails.  Why would they do that?  To protect her.  To protect them.  To protect Obama.  There were classified emails.  She was trafficking in classified email on her unsecure server that she had lied about and denied doing, that Obama claimed he knew nothing about when he did.

“Following the all agency meeting, Undersecretary of State Kennedy renewed his effort to pressure the FBI to change its classification of the document in question. The FBI representative wouldn’t budge.”  The FBI said, “No, we are not gonna help you declassify this classified document.” 

“So Kennedy asked who else at the agency he could talk to. The interviewee gave the name of Michael Steinbach.” All of this was in these hundred pages dumped yesterday.  “The interviewee then participated in a call with Kennedy and Steinbach, in which Kennedy ‘continued to pressure the FBI to change the classified markings on the email to unclassified.’ Steinbach refused. What happened next is — deserves to be, anyway — a bombshell.

“Prior to ending the conversation, Kennedy,” of the State Department, “asked whether the FBI or State would conduct the public statements on the matter. Steinbach advised Kennedy that the FBI would not comment publicly on the matter.”

Well, I mean, folks, right there is corruption admitted to.  Here you had an all-agency meeting to discuss the declassification of an email in order to protect Hillary’s claim that she had not trafficked in them.  And everybody at the meeting admits to and knows what’s going on.  And the FBI says, “Don’t worry, we’re not gonna talk about it.  Steinbach of the FBI told Kennedy we would not comment publicly on the matter.”  Meaning, whatever you do, nobody’s gonna know about it. We’re not gonna blow the whistle on you.  Whatever you do, go ahead, we’re not talking. 

Clinton-Cash-Graphic-Novel-Panel“That was enough for the astonishingly corrupt Hillary Clinton. This is what happened next:  The conference call ended and, according to [ ], the Associated Press (AP) published the story within the hour. Former Secretary of State Clinton appeared in front of the press shortly thereafter to deny having sent classified emails on her private email server.”

They had just taken a classified document and agreed to declassify it just because they needed to for her, not because it deserved to be.  It was still a classified bit of information, but they declassified it, enabling her to go out and lie.  This is just one document.  How many critically important documents have been given the same treatment, have been discussed in the same way?  The State Department has put some documents, archived them way back down in the basement, nobody to ever see them again.

Folks, this is just one element of what’s in this hundred page dump.  But this one, this story illustrates the full-fledged corruption of Hillary Clinton’s State Department, working with the FBI.  She says she never trafficked in classified data, sending it or receiving it.  She said that after an agency-wide meeting, an all-agency meeting in which a document about Benghazi was declassified.


Obama Lies some More

obama-cover-up1RUSH:  Guess what, my friends?  Obama’s got a press conference, or just finished one with the prime minister of Italy in the Rose Garden.  He was asked about what I just shared with you.  Question by Kevin Freking of the AP.  “Mr. President, does it distress you that folks at the FBI and State Department talked about the proper level of classification of emails that were on Secretary Clinton’s server?  Would you acknowledge the appearance of impropriety and should the State Department officials look into this further.”

OBAMA:  You’ve heard directly from both the FBI and the State Department that the notion or the accounts that have been put out there are just not true.  And, you know, you can question them again, but based on what we have seen, heard, learned, some of the more sensational implications or appearances, as you stated them, aren’t based on actual events and based on what actually happened and I think derive from sort of overly broad characterizations of interactions between the State Department and the FBI that happen a lot.

Evidence of Intent

ObamaHillaryLyingtoAmericaWhistleBlowerCALLER:  Thank you for taking my call, and thank you for all you’re doing.  I think you’re doing a fantastic job at making this all surface.  And what I want to say is that I agree with (unintelligible) at the end of the FBI investigation Comey saying there was no evidence of Hillary’s intent.  Doesn’t this prove Hillary’s intent?

RUSH:  Oh, for crying out loud, great point.  Abso-freaking-lutely.  The whole no — look, Alice, we know — I’ve got 15 things I want to say here at once, I gotta dial it back.  We know, common sense, intelligence guided by experience tells us before we know any of this that Hillary Clinton intended to do exactly what she did!  This is just confirming it!

And it wasn’t just Hillary Clinton.  There were all kinds of people intending to rig this whole classified versus unclassified documents on her email thing, on her server thing so that she could go out and tell a lie and get away with it.  They were actually having meetings over declassifying classified documents.  This hundred page document dump from the FBI yesterday, folks, it’s loaded.  I’ve only gotten to one aspect of it, and that’s the big meeting.



FBI Document Dump Proves This Woman Has No Business Anywhere Near Power


Truth Zone: Wikileaks Emails link Obama to Voter Fraud Cases

Truth Zone:

Wikileaks Emails link Obama to Voter Fraud Cases

Trump Calls For Election Observers As Border Patrol Agents Warn of Fraud


obama-voter-fraudBUSTED: Leaked Emails Reveal Obama at Root of Voter Fraud

There is a suspicion among Colorado Democrats that President Obama flooded the Colorado caucuses with ineligible voters. This Wikipedia leaked John Podesta email certainly alludes to voter fraud in 2008 that involved the Obama campaign. This email assumes that the same thing might be happening in 2015. The Democrats are supposed to be voter fraud deniers, aren’t they? Only when talking to conservatives, I guess.

As Written By Sierra Marlee for The Federalist Papers:

obama-voter-fraud2Wikileaks has done an amazing job of revealing to the American people just how screwed up and corrupt our government really is, at all levels. The most recent revelation comes from the very top, and shows that Obama may have directed his supporters in Colorado to engage in a little all-American voter fraud.

In an email, John Podesta discussed his meeting to two Coloradans who made it clear that they wanted help in making sure that only legal and living people were allowed to vote in the 2015 caucuses.

voter-fraudThese two individuals just happen to be tight with the Clinton campaign, and are concerned that there might be some improper conduct going on surrounding the caucus, and as we all know, if it’s not the Clintons who are cheating, nobody can cheat!

BUSTED: Leaked Emails Reveal Obama at Root of Voter Fraud

Election 2016: America First or Hillary’s America?

Election 2016:

America First or Hillary’s America?


Thanks to A.F. Branco at Legal Insurrection for his great cartoon

Millennials Now Know About Hillary’s War on Women

What Trump did is, for the first time in 20 years, get those women’s stories on CNN.

An hour and a half before the Sunday debate, Donald Trump did something that probably shocked the Republican consultant class more than his using lewd words eleven years ago. He held a media event, surrounded by women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

cartoon-hillary-mountain-mole-hillWords vs. deeds

keyThomas Sowell: ‘Do you choose a president by talk – or by actions and consequences?’

ObamaHillaryLyingtoAmericaWhistleBlowerDonald Trump’s gutter talk about women shows yet again that he is bad news. The problem is that Hillary Clinton is far worse.

Trump’s talk is indefensible. But Hillary Clinton’s actions as secretary of state, carrying out the Obama administration’s foreign policies, have cost many lives in many places, including the American ambassador and others killed in Benghazi.

slave-trade-ISISWomen have a right to be offended by Trump’s words. But women have suffered a far worse fate from Secretary Clinton’s and President Obama’s actions. Pulling American troops out of Iraq, despite military advice to the contrary, led to the sudden rise of ISIS and their seizing of many women and young girls as sex slaves.

A message from one of these women urged the bombing of ISIS. She said she would rather be dead than live the life of a sex slave. Some women who tried to commit suicide and failed have been tortured for trying.

Meanwhile, President Obama tried to downplay ISIS with flippant words, by calling them the junior varsity. His halfhearted, foot-dragging military response has allowed ISIS to parade before the world as triumphant conquerors, appealing to disgruntled people in Western countries to carry out terrorist attacks in support of their cause.

That is a lot worse than some stupid and gross words by Donald Trump, which even he has had to repudiate. Make no mistake about it. Neither party has a good candidate for president. The choice is between bad and disastrous.

Are women more in danger from Trump’s words or Hillary’s actions?

Are Americans in general more in danger from Trump’s shallowness on issues or Hillary’s ruthless grabs for money and power – a track record that goes all the way back to the days when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas?

HIllaryMovieMrs. Clinton’s own announced agenda attacks the very foundation of American constitutional government, on which Americans’ own freedom depends. She has already said that she will appoint Supreme Court justices who will specifically overturn a recent Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. FEC.

That decision said that both corporations and labor unions have freedom of speech, including the right to contribute money toward political campaigns.

Hillary Clinton’s determination to pick judicial appointees on the basis of their willingness to overturn that decision is a more brazen extension of the political left’s other attempts to stifle the free speech of those who oppose their agenda.

TrumpHat-not-screw-up-countryDemands that various advocacy organizations reveal the names of all their donors are an obvious attempt to scare off those donors, with harassment by everyone from vandals to rioters to the Internal Revenue Service and other government bureaucrats.

Without the right to free speech, none of the other rights is safe. Government officials can get away with all sorts of abuses, if others are not free to talk about those abuses.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s claims to be a champion for black people, her political agenda threatens the education of black children, the employment of black adults and the physical safety of black communities.

cartoon-hillary-lyingMrs. Clinton is on the side of the teachers’ unions that want to stop the expansion of charter schools, even though these are among the very few places where black children can get a quality education to prepare them for a better future. Here, as with other issues, her public statements are contradicted by her actions.

No law has done more damage to the employment prospects of young blacks than the federal minimum wage law. But nothing is easier, or more popular, than for some politician to raise the minimum wage – despite the fact that unemployment rates among black young people have skyrocketed to several times what they were before.

You don’t get any wage at all when you are unemployed. And if you are young and unemployed, you don’t get any job experience to help you rise up the ladder, when you don’t get on the ladder.

As for safety in the black community, Hillary Clinton has allied herself with those who demonize the police. The net result has been a sharp increase in the number of blacks killed by other blacks, as criminal elements take control of the streets when the police are not allowed to.

Do you choose a president by talk – or by actions and consequences?


Critical Thinking: Equality Definition and Moral Relativism

Critical Thinking:

Equality Definition and Moral Relativism

Rush Limbaugh


trump-book-nyc-cIt wasn’t that long ago in our country that if you learned somebody had lost almost everything — and Trump was a billion dollars in the red. A billion dollars in the red! But he’s not now.  He was able to overcome a billion-dollar loss reported on his tax return.

I’m talking about what used to be signs of character and valid principles, various character assessments that people used to make.

Like the man I told you yesterday that I met shortly after I moved here, and three years later he passed away.  At the memorial service, most everybody there learned things about him we didn’t know, because he wasn’t a braggart.  We didn’t know of his war service or his heroic service in World War II… We did not know (well, some knew) he had lost his fortune three different times.  And on each occasion, he had made a bad bet.  He took a risk, made a bad bet.  Now, most people, if they lose everything, that’s it.

They’re defeated and they slink away and say, “Oh, my God.”  This guy came back three times, replaced his fortune.  He redid it three separate times.  Trump has done it.  Now, in 1999-2000, the amount of respect that people have for this man was obvious. But there’s no such thinking even today about Trump.  Now the Drive-Bys and the Democrat Party are hell bent on making everything in this a scandal, when in fact Trump has not broken any law.

He didn’t violate any law.  He didn’t violate the spirit of any law.  Hillary Clinton has — many, multiple times — over a host of things, beginning with her service as first lady.  I mean, the things that these people have done on the edge of the law, her foundation now? It all skirts the edges of the law, and most of it they don’t want anybody to even know about.  The Clinton fortune has come about by selling themselves to donors who expect payback from Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State and potentially as president.


Thanks to A.F. Branco at Legal Insurrection for his great cartoon

We have to hear what a great woman she is, how qualified she is?  She’s not qualified, and it speaks for itself she’s not qualified.  The very fact that others have to tell us she’s so qualified when we don’t see it ourselves when we look at her, tells us everything that we have to know.  But there’s something else going on here, and it’s all traceable to the way we have been raising our children in this country.  Millennials are not familiar with setbacks.  Some of them are, but most Millennials are not familiar with setbacks, obstacles and having to overcome them.

Because as they’ve grown up, everybody’s gotten a trophy just for showing up.  Everybody is wonderful.  In fact, do you remember for Millennials and even some Gen-Xers, it was decided we wouldn’t grade their papers in school with red markers because red was a dangerous color? Red was a color that upset children!  So no red was allowed to be used.  They weren’t capable of any wrong answers.  No, no!

moral-relativism4If they thought 2 + 2 = 5, fine, until they learned that it wasn’t.  We would not humiliate them by pointing out that they were wrong.  So the idea of overcoming great obstacles and adversity? No big deal!  Nobody has faced any.  In fact, you’d better not appear to work harder or dream bigger or be smarter, because you’re not allowed to be that, because you’re not allowed to be exceptional — and the country is not allowed to be either.

We’re not talking about equality.  They’re talking about sameness.  Sameness is the enemy of equality. 

RUSH:  Now, I’m telling you, folks, in our culture today…  In our young culture — and in certain ethnic cultures this is true, too — nobody’s allowed to work harder, because that stigmatizes those who don’t work as hard.  You’re not allowed to be better because that shames people who aren’t.  We are trying to force total so-called equality.  We’re not talking about equality.  They’re talking about sameness.  Sameness is the enemy of equality.  Sameness is one of the greatest assaults on equality that you could ever have.

You cannot have sameness without denying people equality.  Equality does not mean equal outcomes.

procrustesbed<–Procrustes was a legendary robber of ancient Greece noted for stretching or cutting off the legs of his victims to adapt them to the length of his bed.

Equality does not mean equal station in life.  Equality refers to opportunity and treatment but it does not mean enforcement of certain standards to make sure that everybody ends up the same.  But that’s what political correctness is doing.  That’s what higher education has been doing, and secondary education has been doing for at least a generation.  Nobody’s allowed to work harder. It’s not allowed because you’ll get ahead faster.  You’re not allowed.

You’re not allowed to dream bigger.  That’s not realistic.  You’re not allowed to be smarter.  That’s because, see, they think that’s a denial of equality.  We must all be equal.  They don’t mean equal.  They mean we must all be the same.  They want us to all be the same because they, the proverbial “they,” are our betters — the professors, the politicians, the people in power.  They don’t impose any of the restrictions on themselves that they’re imposing on the body politic.  No, they’re plenty smarter and they’re allowed to be, and they can work harder if they want, and they can dream bigger.

pc-bullyBut you can’t because you’re supposed to be no different than anybody else, because that’s how equality is being defined.  And young people are lapping it.  Young people are swallowing this misguided definition of equality, which is nothing more than forced sameness.  And I want you to think about it. Forced sameness is the antithesis of equality, because no two people are alike.  No two people are the same.  No two things are the same.  It’s not possible.  You force sameness, and you are denying equal opportunity, equal treatment, equal this, equal that.

It’s one of the biggest scams that is currently being run on young people, and that is to equate sameness with equality.  Because the only way you can have sameness is by defining everybody down.  And you’ll note that the left never tries to raise anybody up.  The left never sees these divides.  They never see people upper level, lower level, middle level and seek to raise the people at the bottom up.  “That won’t help the Democrats! That means people might become self-reliant.  We can’t have that.

moral-relativism-general“We need them constantly dependent on the government, constantly dependent on politicians, preferably the Democrat Party.  So what do we do?  We punish the achievers! We raise their taxes.  We increase regulation on them.  We make it tougher for them to exist as we attempt to lower everybody under the bastardized term of equality — which is really nothing more, as I say, than forced sameness — and what you end up with is no one is exceptional, and that is all equality. “It’s a beautiful thing.  It’s a wonderful thing.  It’s utopian.

“There is nobody that’s the exception.  Nobody is better than anybody else, and nobody is worse than anybody else.  And the ugly or not ugly and the beautiful are not beautiful because they’re all the same.  And if you think differently we are going to punish you accordingly.”  So a number of classic American concepts — American exceptionalism, self-reliance, rugged individualism, working hard — have all been trashed by education and the left in just 20 years.  In just 20 years.

american-exceptionalism2From a decade when people bought Trump’s books in droves and thought what he was able to achieve was awesome for turning it around, for coming back from the abyss, saving his company, saving the people that work for him, employing many more, building skyscrapers and other buildings, golf courses, you name it, the world over, that people have willingly paid money to join.  Now all that is looked at now as somehow a scandal. Somehow that’s the sign of a reprobate.  “It’s weird.  It’s unfair, and we’ve got to go after guys like Trump.

So they pepper it all with how Trump’s violated the law and Trump’s this and he’s a bully and he says mean things about women and so forth.  The real bully is Hillary Clinton.  Her husband’s another real bully.  They’re cads.  They don’t have great compassion for people.  They look at people with contempt.  I maintain to you that a bunch of people who want everybody to be the same under the misguided premise of equality? Those are not compassionate people.

Those are people that don’t like people, who don’t trust them.  Those are people that want to control other people and don’t trust them.  So you have to strip them of their dignity, of the things that make them unique, the things that set them apart and punish the things that they achieve in, and that’s the modern day Democrat Party from Barack Obama on down.  That’s the modern movement of liberalism.

CALLER:  I was calling because I’m very upset about the bias.  I know that there’s nothing most of us can do about it, about the media bias against Mr. Trump.  But it’s ridiculous for Hillary to sit there and say that he lost $1 billion when she has lost $6 billion while she was on watch as Secretary of State.  No one knows where that money is.  It’s been misplaced.  Nobody has had any inclination to tracking it.  Nobody has questioned her about it.  It’s just becoming really ridiculous.

RUSH:  Well, not only that, the money Trump lost was his.  The money Hillary lost was the taxpayers. 

CALLER:  Correct.

ObamaHillaryLyingtoAmericaWhistleBlowerRUSH:  But in addition to losing the money, Hillary Clinton loses lives.  Four people died in Benghazi because of Hillary Clinton. 

CALLER:  That’s correct.  And no one says anything about this.  They keep saying, “Oh, Benghazi, Benghazi.”  But the mother of one of these people have come forward crying, upset.  And she ridicules them.  It’s ridiculous. 

RUSH:  It is.  But in the midst of all this they persist in telling us how imminently qualified Hillary Clinton is.  Why, there hasn’t been anybody as qualified as Hillary Clinton.  It’s an insult.  It’s a laughable joke.  The very fact they have to point it out means people do not see it for themselves.  And believe me, there is nobody that sees Hillary Clinton more qualified than anybody else who has ever been president.

Somebody with the negatives that she’s got couldn’t possibly have that reputation.  And she doesn’t.  It’s been tried.  They’ve tried to manufacture this whole narrative that she’s the smartest woman in the world for almost 30 years.  And they still haven’t pulled it off.  They’re still trying.  So smartest woman in the world is now morphing into most qualified ever to endeavor to be president as Moochelle (My Belle) Obama said.



Culture Wars: Catholic Nun warns of Muslim violence and Christian persecution

Culture Wars: 

Catholic Nun warns of Muslim violence and Christian persecution

Syrian Nun Warns ‘Europe Has Let in Wolves’ With Migrant Policies

christian-persecution-hatuneA Syrian Orthodox nun, hailed as a “modern Mother Theresa” in the German media, has warned that Europe’s refugee policy allows “wolves” in and that devout Muslims pose a threat to the continent.

Sister Hatune Dogan, who has worked for 26 years helping Christians and Yazidis, said: “Europe has admitted the wolves, the sheep are still [in Syria and Iraq].”

“Wolves”, the nun explained, are the Muslim migrants living in Europe who despite courses in “European values” and integration continue to live according to the Koran.

wolf-in-sheeps-clothing-150x150Speaking of “sheep”, the nun said she was referring to persecuted Christian and Yazidi minorities in Muslim-dominated countries, and spoke of “mothers, the children and the orphans who haven’t enough money” to leave.

“I do not think that people who live [the values of the Koran] can be good for us,” she said, adding: “79 verses alone call for infidels to be killed”.

Noting that 96 per cent of people across the Middle East were Christians until the eighth century and that the figure is now just six per cent, Sister Hatune urged politicians to “wake up” and look more closely at the beliefs of the asylum seekers.

Women in Islamic societies have no value

In a recent lecture in Germany, Sister Hatune said women in Islamic societies “have no value. They are just there for the pleasure of the man, and even more so if they are unbelievers.”

slave-trade-ISISSpeaking about her years of aid work in Muslim countries, the sister recalled how she’d listen as women cried about wounds to their breasts and genitals. “All atrocities committed in the name of Allah,” Sister Hatune told the audience, adding: “Not since yesterday but for centuries.”

Dr Phyllis Chesler has written for Breitbart News about some of the work the sister and her charity, the Hatune Foundation, have done rescuing Christian and Yazidi girls from the clutches of Islamic State in Iraq.

Syrian Nun Warns ‘Europe Has Let in Wolves’ With Migrant Policies