Censorship, Politics, and Freedom of Speech

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procrustesPolitical Correctness is like Procrustes. Procrustes was a legendary robber of ancient Greece noted for stretching the bodies or cutting off the legs of his victims to adapt them to the length of his bed.

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Definitions: Political Correctness, Censorship, and Freedom of Speech

This blogger has been censored by Google for posting content on Biblical values.

From Rush Limbaugh Radio Show

freedomofspeechPeople have always been uncomfortable hearing things that they don’t agree with or hearing things that they don’t want to hear per se. Political correctness is all about that. Political correctness is nothing more than the censorship of free speech — and, as you know, it’s rising.

It’s not the government. Political correctness is happening within the bowels of our culture. It’s happening everywhere. It’s happening in schools and universities. It’s slowly permeating everything, and nobody can put their finger on it. You know, everybody speaks out against political correctness. It doesn’t have one advocate by name, there’s not one person who stands up and says they’re in favor of PC, but everybody’s scared to death of it. It has no advocates.

We’re led to believe everybody opposes it and disagrees with it, but yet everybody’s scared to death of it. So who is it? Well, it’s the power structure wherever you happen to be. If you’re in college, it’s the classroom, the professor, the administration. If you’re at work, it’s the boss. In some places it can be the government, but mostly this happening within the bowels of our culture. Now, I know you ask about me specifically. Let me tell you how it’s gonna happen if ever it does.

It isn’t gonna be the president, at least in my case. I know that if Obama could get rid of me, he would, and if he could shut me up he would. But we’re not to the point where he can, we’re not to the point where he can even try and get full-fledged support. Now, we may be trending that way. I think we’re a long, long way from that, but the trend can’t be denied. Yet it could happen in many other ways. I don’t want to detail them ’cause I don’t want to give people any ideas.

Let me remind you that I’ve said something over the past couple of years. I’ve mentioned it here and there, now and then, very informally, but I’ll mention it again. I fully expected expect, down the road at some point — and not just me, but I fully expect — to be denounced and held up as the primary problem for either people that agree with me or believe what I believe or same party or what have you. I fully expect that. It’s just the nature of things.

Everybody wants to blame somebody else for their problems and so forth. There’s always pressure on free speech. There’s always pressure on freedom of thought. There’s always, always societal or professional pressure. I’ve always been amazed at how people open themselves up to be offended. I’ve always been amazed how people give that much power away to other people. I’ve always been amazed at how words are so damaging. They’re just words! Whatever they are, whoever says them, they’re just words.

But be the right person saying the wrong thing and you can create an absolute avalanche, and it stuns me. Whereas people who commit deeds, actually do things that really hurt people, are excused or have excuses made for them or it’s said, “Well, we must understand that.” But words are an entirely different thing. Speech is an entirely different thing. So it’s a constant concern. I can’t tell you the number of times the staff holds their hands up, “Don’t say it! Don’t say it!”

The only thing that I was trying to say when I was tiptoeing around with the guy earlier who called about this is that there are people who can’t win, and they’re not gonna blame themselves. They’re gonna look for scapegoats and excuses, and they’re gonna point fingers at me and people like Ted Cruz and others — other people on talk radio and so forth — as the scapegoat, as the cop-out reason. It’s gonna happen. It already does, now and then. But it’s just the way of the world.


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  1. I like what you guys are up too. Such smart work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my website 🙂

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