Victory for Liberty vs. Barack Obama

The Victory Mandate: Republicans Were Elected to Stop Barack Obama, Not to Work with Him

Work for American Liberty, for a change …

keyIt is incumbent on Republicans to stand up and lead. It is incumbent on us to deliver that bold, positive, optimistic agenda. You know, the fact that the people rose up and voted the Democrats out of power doesn’t necessarily mean they trust the Republicans. They’ve given us another chance. But we’ve got to earn that trust, and the way to earn that trust is to listen to the priorities of the people.

And I hope come January Republicans stand united, we stand as one, and we systematically — one after the other — vote on positive, pro-growth ideas. We vote on tax reform. We vote on regulatory reform. We vote on embracing the American energy renaissance. We vote on going after and stopping Obamacare. We deliver on the promises that Republicans campaigned on. ~Ted Cruz



GOPStopObamaPIXSpecial Report – the 2014 Election

We Won!

Democrats were routed across the country, losing not only control of the U.S. Senate, but three governors’ races. Democrats also lost 13 seats in the House of Representatives.

We gave Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi a strong message.

But that doesn’t mean we’re done. Far from it.

We have to remain ready to respond to — and fight – politicians who pose a threat to our freedom and liberty. And that means Republicans as well as Democrats.

It’s our job to make sure they follow the Constitution . . . honor their oaths of office . . . and spend their time and effort making the lives of every American better and more free.

“Here are some election highlights . . .”

2014electmapRepublicans win seven Senate seats outright.

Republican winners ran far better than the polls showed, calling into question whether pollsters need to go back to the drawing board before the 2016 presidential election.

Republican governors had an outstanding night, as Wisconsin’s Scott Walker overcame a nasty Democrat/Big Labor effort to beat him. This is Walker’s third statewide win in two years.

Republicans also won in Maryland, which is a blow to outgoing Democrat gov. Martin O’Malley’s presidential aspirations, and Illinois, where Democrat Pat Quinn’s corrupt regime was soundly beaten.

In the House of Representatives, GOP pick-ups in Harry Reid’s Nevada, Georgia, and Utah – where Mia Love cruised to victory – all point to a more conservative House GOP majority.

Again, the numbers are good. The Democrats took it on the chin.

But just because Mitch McConnell and john Boehner control Congress doesn’t mean we can let up. Our liberty is too precious, and bought at too high a price, for us to rely on politicians to respect it.

Enjoy this moment . . . but always be prepared to fight!


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