Liberal Left Political Bullying Action threatens Survival of Business Economy

 Liberal Political Correctness Bullying Action threatens Survival of Business Economy

Liberal activists are successfully using pressure campaigns and boycotts to pull corporate America to the left. From gun control to climate change to same-sex marriage, a number of Fortune 500 giants are falling in line with liberal priorities . . .that Democrats have been unable to move through Congress. ~The Hill

(Rush Limbaugh March 2015 Newsletter)

PC-criticizeRush Limbaugh: The fact is, they are a handful of malcontents who despise capitalism.

But most companies don’t seem to realize that these attention-grabbing “massive” email and Twitter campaigns to boycott businesses are from a tiny group of obsessives. These are hard-left operatives who have perfected spam and algorithm programs that amplify the number of people actually sending messages.

They use false images to intimidate

The fact is, they are a handful of malcontents who despise capitalism. I know this from experience: local advertisers on an EIB affiliate in, say, Oshkosh will get inundated with complaint emails and tweets from people: “We’re never going to shop at your store again unless you stop advertising on that station.” Our investigation discovered that it’s ten, maybe 12 people who make themselves appear to be 500,000 or more. We found out that in most cases, the complaint emails come from out of state, and not from legitimate customers.

Last month, militant left-wing activist and convicted felon Peter Young bragged about his strategies to manipulate the media—using fake names, creating fake blogs with fake histories, using burner accounts, targeting gullible journalists, and “carpet-bombing” the internet.


1. American Legislative Exchange Council

hoaxglobalwarmingLisa Nelson, the CEO of the free-market American Legislative Exchange Council [ALEC], was asked about man-made global warming by National Journal. She replied, “I don’t know the science on that.”

The Left lashed out to this innocent statement by bullying big companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and eBay to ditch their memberships in ALEC.

George Soros campaigner Ryan Canney said, “Denying climate change has no place in the modern economy. With eBay out, we’re looking to AT&T, Verizon, FedEx, and UPS to follow suit and distance themselves from ALEC’s extreme climate change denial agenda.”

2. Mozilla CEO

In 2008, Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich donated &1,000 to support California’s Prop 8 in favor of traditional marriage. In 2014, after gay activists discovered Eich’s donation, they launched rage-filled attack tweets—also known as “Twitter bombing”—which ultimately forced him to step down as CEO just days after his appointment.

freedomofspeech3. Forever 21, for stamping the Bible verse John 3:16 on shopping bags

4. White Castle, for contributing to the GOP-supporting Congressional Leadership Fund.

5. Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has been a target of protestors for comparing unions to herpes, and Obamacare to “fascism.”

6. McDonalds

White House chef Sam Kass, Michelle Obama’s nutrition advisor, crowed over their success in pressuring McDonalds to add water and salads to kids’ meals. Exactly one year later, McDonald’s dumped CEO Don Thompson due to plummeting profits.

McDonald’s has been targeted by militant vegans since the 1980s. McDonald’s caved, but gained no new customers. Vegans never eat at McDonald’s anyway, but they won’t be happy until their target businesses are destroyed.

PC-feelings7. Chick-fil-A

The Left called for massive boycotts of Chick-fil-A after learning of the company’s support of the pro-traditional marriage Family Research Council. CEO Dan Cathy halted funding, as he didn’t want the company to be “a symbol in the marriage debate,” but explained that his personal views on same-sex marriage hadn’t changed.

However, the Liberal boycott was not about “tolerance,” but about harassment and intimidation of those who don’t agree with them.

8. Nintendo

liberal-tolerantNintendo created a Life game in which avatars were allowed to marry each other. Liberal left burst into furious outrage upon learning that there was no option for same-sex avatars to marry each other. Nintendo caved, but ignores the many parents who aren’t interested in spending money on a same-sex marriage game for kids.


9. Starbucks

Starbucks supports leftist causes—gay marriage and gun control. However, attacks on Jewish CEO Howard Schultz resulted in the closing down of all Starbucks in Israel in 2004.

Rush: You can never assuage the fury of the left. You can never appease them. When companies cave, the boycotters squeeze them more, while customers go elsewhere. Capitulation to the left gets you worse than nothing. And it gets the left closer to its goal: to destroy you.


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