Political Repair: Health Insurance Plans; Simple Plan for Victory

1. Simple Plan for Victory

Quotes by Scott Walker from interview in the March 2015 Limbaugh Letter

key“I Simply Lead with the Truth” ~Scott Walker


Pushing Back

push-backNEA, AFL-CIO, and AFSCME all said I was their No. 1 target in America. They poured more money in against me per capita than against anybody else in the country.

One of my favorite tweets somebody posted recently was, “Scott Walker wins without caving.”


Iowa Freedom Summit

The protestors forced people to know about [the summit} because of all the attention. So many people thought we’d cave. So many people thought we’d back down. After we didn’t so many people thought we would lose. Time magazine had a headline calling me “DEAD MAN WALKER” four years ago. They all thought I was toast. They were all writing my obituary, and in the end we kept winning.

Once I came and actually spoke to them, I purposely set aside the podium. I didn’t want a teleprompter. I took my jacket off, rolled up my sleeves, because I wanted to talk to people and show them that the fighter they had heard about was for real.

There were very few “red meat” lines, if you will. There weren’t a lot of bumper sticker headlines in my speech. It was me just telling our story, why we did what we did, and how thought it transfers to Washington: that if you go big and bold, not only will you win the day in terms of the policy, you actually can win the vote, because people want more than anything people who are willing to lead. I think voters heard that and said, “Man, this guy can win.”


Challenge to Walker’s Education

Time magazine found Walker’s high school teacher, who told him, to “man up” about evolution.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel actually interviewed my third grade teacher. You know what that says to me? It says the left is afraid of us. Because they can see that we won, without caving, and we won in a way that reaches out to everyday people, not just the conservatives, not just the Republicans. So I think they’re desperately going to be looking for ways to try and undermine, and criticize, and bring us down, because in the end they can’t win on issues.

These things … are all personality driven. They’re about personal attacks. They’re not at all about whether they agree or disagree with our reforms. They can’t undermine the fact that not only has our state cut taxes, and the economy is better, but heck, our schools are better. They can’t undermine those reforms, so what do they do? They’re going to try and do it on a personal level. And we’ve got to be prepared to fight back.

On Evolution

creationhandsThe media tried to get him to answer the question on evolution to trip him up and have him tied to the notion of being anti-science.

I just flat-out say, “Hey, both science and faith dictate to me that God created us.” We were created by God. I don’t think that’s incompatible.



Press Conference

“I Simply Lead with the Truth”

ScottWalker2In March 2011, every night, I was doing a press conference at 5 p.m. Central Time. Because I realized if I talked at 5 o’clock, all the local TV stations in Wisconsin—and it eventually got picked up on cable, Fox and others would show it—about ten minutes of their news a t the top of the hour would be me talking and taking some questions.

There was no filter, so the people would hear me directly. The protestors started to realize this, and so they would start yelling a couple minutes before 5, even louder than before. There were 100,000 protestors there.

My conference room has windows, and the first question I took was from I think NBC. The reporter said, “Well, Governor, what do you think about all those voices? You can hear those voices out there yelling right now. Don’t you think they have a right to be heard?”

I looked out at the crowd and said, “They have every right to be heard. That’s what’s great about America. in America you can speak out against your government no matter who’s in charge, and you have every right to be heard.” I said, “But there are about 100,000 protestors out there right now, and I’m in a state of 5.7 million people, and the majority of the people in this state elected me to do exactly what I’m doing right now, and I’m not going to let their voices be drowned out by a bunch of protestors around my Capitol. I’m going to do what they elected me to do.”



I am a hundred percent opposed to amnesty. I’ve talked about us being a land of immigrants, but being a land of rules. I was one or the first states to join with Greg Abbott, the new governor of Texas, in the lawsuit challenging the president after his actions this past November.

I think we have to secure our borders, not just because of immigration, but because it’s a national security threat. We spent all this money trying to secure our water ports, and our airports, and our customs, and yet we have our Southern border, in particular, wide open. We need to put major resources and bodies along our physical land borders, because with ISIS and these radical Islamic terrorists that are causing havoc around the world, it’s only a matter of time—it’s not if, it’s when they attempt to penetrate into the United states. So we’ve got to secure the border, and I don’t mane just talk about it.


Foreign Policy


swordpirateThese are radical Islamic terrorists with ISIL and others affiliated with them. We just saw it again with another round of beheadings. We’ve seen it in other places around the world. These are people who aren’t just disagreeing with us. They want to eradicate our way of life and our freedom-loving allies around the world.

We need to be prepared to take action with our allies, which would be, obviously, Israel, the United kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Japan, others. I think there’s a growing ability, with the right leadership, to bring I countries like Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and others to join us in these efforts to put down these radical Islamic terrorists. If we don’t do it now, if we don’t take the fight to them, they will bring it to us.


Why do you think the President is so reluctant to even identify ISIS as what it is? Why is the President so reluctant to even recognize the scope of the threat?

I think this is a larger fundamental flaw with this President and his Presidency: he makes decisions largely concentrated with his political team in the White House. It’s a fundamental flaw of electing someone, not just whose beliefs are wrong, which I believe they are, but who has never had executive experience. That’s why there are so many practical problems, not just philosophical problems, with things like Obamacare. In this case, the same thing holds true. Instead of relying on your Department of Defense, your Joint Chiefs, your National Security Advisor, your Secretary of State and others, decisions are driven more by politics than they are by strict policy determinations.

This is not a political circumstance. This is not something a couple good speeches can deal with. You have to have a concentrated effort. You can’t say, “I’m going to draw a red line in the sand,” and not be prepared to follow through on it. That’s the problem with this President. He keeps saying things, hoping if he says it, it will go away. Maybe he was driven to that by getting a Noble Peace Prize before taking any real actions as President.


Hillary Clinton

benghazihillaryIn one regard she is a third term of a failed President. I think to beat Hillary Clinton, and I believe we can, I would argue you need a fresh new face with big bold ideas from outside of Washington, and the courage and the track record to show the American people that you can actually do that.

Hillary Clinton represents Washington, Washington is outdated, it’s top-down, it’s government knows best, and that has failed.

The American people know that, not just Republicans or conservatives. The majority of Americans know and believe that. It’s what transformed the elections this past fall. People were tired of Washington, not just of Obama, but of Washington. And if you counter that with saying we’ve got new, fresh, dynamic, exciting ideas from the states, it’s precisely why we formed this initial committee called OurAmericanRevival.com.

You’ve got to take the power and the money out of Washington, and send it back to the states, and ultimately to the people, where you can have more effective, more efficient, more accountable government, the kind of government the people deserve.


2. Moral and Political Repair for Obamacare Health Insurance Plans

first-aidObamacare Solutions

Jane M. Orient, M.D.

It’s a long way to constitutionally limited government, fiscal solvency and an atmosphere of freedom in which all Americans can thrive and prosper. But we need to take these small steps to begin the journey now.

With every day that passes, Obamacare thus becomes more deeply rooted, like kudzu, and harder to extirpate.

Congress needs to start now and pass well-publicized bills to mitigate damages, pending repeal. Measures should include:

  • Grandfather all existing health insurance policies indefinitely.
  • Suspend all federal coverage mandates for new and renewing policies.
  • Provide that insurers may price policies fairly, based on actuarial risk.
  • Eliminate restrictions on health savings accounts and self-insured plans, especially re-insurance.
  • Make the individual mandate/tax “shared responsibility” payment truly voluntary, like the contribution for elections.
  • Delay the employer mandate indefinitely.
  • Suspend the medical device tax and other Obamacare taxes until and unless they are specifically re-enacted.
  • Clarify that the law really means what it says about subsidies being available only through state exchanges.
  • Abolish the Independent Advisory Board (IPAB) and deny any agency the power to constrain prices or spending in the private marketplace.


What these provisions have in common is six features Republicans should demand of all legislation:


  • They return control of medical spending and decisions to individual Americans, instead of forcing them to subsidize insurance companies and social engineering schemes. They stop the extortion of money from all Americans to funnel through devious pathways to people behind the curtain who do nothing to provide care.
  • They remove barriers to private enterprises instead of erecting new ones.
  • They impose no selective stealth taxes. If Congress is to tax people, it must do so through transparent, constitutional means.
  • They do not expand the reach of government into areas in which it has no constitutional authority.
  • They create no new agencies through which Congress can further abdicate its authority to the Executive.
  • They reduce the governmental footprint on the necks of Americans.


It’s a long way to constitutionally limited government, fiscal solvency and an atmosphere of freedom in which all Americans can thrive and prosper. But we need to take these small steps to begin the journey now.


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