Heritage and American update: Obamacare Congress Exemptions; Barack Obama Executive Actions

1. Tea Party Update:

Stop the Hypocrisy! Congress Exemptions from Obamacare

Watch the Tea Party’s  new ad and then pitch in to help us get the ad on the air!

ObamacareCapitol3RangelFor far too long, the “Ruling Class” politicians have lived above the law while the American people suffer. Help us end the special Obamacare exemption that Washington politicians and their staffs enjoy by airing this ad in key districts across the country. It’s time for the “Ruling Class” to live under the same laws as everyone else!

Help us put this ad on the air! Will you please consider pitching in a generous gift of $10, $25, $50, $100, or more to Tea Party Patriots today to help us pass Senator Vitter’s bill that would end this special exemption for Congress? You can donate $25 through the video above or click the button below to donate whichever amount you prefer. No donation is too small!

Thank you so much for your support!



2. Tea Party update

mike-lee-bookMike Lee: Our Lost Constitution


Dear Patriot,



You know Senator Mike Lee as one of our staunchest allies on Capitol Hill who stands up time and time again for personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt free future. Today Mike Lee launches an eye-opening and highly entertaining new book called OUR LOST CONSTITUTION, which tells the dramatic stories behind the rise and fall of crucial constitutional provisions that the D.C. establishment routinely ignores.


Like you and me, Mike recognizes the complete ignorance and disregard for our Constitution that permeates our government—in every branch, and on both sides of the aisle.  Tea Party Patriots like you work every day to change that by battling against unconstitutional policies like Obamacare and the President’s abuse of executive power.  Now, with OUR LOST CONSTITUTION, you and I will have a powerful and fascinating narrative to use in our fight to change how our nation thinks about the Constitution.


I urge you to pick up a copy, read it, and pass it along to any concerned citizen — conservative, liberal, or libertarian — anyone open to learning more about the heroes who inspired and wrote our Constitution, as well as the villains of history who have defied and ignored so many parts of it.


Once you have read the book, be sure to tweet us @TPPatriots or @JennyBethM to let us know what you think of the book.


In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin

Co-Founder, Tea Party Patriots


Have you thanked the Senators and Congressman who have been fighting for our values on Capitol Hill? Let’s give them some encouragement when they get back to Washington next week by sending them a letter or a tweet to let them know we’ve got their backs. They are under constant pressure and scrutiny from the D.C. establishment. So let’s show them that if they keep fighting for our values, then we will continue to stand with them.

3. Stop Barack Obama Executive Action



King-Barack-ObamaThis Executive Order allows Obama to hijack our country, run roughshod over Congress and stick it to Patriots. It’s a frightening abuse of power that must be stopped—that’s why we need you to support the Tea Party with a donation without delay.

This is a violent assault on our personal liberty, privacy rights and the rule-of-law. I’d like to give you a few examples of what this means to you, to me, our children, grandchildren and loved ones.

With the stroke of his pen Obama gave himself the power to:

✔   Bailout any person or company he wants
✔   Break existing labor contracts
✔   Cut back health care for citizens
✔   Fix food prices
✔   Force the production of electric cars
✔   Halt consumer production and replace it with government work
✔   Increase airfares
✔   Raise gas prices to any level
✔   Reduce our pay and dictate pay scales to employers

There’s so much more, too. Don’t you see? This is Obama’s communist utopia—the dreams of his father. Those dreams were meant to kill capitalism, create a society of “fair share” and income equality no matter whether or not you are deserving of it or whether you earned it. Patriots, this is oppression at its worst.

If you want to know what’s driving this madness just look to Obama’s shady past

Obama grew up with a deep-seated hatred of America and everything she stands for. His mentors were Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis—known extremists and terrorists. Think of his support for the Muslim Brotherhood and his continued reverence to terrorists.

We’re up against a mighty force that’s bigger than all of us. Despite the fact that the Supreme Court handed down a decision in 1983 that states Congress cannot pass a law that rescinds a Presidential Executive Order, we can still stop Obama’s plan to takeover America and fundamentally transform our country into a socialist state.

There is another way for Congress to crush this thing

GOPStopObamaPIXCongress can vote to refuse Obama the money to implement his diabolical plan and fulfill his desire for complete and utter tyranny.


There’s no time to waste. Anti-Americans in the Middle East and Latin America are getting ready to pour into our country in droves, run rampant and lawlessly through our backyards.

I have watched in shock and disgust as Obama has decimated our military—taken out the highest ranking generals and officers, drastically cut their pay, benefits and the Pentagon budget.

He’s replacing our military’s finest with his own loyalists—those who plan to pry our guns from our cold dead hands. With his actions in his second term he has indeed weakened America and is purposefully making us vulnerable to attack.

He’s conducting psychological warfare on US citizens and our military as he demoralizes and degrades them, leading society into thinking the situation is so overwhelming we just tune out—and many are doing just that.

It is up to us—you and me—true red-blooded Americans—to unite and let our voices ring out loud and clear. Obama already has the support of elites in the boardrooms and union shops, within activist groups and on Wall Street. They’re ready to seize control and strip our country of any remaining assets.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that as Patriots we band together, rise up and push back with all our might…fight like never before.

teapartywhatwestandforAs God is my witness, the Tea Party is the only group with America’s best interests at heart—the only group that still believes in our fundamental freedoms as set forth in the Constitution.

With your contribution we can DERAIL OBAMA’S PLANS TO RADICALIZE AMERICA you’re demonstrating the greatest allegiance in the history of America, showing your true Patriot colors, and your willingness to stand and fight to take her back

We must do this. Obama’s power grab is unprecedented, unconstitutional and illegal. We have to stop him, get ahead of him, before he sees the writing on the wall and unleashes his wrath on our nation. You know all too well that we cannot count on liberals or the mainstream media. It’s up to us.

I have no idea what kind of roadblocks or obstacles they’ll throw in our path or what kind of bullets we’ll have to dodge. I do know whatever happens it will be worth it knowing we succeeded in making sure Obama never unleashes his stolen powers.

Don’t delay! Time is running out and we must act now. With your donation we can mobilize millions of Americans at marches, rallies, protests and demonstrations. What’s more, we can get the word out through massive letters, emails, faxes and call campaigns.

Please help us intensify our fight TO DERAIL OBAMA’S MARTIAL LAW EXECUTIVE ORDER today. Be sure to make a contribution to support the Tea Party.

Heritage Update:

obama-irancartoonWhistling to Armageddon: Obama’s Pact With Iran

John Kerry: Nuke Deal with Iran “If Allah Wills it”


Though Iran’s pattern of behavior these past decades epitomizes the worst of tyrannical regimes, the agreed-to framework would leave in place all of its nuclear infrastructure.



Opinion: My Father Was Gay. Why I Oppose Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage.

Dawn Stefanowicz

I did not see my father and his partners valuing, loving and affirming women. My father’s preference for one gender (male) created an inner sense of inequality for me.


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