Clear History: Clinton Administration forces Elian Gonzalez back to Communist Cuba

15 Years Since Janet Reno Snatched Elian Gonzalez, forced him back to Communist Cuba


Rush Limbaugh

elian_gonzales_raid-APRUSH: As I mentioned, April 22, Earth Day, and a bunch of anniversaries are here on Earth Day.  One of them is Elian Gonzalez.  It’s been 15 years since Elian Gonzalez, asleep in his aunt’s home in Miami… You remember her, the lovely and gracious “Marisleysis,” as pronounced by Gloria Estefan.  (interruption)  Yeah, it was 15 years ago, and young Elian Gonzalez was asleep, and he was taken into custody by US federal agents, and I’ll never forget the picture of the agents storming into that little house.

That agent looked like he’s barging in on the Symbionese Liberation Army.  I mean, his gun was cocked, loaded, and aimed. The guy had the gun gloves on, the goggles, the helmet, the vest, all for a 15 five-year-old kid, however old he was.  Six.  Sorry, six years old.  He was taken into custody in the early morning hours of April 22nd.  The agents burst into his room, guns drawn, scooped him up, and got him out of there before the Cuban exile community could stop them, before they had even awakened and had their first cigar.

Eric Holder was Janet Reno’s deputy at the time. 

Janet Reno was the attorney general who ordered this.

She’d even flown down there to offer to babysit.  Eric Holder was her deputy at the time, and he was the person in charge of this entire operation.  Now, just to remind you why this situation even existed, Elian Gonzalez’s mother died while trying to reach freedom. Let me read this as ABC News writes it: “Elian Gonzalez’s mother died while trying to escape the harsh economic situation on the island by boarding a homemade raft with 10 other people and Elian.”

Trying to escape the harsh economic situation on the island? I should first point out that young Elian Gonzalez is now 21, and he has become a full-fledged propagandized member of the Cuban state. This is from the article: “Elian Gonzalez told reporters at a youth Congress in Ecuador in 2013, that it was the economic blockade imposed by the American government that caused his mother to risk her life and his so desperately in 1999.”

The economic blockade.

Do you know who refers to our embargo as the blockade?  Fidel.  Fidel Castro has always called it a blockade.  The reason is, there is no television in Cuba other than what they want you to see.  He has the citizens of Cuba envisioning a flotilla of American warships off cost, offshore, blockading any arrival from the United States into Cuba.  That’s why the word “blockade” and not “embargo.”  Fidel has purposely wanted his people to believe that it’s a military blockade, not an economic one.

So when I saw that Elian Gonzalez was using Fidel’s term for the embargo, that’s all I needed to know. He’d been fully propagandized. I didn’t even really need to know that to know that, but it confirmed that.  But listen to the way this is written.  “His mother died while trying to escape the harsh economic situation on the island.”  That’s not why his mother died.  His mother died trying to escape the tyranny of the Castro Regime.

Yet ABC News has to write this as though Elian Gonzalez’s mother died because of us, because of the harsh economic policies of the US, the blockade.  Every other country on earth trades with Cuba.  So if they want to say that the blockade is the reason for Cubans’ misery, economic misery, then it doesn’t say much for the other nations in the world.  If Cuba is in the mess it’s in only because it doesn’t trade with the US, then what does that say about the UK?

What does that say about Canada? What does it say about Saudi Arabia?  They trade with all these people.  They just don’t trade with us.  Anyway, it’s a long, roundabout way of pointing out how the media just can’t help blaming us, when it’s the Castro brothers — it’s the Castro Regime — that causes people to risk their lives fleeing the island.  It’s not the US “blockade,” and the American media knows that.


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