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Pew Poll on Religion Shows the Power Christians Could Still Have in This Country — If They Used It

keyI’m guessing why the numbers are what they are, because if you look at the evangelical churches, they haven’t lost anything.  Their membership is holding pretty steady. Where the message has remained the same, where the mission has remained the same, where the members of the church don’t think any corruption is taking place, they’re still hanging in there. Some might say the churches that haven’t fallen prey to the dark side, all of this silly “social evolution.”  But even with this drop, 70% of the country still identifies as Christians.  ~Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

PewPollChristianRUSH: There’s a lot of news out there today, ladies and gentlemen, about a study on religion and Christianity.  Here it is right here.  It’s from the Pew Center. It’s the Pew Center’s “US Religious Landscape Study.” Here’s the nuts and bolts of this.  “In 2007, 78.4% of Americans were Christian.  In 2014, only 70.6%.”  So, essentially an 8% drop in people who identify as Christian since Obama became president.

The study on religion finds that under the Obama years, we have this dramatic drop. And even after this dramatic drop of 8%, Christians still comprise 70% of the population. Even after a drop of almost 10%.  Let’s round it up to 10%, a 10% drop in people who identify as Christians.  That’s key.  They may still be.  They’re just not admitting it.  But even at that, 70% of the country identifies as Christian.  Less than 1% of the country identifies as Muslim, in the Pew Research paper here at 0.9%.

Now, let me make an additional point about this, about the drop from 78.4% down to 70.6% in the last eight years.  The last eight years have not been static.  They have been dynamic.  There have been a lot of things happening in various denominations around the country that might explain this drop.  The Methodists, the Lutherans, the Presbyterians, the Episcopalians (the American version of the Church of England) have had dramatic changes in their structure and their organization. 

Many of these churches within these denominations now perform homosexual marriages. They ordain gay pastors and ministers — and in some cases, female and lesbian pastors and ministers. Which you might think would cause some people to leave those churches, if they disagreed with the decisions made.  Those denominations — the Methodists, the Lutherans, the Presbyterians — dropped a lot of members.

I don’t know whether they have picked another church, or they don’t go to church at all. But they have left their churches because of social issues, and the “evolution” of their churches to social areas they didn’t want to go and don’t feel of those being in.  And I don’t think… I don’t even say that to be controversial.  It’s just what it is.  But again, those are probably words that the left doesn’t want to hear.  They’re words like that the left would tag as “intolerant.” 

I’m not tolerating or intolerating anything. I’m just telling you. I’m guessing why the numbers are what they are, because if you look at the evangelical churches, they haven’t lost anything.  Their membership is holding pretty steady. Where the message has remained the same, where the mission has remained the same, where the members of the church don’t think any corruption is taking place, they’re still hanging in there.

Some might say the churches that haven’t fallen prey to the dark side, all of this silly “social evolution.”  But even with this drop, 70% of the country still identifies as Christians.  Yet it gets back to question I raised the other day.  How is it possible that less than one million gay activists are able to bully and steamroll an entire country on the subject of marriage? 

By the same token, how is it that 70% of the population can be bullied and silenced and coerced into accepting societal evolution with which they disagree because of their religious beliefs?  It’s not just the Republican Party caving, folks.  It’s not just the Republican Party not engaging in push-back.  There’s a whole lot of groups that make up the majority in this country one way or the other who are not pushing back.

Christian News

AFAchristianspersecutedChristians: #1 most persecuted

Christians are the world’s most persecuted religious group, according to Pew Research’s 2015 report on religious restrictions and hostilities worldwide. Christians are harassed by government or social groups in the largest number of countries – 102 out of 198 countries studied. Muslims come in second, being harassed in 99 countries. Harassment of Jews was seen in 77 countries, which is a seven-year high for that religion., 2/26/15;, 3/6/15

Survey says homeschooling movement strong

homeschoollawsHomeschooling continues to prosper and grow, according to a National Home Education Research Institute online survey. There are currently 2.2 million homeschooled students in the U.S., NHERI estimates. And that number continues to grow by an estimated 2 to 8% each year. Home education is also gaining popularity among minorities, as about 15% of homeschool families are non-white and non-Hispanic. About 10% of homeschoolers are black students.

Aside from high academic performance – where homeschool students typically rank 15 to 30 percentile points above public school students on standardized tests – they also score well when it comes to faith-based beliefs and moral behavior. The NHERI findings show that homeschool students are three times more likely than public school students to have strong Christian beliefs. Only 16% of homeschool students reported support for same sex marriage compared to 29% from Christian schools, and 33% from public schools. And just 9% of homeschoolers practice co-habitation later in life, compared to 22% of Christian school students and 34% of public school students., 2/24/15;, 1/6/15

Biblical Beliefs Affirmed

AFAbiblicalbeliefserskineErskine College, a Christian college in South Carolina, received attention recently after it officially but quietly affirmed traditional marriage.

“We believe the Bible teaches that monogamous marriage between a man and a woman is God’s intended design for humanity and that sexual intimacy has its proper place only within the context of marriage,” the statement says.

OutSports, a blog focusing on homosexual athletes, first ran the story, and mainstream media quickly spread the false claim that Erskine meant to ban homosexuality and gay students. However, a spokesman for Erskine said biblical marriage has always been part of its Christian heritage., 3/11/15;, 3/9/15

Navy Disciplines Chaplain for Christian View

obama-vs-christianityNavy Chaplain Wes Modder’s past Marine and Navy SEAL commanders called him a “national asset,” with “appropriate confidence and diplomacy to speak to the entire chain of command.” He was deemed “best of the best” of Navy chaplains.

His career spanned 20 years. During his tenure at Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, a few soldiers complained about the biblical views he shared in counseling sessions, even though he began each session by clearly stating his worldview and the biblical basis of his counseling approach.

Because of the complaints, the Navy requested Modder be barred from promotion, fired from his job as chaplain, and brought before a military Board of Inquiry. The board could force him out of the military altogether.

Captain Jon Fahs, commander of NNPTC, wrote in a letter that Modder was  “unable to function in the diverse and pluralistic environment” of the Navy.

Liberty Institute attorney Mike Berry said the Navy’s treatment of Modder is outrageous. Liberty is representing Modder and requesting he be fully reinstated., 3/10/15;, 3//13/15


Air Force Reacts to Citizen Outcry

afarobbinsairforceIn mid-March, an airman at Georgia’s Robins Air Force Base was offended when military personnel at the base gate greeted him with “Have a blessed day.” The airman went to the anti-Christian group Military Religious Freedom Foundation and filed a complaint. MRFF promptly called a Robins Security Force major and demanded that the greeting be abandoned.

Immediately, the major surrendered and ordered personnel to stop saying “Have a blessed day” to people passing through the gate. However, after an email campaign by AFA and complaints from others, the Air Force quickly corrected the ill-conceived order.

The official statement included these words: “Upon further review and consultation, the Air Force determined use of the phrase ‘Have a blessed day’ as a greeting is consistent with Air Force standards and is not in violation of Air Force instructions.”

“It’s encouraging to see this quick turn around by the Air Force,” said AFA president Tim Wildmon. “And it proves that individual citizens can have an impact when they join their voices together.”

Sign Petition to protect religious libertyPetition-to-protect-religious-freedom-image

Sociology Facts

Mike Adams

PC-feelingsWhen these athletes were in their sociology classes, certain subjects were taboo. Here are three rather obvious examples:

  1. Abortion and Race. Although only 12 percent of the population is black, 37 percent of aborted babies are black. In fact, more blacks are aborted every week than have been lynched in the entire history of the United States of America. The prevalence of abortion has a ripple effect on the black community. It makes it easier for men to have sex without commitment to women and children. This weakens the family, decimates the average household income, and paves the way for big government.
  2. Business ownership and race. People often talk about buying minority votes with welfare. But the welfare checks don’t stay in the hands of blacks for very long. They are soon cashed and spent in businesses in black communities. But members of different minority groups own most of the businesses. So the money quickly leaves the black community. The obvious solution is that blacks need to turn to entrepreneurship rather than government to strengthen their communities.
  3. Crime. Blacks are far more likely to be victims of crime than whites. But focusing on the occasional white-on-black crime diverts attention from the fact that about 80 percent of all crime is intra-racial. In other words, about four out of five crimes committed by a black citizen are committed against another black citizen. Of the remaining 20 percent of crimes that are inter-racial there are far more black-on-white crimes than white-on-black crimes. This is despite the fact that whites vastly outnumber blacks in the general population.

The prevalence of serious crime in the black community has serious economic consequences. Putting men in prison means taking them out of the workforce. When men aren’t paying the bills, big government steps in to become the family provider.


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