Middle East Peace Plan: Form a Christian Nation

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Middle East Peace Plan: Form a Christian Nation

keyAfter all, if Muslims, who represent the second-largest religion in the world, are entitled to 51 countries of their own, why aren’t Christians—the largest religion in the world—entitled to one? ~Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah

Radical solution to top Middle East problems: security of Israel and persecution of Christians

Middle East Problems: Security for Israel

Israel is a tiny sliver of civilization in a vast ocean of hostile, Muslim-dominated regimes who would like to destroy the Jewish state.

israelmapThe “solution” for this problem put forward by most of the world is for Israel to give up more of its land and to create yet another hostile, Muslim-dominated regime as an immediate neighbor to Israel.

It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Personally, I don’t think Israel should give up one inch of its territory—especially land won in hard-fought, life-and-death wars it never wanted.

But here’s a compromise no one else has put forward –and the beauty of it is that it solves a humanitarian crisis few other nations, including the U.S., seem to care about.

israel_flagSo let’s first take a look at the crisis that is getting worse all the time.

For the moment, Egypt has a moderate regime in charge—offering the first real protection of 10 million Christians who have faced persecution since Muslims invaded in the 8th century.

Lebanon, once the closest thing to an Arab Christian country in the region, is now dominated by Iran-backed Hezbollah extremists. Oh, and it also faces an imminent invasion by ISIS—which wants to cut off the heads of all the Christians.

The fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq turned into a nightmare for Christians in that country, many of whom fled Islamic extremism to Jordan and Syria.

Christians, once treated with a degree of dignity in Iran, are increasingly facing persecution under the Shiite mullah regime.

Syria, where the second-largest Christian community in the Middle East resides, is on the precipice of falling to ISIS. Christian churches, homes and businesses are being systematically burned to the ground—and the refugees have nowhere left to go.

And in the so-called Palestinian Authority, Christians have been on the run for decades.

So here’s the big idea that addresses both problems—Israel’s security and the plight of persecuted Christians.

If the world insists on creating a new Arab country called Palestine—one that has never existed in the history of the world—let it be a Christian Arab country, located between Israel and those hostile, Muslim-dominated regimes: Maronites from Lebanon, Syrian Orthodox from Damascus, Greek Orthodox from the Palestinian Authority, Catholics from Iraq and Jordan. It would serve as a refuge for Christians who want to live in peace and freedom and without the second-class citizenship of Islam-imposed dhimmitude. It would be well-armed and agree to live in peace an harmony with their Jewish neighbors—which shouldn’t be a problem.

bible-cross2It would be the one and only Christian country in the Middle East—and likely a strong ally with the one and only Jewish state.

After all, why do Muslim Arabs need another police state when they already have a dozen to choose from in the region?

Why not create a self-governing, independent, free Christian-dominated Arab state as a buffer between Israel and nearly 30 million Muslims who seem content living under various shades of Islamic authoritarianism?

Why is that the injustice perpetrated on millions of Middle East Christians is not even a consideration for the rest of the world?

Now I don’t really expect this idea to gain any currency.

But why not?

christian-persecution-syriaThe greatest terror in the Middle East today is Arab-on-Arab violence—mostly Muslim vs. Christian.

The so-called “Arab Spring” has meant nothing but horror for Arab Christians.

By the way, just as Israel provided a homeland for Jews dispersed throughout the world, this new Christian country, which I see stretching from southern Lebanon to the north of Israel, to Amman in the East and Gaza in the south, could be a place of refuge for persecuted Christians not only throughout the Middle East, but in Africa and central Asia.

In fact, I might even leave the U.S., where anti-Christian persecution is on the rise, to live in the one and only real Christian country in the world.

After all, if Muslims, who represent the second-largest religion in the world, are entitled to 51 countries of their own, why aren’t Christians—the largest religion in the world—entitled to one?

I know it will never happen because it makes too much sense. I know it will never happen because it would further inflame the Saudi-backed Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists.

I know it will never happen because I’m the only one even suggesting such a thing.

truth1The Truth about Middle East Muslims

It demonstrates why and how terrorism works. Middle East Christians don’t resort to terrorism. They don’t call for the destruction of their neighbors. They don’t threaten and bully and intimidate. But Middle East Muslims do. And because they control so much oil and wealth, the world backs their insane demands to create another terrorist state in the interest of furthering “peace.”

You tell me, though, whose plan makes more sense—the world’s or mine?


2 comments on “Middle East Peace Plan: Form a Christian Nation

  1. You have a good point there. I interpreted this author as meaning a basically Christian nation in culture, like the United States, not a theocracy. Being a constitutional American, that is probably what Farah meant. Our Constitution, though founded on Biblical principles like the Ten Commandments, actually eschews the nationalization of religion. After all, the basis of our Christian nation is freedom of religion. Islam, as a state-sponsored religion, is diametrically opposite.

  2. Intriguing thought. Though the history of “Christian nations” has been spotted at best. The nationalization of religion tends to become a death knell for real faith.

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