Liberal Bias creates Hunger for Traditional Values

Americans hunger for Traditional Values that used to be Normal—

Photo of Marine and Bride Prayers Goes Viral — Because What Used to be Normal in America Is Now Rare

Rush Limbaugh Radio

marineweddingviralJust a photo of Marine praying with his bride before their wedding goes viral.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “So?”

It’s so unusual.  It’s so out of the norm.  It’s so extraordinary that it went viral all over social media because you just don’t see it anymore, or you don’t hear about it.  “US Marine Cpl. Caleb Earwood wanted a moment to pray with his bride-to-be Maggie before their wedding ceremony on Saturday. Now, a photo of the couple holding hands in prayer has gone viral.

“Caleb prayed for the couple’s marriage, asking that their union be strong enough to serve as an example for young couples, as Maggie held back tears. ‘It broke me down,’ Maggie said, ‘to know that we felt the same way about God. It just made me happy.'”

It went viral.  What does that tell you?  I mean, seriously.  It tells me there’s a hunger for this stuff.  It didn’t go viral because the left is outraged and can’t believe it, although that might have been the reaction they had, but that’s not why it went viral.  It went viral because this is a huge positive to people.  This is a huge upper.  Here you’ve got a handsome Marine marrying the woman of his dreams, and they pray before the ceremony, but still not seeing each other, holding hands.

Oh, my gosh.  This is just too perfect.  And it’s an oasis in what has become a rotting, deteriorating sewer of a culture.  That’s why it went viral. 

“The incredible moment was captured by wedding photographer Dwayne Schmidt, who later uploaded it to his Facebook page where it received an overwhelming positive response. ‘Beautiful picture. It brought tears to my eyes. The bride is showing some raw emotion and love. You captured how affected she was by his words!!!!’ wrote one Facebook commenter. … ‘So many people are emailing me,’ Schmidt said, ‘saying thank you for sharing this.

It’s what America is supposed to be about.'”

That’s exactly right.  That’s my point.  There’s a hunger and a thirst. Do you realize what the Republican Party could learn from this?  And I don’t mean go all God.  That’s not what this is.  This is tradition.  This is institution, tradition, defining institution, tradition that made America great.  It’s all encapsulated here.  It’s what Americans want their country to be.  That’s why it went viral.

Liberal Bias is behind the scarcity of Traditional Values

Bird’s eye view of Liberal Shallowness: This is why the marine wedding went viral

Democrats Slammed For Non-Patriotic Memorial Day Tweets

By Sandy Fitzgerald

obama-disdain-militarySocial Media vents anger over Democrat disdain for Military, War Heroes

Social media is roaring with angry backlash against the Democratic Party, which tweeted a photo of the president eating ice cream on Friday along with a decidedly un-patriotic message that said nothing to honor military sacrifices, but rather a bubbly “Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!”

While CNN’s Jake Tapper called out the post by @TheDemocrats “respectfully, this is not what Memorial Day Weekend is all about,” he scolded — others also lashed out as well, with one calling their post “utterly clueless.”

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! party’s tweet, posted Friday,  Simply said “Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!” and showed Obama eating ice cream while the press corps took his picture, rather than using the space to remember the sacrifices of military members who lost their lives.

Maggi Cook, who describes herself as Republican from Cincinnati, was more direct with her anger that the veterans holiday was somehow being treated as a celebration in the party’s seemingly out-of-touch Tweet. “What exactly is ‘happy’ about tending to graves and remembering family members’ sacrifices? U don’t have any idea do u?” Cook wrote angrily.

On Saturday, the Democrats also ruffled feathers by posting an ad for a 15 percent off sale of party merchandise, the Daily Caller noted. It was followed by a Tweet showing a 1967 Memorial Day picture of President Lyndon B. Johnson enjoying a Texas barbecue.
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veteran-thanked-600REMEMBER: Fuhrer Obama is the ONLY President to ever lock American War Veterans OUT of their own Monuments and Memorials!



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