American Culture: Boy Scouts and Gay Leaders Debate

Action Update:

Save American Culture: Encourage Boy Scouts to stand against Gay Leader intimidation


Boy Scouts President Robert Gates announced his “retreat” deadline, saying he wants the Scouts to abandon principle and embrace homosexuals in leadership by “not later than October.”

That means we must make our voice heard this summer to save the Scouts.

Sign Citizen Petition Urging The Scouts to Stand Up For Cherished Values!

boyscoutsThe Boy Scouts of America, one of the nation’s largest all-boy organizations, is once again considering allowing homosexual leaders to serve at all levels of the organization. BSA President Robert Gates has signaled a full retreat by Scouts and is recommending a total capitulation to the homosexual agenda.

Grassfire is urging the BSA to reject the bullying efforts and stand for the cherished values upon which the Scouts were founded more than 100 years ago. Please sign this national petition to Scout leaders urging them to Stand UP and uphold the “morally straight” standards of Scouting.

The petition states:

As a concerned American, I am urging the Boy Scouts Of America to Stand Up to the intimidation tactics of the homosexual lobby, and uphold the “morally straight” standards of Scouting. Homosexuals should not be placed in leadership positions within Scouting. A decision to allow homosexual leaders would make the end of Scouting as a major force for good in our nation.

Sign Petition



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