Tea Party News: Republican Party Leaders stifle Freedom of Speech

Alerts to Action—

Tea Party News: Republican Party Leaders stifle Freedom of Speech

freedomofspeechFirst, instead of allowing every GOP candidate for president to appear in the official debates, the media just unveiled a “losers forum.”

A half dozen candidates will be shut out of the first debate.  They will only be allowed to participate in this “forum.”  They will get no significant media coverage and they won’t be allowed to challenge “moderate” candidates like Jeb Bush.

Second, the Washington Post reports that Jeb Bush’s Super PAC is expected to spend $100 million dollars going after conservative candidates with negative ads.

Their strategy is to destroy conservatives like Scott Walker, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz this summer so they can’t “qualify” for the official debates this fall!

Please RIGHT NOW, sign the official Tea Party Letter of Protest to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

We must stop this insanity.  The GOP must have fair and open debates.

Once you’ve signed this critical letter, please forward this email to everyone you know who wants conservative voters to pick our nominee instead of the media or $100 million establishment SuperPACs.

I can’t stress this enough. This is an emergency.

gop-rinoI have to hand it to the Ruling Class Republicans.  They’ve come up with an elegant scheme to freeze out conservatives.

First, raise lots of money through Jeb Bush’s four different fundraising committees.  Use that money to pound the conservative candidates with attack ads.

Then allow the media to declare that these conservatives are no longer “top tier” and can’t appear in the debates!

I call this strategy “Attack and Expel.”   And “We the People” must stop it.

Please sign the Tea Party Letter of Protest to the RNC right now.

No matter which conservative candidate – if any – you support right now, this affects you.

The party bosses and their allies in the media want to pick the GOP nominee.  They want to deprive you of the right to hear from every candidate running.

They want to slam the door in the face of any grassroots candidate before his or her campaign even gets started!

teapartywhatwestandforPlease sign your petition right now. And urge everyone you know to do the same.  The more signatures on this letter to the RNC, the better.

The media and the GOP establishment are determined to pick the Presidential nominee themselves.

They are perfectly happy to throw both the only African American candidate and the only female candidate in the race off the debate stage.

They are so terrified of grassroots conservatives that they are publicly announcing their plan to ruin Tea Party candidates.

Jeb Bush alone has $100 million ready to go!

I can’t stress this enough. You MUST sign your letter of protest and get your friends and relatives to do the same.

Imagine a debate without a Scott Walker, a Ted Cruz, a Rand Paul, a Ben Carson, or a Carly Fiorina.

I guarantee you that a least a couple of those candidates will not be allowed into the official debates if we don’t stop this “Attack and Expel” scheme.

Please sign the Letter of Protest to the RNC right now, just by clicking here.

Thank you so much for your help.



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