Truth Zone: Propaganda Examples, Global Warming Hoax, and Delusional Mass Communication

Truth Zone:

Our Overnight Orwellian Unraveling


Rush Limbaugh Radio

PC-TruthRUSH:  George Orwell captured the whole notion of this mass delusion and propaganda, the twisted logic of the politics of collective delusion.  He put it this way.  Well, I’m paraphrasing.  But his point was that if you believe something that differs from the social consensus — and look at the social issues that are harping out there.  They’re all rooted in this apparent crisis of inequality.  Somehow the masses that we’re talking about here, the propagandized have been convinced that America is the land of inequality, the land of unfairness.


Propaganda Examples: Delusional Mass Communication

obama-orwell-nightmareNow, here’s how it begins.  “How To Escape The Age Of Mass Delusion,” which is what this is all being described as being.  “Mass delusion is an important tool of oppressors because they can’t survive free expression. That’s why the First Amendment’s a target. Nearly 100 years ago, Walter Lippmann wrote about ‘the manufacture of consent’ in his classic work, ‘Public Opinion.’ On the heels of that book, Edward Bernays penned a little volume called ‘Propaganda,’ in which he stated that an elite would always be responsible for making the public aware of ‘new ideas’ which the public would then act upon as the elite nudged them into it. Related, but more in-depth is Jacques Ellul’s 1962 book, ‘Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes.’

Media Propaganda on Global Warming Hoax

hoaxglobalwarmingMedia propaganda urging that everybody accept the false — the demonstrably false — version of an event.  There’s no real debate on the merits or policies that depend on blind faith in man-made global warming.  If you disagree with it, you’re called a denier, even though it cannot be proven!  There is no man-made global warming.  It cannot be established; it cannot be proven.  In fact it’s been established to be a hoax, and the man leading it claims to be a scientist.  He’s not.  Algore!


RushGlobalWarming4corners-deceitEverywhere on these left-wing movements, fraud makes up a vast amount of it.  But the fraud succeeds in propagandizing, and as this piece points out: Refuting all this stuff with reason and logic just doesn’t seem to make a dent.  Which is why people obsessed and possessed with reason and logic reach a frustration level and give up.  “My gosh, if reason and logic are not gonna inform people, convert people, and get people back off of this stuff, then I don’t know what to do.” So they check out, go move behind the gated community and hope the cops don’t show at their swimming pool.


obamafraudHow about the”consensus of scientists” who all agree that global warming is man-made?  And what are the people that don’t adopt and support and abide by the consensus?  Well, they’re deniers, or kooks, or weirdos.  You know Obama? You know the way he involves himself in this?  Obama uses rhetoric to destroy people.  He has these fake straw men.  He’ll use a technique along the lines of… He’ll make up a group of people who think something, but you don’t know who the group is and you know what they’re doing.


Propaganda and Censorship


Sir Tim Hunt, Nobel Laureate, Offender for a Word

They that make a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth at the gate [lay traps for those who testify against evil], and turn aside the just for a thing of naught. ~Isaiah 29:20-21


free-speech1Because, remember, they’re all about conformity, propaganda.  They’re not about reality and free speech.  Those are their enemies.  Reality and free speech are their enemies.  The one person who doesn’t go along with the consensus is the weirdo, is the kook, is the insane one.  So if the consensus believes something that’s absolutely insane and untrue, those who come along and point that out become the dangerous freaks who need to be dealt with.  Tim Hunt.  This is a story from the UK Guardian.

“As jokes go, Sir Tim Hunt’s brief standup routine about women in science last week must rank as one of the worst acts of academic self-harm in history. As he reveals to the Observer, reaction to his remarks about the alleged … tendencies of female researchers has virtually finished off the 72-year-old Nobel laureate’s career as a senior scientific adviser.” Here is what he said.  The guy’s British.  He’s been fired from his job.  So was his wife.  Here’s what he said.

“Sir Tim reportedly described himself as a ‘chauvinist pig’ at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Seoul and argued in favor of single-sex laboratories.” He said, “Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them they cry.” That is it.  That is what he said.  And for saying that, he and his wife are now literally ruined.  Their careers are over for trying to have a little levity about a point that he believed. 

Certainly the speed of the dispatch of Hunt — who won the 2001 Nobel prize in physiology for his work on cell division — from his various academic posts is startling.”

twitterstormListen to this paragraph: “His treatment also demonstrates the innate cruelty of social media, and in particular the savage power of Twitter, which first revealed the scientist’s transgression. The tale also demonstrates how PR departments, in trying to protect the reputation of institutions, often do so at the expense of the [people] who work for or make up those bodies.”

In other words, everybody caves.  Everybody just caves!  The guy goes out and makes a little joke. The people wound too tight literally go nuts. The sewer of Twitter comes alive.

That’s the thing that has surprised me about all of this cultural rot, deterioration, the mass delusion, propaganda we’ve been talking about, the thing that surprises me is how fast powerful institutions are to cave.  Rather than stand up and oppose it, everybody just caves.

Twitter Savagery is Fraud

liesEven if you give them the facts.  Even if you tell ’em it’s not tens of thousands of people on Twitter. It’s five or 10 using algorithms to make themselves look like tens of thousands.  It’s stunning to me.  I remember when I was growing up, the adults of that generation did not put up with this crap.  But something’s happened to transform it. The point is it’s more than cultural evolution taking place here.  This is not a natural cultural evolution. 

It’s not natural change.  It is change, but I think it’s brought about by artificial means, which is what propaganda is, lies.  Delusion is delusion.  I mean, delusion is what it is. 

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