Abuse of Power: Republican Party Leaders compared to Mafia Gangsters

Abuse of Power:

Republican Party Leaders compared to Mafia Gangsters

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Tea Party News: Republican Party Leaders stifle Freedom of Speech

Send Pink Slip to Boehner

GOP civil war: Intense crackdown on conservatives

‘This is what the mafia does. This is a political mafia on Capitol Hill’

Garth Kant

WASHINGTON – A civil war is raging within the Republican Party, pitting House leaders against conservatives.

And “fed up” conservatives have now decided to fight back in public.

mafiaA congressional aide tells WND a group of House conservatives will discuss this week how to proceed, but a few of them have already decided to speak up publicly.

One tactic conservatives might employ would be voting with Democrats on procedural motions to derail legislation favored by leadership.

The behind-the-scenes battle broke into open view on Friday when Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., was stripped of his chairmanship of a subcommittee for doing just that: voting against a House rule, in an unsuccessful attempt to slow down the rush to give President Obama virtually unchecked power to negotiate massive trade deals.

Laura Ingraham compares Republican Leaders to Mafia Gangsters

Radio talk-show host Laura Ingraham didn’t mince words in blasting the tactics of House Republican leaders: “This is what the mafia does. I’m sorry, but this is a political mafia on Capitol Hill.”
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/gop-civil-war-intense-crackdown-on-conservatives/#eFG1Mpu5bKqEtIYT.99

The Real Reason GOP Talking Heads are Attacking Trump


By: Jeffrey Lord

Jeffrey Lord is a former Reagan White House political director and author. He writes from Pennsylvania at jlpa1@aol.com

Well. This is telling.

gop-betrayal-backstabOne of the striking aspects of Donald Trump’s announcement that he is running for president is the vehemence of his critics – on the conservative side.  

The normally even-keeled Dana Perino almost foamed on the set of Fox News’ “The Five” as she fumed about Trump’s line that he would not only build a wall that only he could build along the Mexican border but he would make the Mexicans pay for it. Over at National Review the normally astute Kevin Williamson went off not just the deep end but the very, very deep end in a column calling Trump – no kidding – a “Witless Ape.” In which it seems that Trump’s style (“the worst taste since Caligula”) and wife (a “ plastic-surgery-disaster wife”) were as offensive as Trump himself, the latter “a reality-television grotesque…grunting like a baboon about our country’s ‘brand’ and his own vast wealth.”

Let’s start with Williamson, whose piece should perhaps be retitled “Witless Writer Jumps the Shark.”

Having worked his way through a spray of bile unworthy of National Review not to mention the normally serious Williamson himself, there was a Williamson presentation of bankruptcy that was either willfully ignorant or maybe just blissfully so. Not to mention, Williamson revealed himself as historically clueless on the subject of presidents and bankruptcy.

And, oh yes. Let’s not forget the panel that appeared on Bret Baier’s “Special Report” the evening of Trump’s announcement. In which “conservatives” George Will and Charles Krauthammer joined liberal Mara Liasson in dissing Trump to substitute host Doug McKelway.

Why would conservative commentators pile on America’s arguably most famous capitalist? And not just pile on, either. This was, both individually in some cases and certainly collectively a full-blown temper tantrum worthy of a two-year old. As Rush Limbaugh observed after reading the NRO piece on air, imagine if Williamson and conservative commentators would expend this kind of energy on Hillary…or Jeb.

Rubber-Stamp Republican Leaders don’t like Patriotic Americans

There is an answer to the “why” however.  An answer that speaks directly to both why Trump’s candidacy resonates – and the visceral nature of the opposition to him in some of these conservative quarters. Not coincidentally it speaks as well to some of the GOP Establishment fury at Senator Ted Cruz when he stood up almost alone against Obamacare. Or the quick dismissals of Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign by the same crowd.

Donald Trump is an establishment GOP political consultant’s worst nightmare. He speaks off the cuff, and he gop-betrayal-rubberstampspeaks bluntly. He could not possibly care less what the GOP establishment, viewing it as he does as corrupt when not incompetent, thinks. Republican and conservative voters who like Trump, like him exactly because he speaks in blunt truths that they themselves believe and lack the forum to say. When Trump talks about his own wealth it is a reminder that he made not a dime of it being a Washington insider. The very fact that Jeb Bush generates news stories reporting that he’s swept through Washington’s lobbying industry like a vacuum cleaner sucking up money for his campaign tells a lot of conservatives everything they need to know about a Bush candidacy and potential presidency – none of it good.

In other words, the same forces that are making the Trump candidacy resonate with the grassroots and are infuriating Williamson and others on the conservative side of the commentary aisle are fueling Jim Jordan and those House conservatives in their increasingly bitter battle with Boehner. To wit, that quote from a Freedom Caucus member:

“Why do 65 percent of Republican voters think Republicans aren’t doing what we said we were going to do? You know why? Because we’re not doing what we said we were going to do.”

Exactly. And Donald Trump—and others like Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Ted Cruz—get it.

All of which explains the real meaning of Donald Trump’s popularity—and that of other outsiders as well. They are the candidates who resonate with the non-Insider base of the Republican Party and the conservative movement.


And neither Trump nor the rest are going away.

– See more at: https://www.conservativereview.com/Commentary/2015/06/The-Real-Reason-GOP-Talking-Heads-are-Attacking-Trump#sthash.yjyZX43X.dpuf?roi=echo7-17653314461-42580873-1e05f9eb0a364bcc7c6f29ecfeb1d5b6&

Alert! Click link below to Sign petition and stop GOP traitors from silencing Trump, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, and all true conservatives.

Tea Party News: Republican Party Leaders stifle Freedom of Speech




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