Dinner Talk Topics: American Dream, Purpose of Life

Dinner Talk Topics for Friday

American Dream, Purpose of Life

The Dream Keeper

keyNever in any place or at any time in history had a country been able to govern itself successfully. What the Americans were fighting for was only a Dream. The whole world thought it was impossible—some scoffed, others held their breath in hope. But they did win it—against impossible odds.~C.D.

Lighthouse & ships lgeONCE THERE WAS A LITTLE BOY WITH A GREAT BIG DREAM. He loved his dream so much that he told everyone about it.

“You are too little for such a big dream,” said his mother. “Smaller is better.”

“Your dream is impossible,” exclaimed his father. “Forget it.”

But the boy could not forget his dream. As he grew to young manhood, he told all his friends.

“You are crazy!” scoffed his peers. When the young man was sorrowful because of their words, they laughed.

The years passed. Each day his co-workers told him, “Your dream is dangerous. We are afraid. Put it away forever, or we will lock you up.”

The man decided to run away and never come back. So he took his ship and set out upon the seas. “Sail on,” he told his helmsman, “I care not where.”

Ere long the storms came; fierce were the winds that blew, ‘til the ship was tossed upon a reef. The man washed ashore and turned his steps toward a solitary light beyond him.

At last he reached the summit where the lighthouse stood.

power“Alas,” he told the lighthouse keeper. “Too late we saw the light amidst the encircling gloom. Skilled was my helmsman, but he was no match for the treacherous waves. Now behold, my ship is wrecked and my dream is gone forever.”

“You let fear take the helm of your ship,” replied the lighthouse keeper, “and see how it has broken you as its victim upon the sharp crags of despair. Follow the true light and you will leave the doubters far behind you.”

So the man went home filled with hope, and took his dream back with him. As he served the God who gave him the dream, he forgot himself, and his good works shone brighter and brighter each day.

Dinner Talk Topics:

dinnerA man fulfills purpose of life. *Purpose, Faith, Vision

  1. Why are we taught that we should not “fear man”?
  2. If you always worry about what other people think, why does it make you miserable?
  3. What things should we be careful about when pursuing our goals?
  4. When trying to fulfill a goal or a dream, why is it important to continually receive spiritual confirmations in the course we are taking?

Copyright © 2010 by Christine A. Davidson


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