Veterans Affairs: Employment for Veterans

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Veterans Affairs: Employment for Veterans

 Paralyzed Veterans of America provides Jobs for Veterans

key“Without the PAVE program, I wouldn’t be following my dream…I don’t think anyone could believe how instrumental Paralyzed Veterans could be to their lives…” – Davette Jones, US Air Force Veteran

Happy Independence Day! This time of year is particularly meaningful to us because “independence” for wounded veterans is at the very heart of our mission.

vets-employment ⇐ Davette Jones, US Air Force Veteran

Last year Paralyzed Veterans of America helped thousands of wounded veterans rebuild their lives and regain their independence through programs like Operation PAVE (Paving Access for Veterans Employment). PAVE provides free vocational rehabilitation through one-on-one job counseling and employment placement assistance.

We started 2015 with the goal of placing one veteran in a new job every workday of 2015. This Independence Day we are halfway there. 125 veterans placed, 126 workdays left in the year.

We hope we can count on you as we continue to fight for independence for paralyzed veterans and their families. They fight every day to maintain their dignity and independence – and they need us to fight beside them.

Give a gift of $12.60 today to help us place
126 more veterans in new jobs this year.


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