History Facts: Constitution, Compromises, Democratic Party and Slavery

History Facts: Constitution, Compromises, Democratic Party and Slavery

A History Lesson for Governor Christie on the Constitution and Compromises

Rush Limbaugh Radio

Christie-Compromise-liberal-slaveryCHRISTIE: (shouting) Both parties… Both parties have failed our country! Both parties have stood in the corner and held their breath and waited to get their own way. Both parties have led us to believe that in America — a country that was built on compromise — that somehow now compromise is a dirty word.  If Washington and Adams and Jefferson believed compromise was a dirty word, we’d still be under the crown of England!

RUSH:  So here we go.  It’s the latest push for compromise.  “The American people are not mad.  They’re anxious and they want compromise; they want people working together.  How many of you believe liberals and Democrats are failing?  Governor Christie said here, “Both parties have failed our country. Both parties have stood in the corner and held their breath, like children, and waited to get their own way.” Do the Democrats strike you as standing in the corner, pouting because they don’t get their own way?  Are they really thinking that they have failed?  I’m talking about the Democrats, now.  When you look at what’s happening in Washington, is it really paralyzed?  Is nothing really getting down in Washington?  Is that…? How many of you think that?

RUSH:  I don’t know, folks.  I know what Governor Christie is trying to say here and I know the message that he’s trying to impart, but I have to tell you that maybe we should send him some of the Rush Revere books.  If our ancestors had compromised, we might still be ruled by England.

Anyway, that’s when he’s talking about the fact that they compromised.  But they didn’t compromise.  They tried compromise, by the way, with the king.  They tried.  I mean, the king demanded that the colonists house and feed British soldiers.  There were any number.  They tried compromising on taxes until they couldn’t take it anymore, so they dumped the tea in the harbor.  I mean, the compromise didn’t work, and it led to the Declaration of Independence and then the war for independence. 

Compromises with the Democratic Party keep Slavery

mcclellans-1864-electionWell, Governor Christie’s talking about when we became a country and started resolving the differences that we had with each other.  That’s when we compromised.  And you know what one of those compromises was?  Dare I go there?  Dare I go there? Dare I answer my own question?  You know what one of the compromises was?  Even before — one of the compromises was with the Southern states, which at the time were run by the Democrat Party.  There wasn’t a Republican Party ’til Abraham Lincoln came along and said he wanted to end slavery and preserve the union.  The Democrats wanted slavery.  The Southern states, the Southern colonies demanded that there would be no admonition or abolition of slavery in the Constitution. 

Well, the others realized, if you read any John Adams, you know that the many of the early founders just detested slavery at the time they were putting the Constitution together because they are writing documents based on human liberty and all men created equal, Declaration of Independence, so forth.  They knew slavery, the country could not abide, the country could not be what they envisioned it to be.  And yet, to get the Southern states to go along with the revolution, they had to compromise.  So you could say — dare I answer my own question.  You could say that slavery was a part of the founding of America because of compromise.  And I would be right.  Of course I’m right.  I am always right.

It was compromise that gave us a nation founded with certain states permitted to keep slaves.  Okay.  I’m not trying to stir anything up here, folks.  I’m just pointing out what I know.  I know what Governor Christie’s trying to do, and I know that many Republicans still think that all the people in America don’t want anything but compromise, that’s what they want.  They want cooperation, bipartisanship.  This has become almost a mantra in the Republican Party, as though these guys sit around, they meditate all the time and compromise, compromise,  is their mantra. 


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