History Facts: Democrat Party and Slavery

History Facts: Democrat Party and Slavery

Rush Limbaugh Radio

slavery-democrat-thingRUSH:  They’re taking the pole down now in South Carolina.  They’ve got this crane in there and they’re ripping the pole that held the Confederate flag that flew there.  They’re ripping the pole out of the ground.  Man, I would not want to be that pole.  Can you imagine what they’re going to do to that pole, because I don’t think that pole is going to go to the museum.  The flag is already there.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, forgive me, please. I hear what people say and as the mayor of Realville, I apply real meaning and what I think is their real meaning, and react accordingly.  And I’m here to tell you that I am liberated from the past.  I am not living in the past.  I think it’s these people who are.  By definition!  Who is it that can’t let go of the past?  We are on the verge, here… We’ve got the president of the United States and a dangerously incompetent Secretary of State on the verge of okaying the state sponsor of terrorism in the world getting nuclear weapons. 

That’s the future. 

That’s tomorrow. 

We’re not even worried about it!

 Gone-With-wind-liberal-democrats-pastTalk about being liberated from the past.  This Confederate flag stuff is in the past.  I don’t know about anybody else,  but I’m not living in the past.  I have been liberated from it, and I think most people have.  I think the problem here is there are a lot of people that just are having a lot of trouble liberating themselves from their own minds.  How many people do we know that are still living as though it’s still 1964?  How many people in the Civil Rights Movement run around actually believing there’s still slavery in this country and acting on it? 

That’s the impression I get listening to a lot of people.

You’d think this was 1830.  You would think this is not 2015.  You would think maybe it’s 1962 and we’re on the verge of the Civil Rights Act, but we’re not there yet.  I’m sorry, folks, it’s not you and me living in the past.  We have been liberated from the past.  I think some of these people cannot liberate from their own minds.  This is… (sigh) That’s just one thing.  Here, I’ll give you another example, from the DC Examiner.

“Late Tuesday, the Memphis, Tennessee, City Council voted unanimously to dig up the remains of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife, Talking Points Memo reported Wednesday. The council also voted to remove a statue placed in Forrest’s honor. The move came after Mayor A.C. Wharton called for the bodies to be dug up and relocated. Tuesday’s vote is not the end of the story, however. According to WREG, the Chancery Court would also have to approve the removal of the remains and Forrest’s family would also be involved in the decision.

“Forrest and his wife are currently buried beneath a statute honoring the general in a park which had been named after him until two years ago. The park is now known as Memphis’ Health Sciences Park. Officials with Elmwood Cemetery — the location of Forrest’s original resting place — said they would be willing to help move the remains but said they did not want to become the new home of the statue.

“It is not known where the statue would go if the Tennessee Historic Commission approves its removal. The commission is not set to meet before October. …  The move to relocate Forrest is part of what many now see as a Stalinist effort to purge US history after the tragic shooting in a Charleston, South Carolina church that left nine dead.” Now that’s from the Examiner’s story: The move to remove this is a “Stalinist purge.” Some people think that.

I just think, again, here’s an example of people unable to let go of the past, unable to let go of their own minds.  Where is the…? One more here.  Now, there’s one more here about some people upset with Thomas Jefferson wanting to do something regarding him.  I thought I had it next. I have to find it because up next I have sanctuary city stuff.  Nope, I already did it.  It was the Connecticut Democrat leader debate condemning Thomas Jefferson as a racist.

RUSH:  Okay.  Let me guess, folks. Some of you, when you heard me mention the name Nathan Bedford Forrest, it rang a bell.  You couldn’t quite place it, but you had heard the name.  Right?  And then when I said southern general, Confederate general. “Oh, yeah, yeah.” Let me tell you about Nathan Bedford Forrest.  See, they already in Memphis renamed the name of the park, but now they’re going to remove the bones and his poor wife (whose name still hasn’t appeared in the story).  But Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Democrat. 

truth-vs-liesHe was such a prominent Democrat, such a radical Democrat, he helped found the Ku Klux Klan.  Now, who do you think honored this guy in the first place?  Democrats!  It wasn’t a bunch of Republicans that built statues and flag poles and memorials to this guy.  Who did it?  It was Democrats! I’m going to tell you something else, folks. All of this is pee pee, caca, doo-dooI’m not going to believe that the Democrats are serious about removing the scourge of the past until they rename everything in Virginia named after Robert W. Byrd because you should see the name of things that are named after Robert W. Byrd in West Virginia. 

It would take you I don’t know how many pieces of paper to list everything.  The highways, the rest areas, the junkyards, the buildings, the parks. It is embarrassing the number of places in West Virginia which are named after Robert W. Byrd who was a grand kleagle and a Klingon or some such thing in the Ku Klux Klan.  Well, he was!  I don’t see anybody making a mad dash to dig him up and move him somewhere else and to strip his names off everything.

I mean, the federal buildings in that state?  Every damn one of them practically is named after him.  The highways, the turnpikes, the thoroughfares, the back streets, the back alleys.  He was a Democrat majority leader of the Senate was considered the dean of the Senate. He was the grand Klingon of the Ku Klux Klan for crying out loud!  They can talk about the Confederate flag all they want.  Bill Clinton is out there (impression), “I almost started when I saw that flag come down.” He raised the  thing in Arkansas, in memory of his mentor J. William Fulbright, also a segregationist senator!

An unrepentant segregationist.  This is such caca folks.  At the end of the day, you get John Lewis in there and all these other people and the impression they’re leaving is that the Republicans suffer another big defeat today as the Confederate flag is removed in South Carolina.  The Republicans have nothing to do with putting the Confederate flag up.  And the Republicans had nothing to do with everything in West Virginia being named after Robert Byrd.  Now, Robert Byrd, apparently he can apologize for his past and be forgiven.

But Nathan Bedford Forrest was not forgiven.  And Nathan Bedford Forrest, by the way, in his later years, pushed very hard for the past to be forgiven and reconciliation of black and white races take place. But that didn’t seem to matter.  Whatever Byrd was, Klingon, kleagle, klaxon, whatever he was, he was the recruiter and “exalted cyclops” of the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. 

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