Christian News: Genesis Flood Evidence, Marriage Problems

Dinner Topics for Monday

AFA Journal, July-August 2015

Culture Wars

1) More emotional problems for kids of same sex parents

AFAssmarriage-childrenDr. Donald Paul Sullins of Catholic University of America, led a study to determine if children with same sex parents suffer any disadvantage in emotional well being. Sullins studied a representative sample of 207,007 children, including 512 with same sex parents, and found that emotional problems appeared twice as often among children with same sex parents.

In his abstract of the study, last revised March 13, 2015,  Sullins said, “The two groups are different by definition. Intact opposite sex marriage ensures children of the persistent presence of their joint biological parents; same sex marriage ensures the opposite.” The study was published in the British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science., 3/13/15

divorcetroubledcouple2) Marriage Problems . . .

Cohabitation: all that glitters is not gold

The American College of Pediatricians has released data that disprove some common assumptions about couples living together before marriage:

Claim 1: Cohabitation will assure stronger marriages.
Fact: Numbers indicate that cohabitation increases the risk of divorce by 50%.

Claim 2: Cohabitation is a fiscal boon because couples pool their individual resources.
Fact: In reality, it is a financial risk, and it lacks the financial benefits of marriage. Marriage and Religion Research Institute reveals that cohabiters increase their net worth less than all other family structures.

Claim 3: Cohabitation is good because it lets a couple spend more time together.
Fact: ACP says it leads to increased negative communication, to men spending more time on personal leisure, and to the couple spending less time together. (, 5/1/15

AFAgenesisfloodmap3) Genesis Flood Evidence

Geological formations found on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean east of Barbados raise questions for evolutionists, but give creationists new evidence for the biblical flood. Jake Hebert of the Institute for Creation Research said the size and concentration of the deposits support belief in the flood.

The nodules are too large to fit the current slow rate of development. As Hebert explained, the conditions of the flood would have brought more rapid development. Also, nodules are found only in the upper 20 inches or so of sediment on the ocean floor. Hebert said the flood would explain that.

“Toward the end of the Genesis flood, sheets of water receding off the continents would have rapidly eroded and dumped enormous amounts of sediment into the ocean basins.”, 4/24/15

4) Senate message to Iran: free Saeed or no deal

obama-muslim-brotherhood2The U.S. Senate voted unanimously on a resolution calling for the freeing of American hostages held in Iran, including Pastor Saeed Abedini. The resolution was passed on May 11, separated by just a few days from the passage of legislation allowing Congress to review and vote on a nuclear deal with Iran. The implication is that the Senate would want to see the release of American citizens imprisoned in Iran before approving a nuclear deal.

As Matthew Clark with American Center for Law and Justice explained,  “The same senators who unanimously passed this demand for Pastor Saeed and the other Americans’ freedom are the same senators who will now have the authority to review any potential deal or final deal with Iran over the nuclear negotiations.”, 5/22/15


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