Government Corruption in Ruling Class: Follow the Money

Government Corruption in Ruling Class: Follow the Money

History Lessons of Ruling Class

Rush Limbaugh

RUSH:  Well, this attitude of the elites — the inside-the-Beltway establishment, ruling class, or whatever name you want to use for ’em — precedes Trump.  Now, in my 27 years of doing this… I was thinking about this the other day. Has this changed and I’m just late to the party in seeing it…?  Let me rephrase.  Has this always been the way it is, or am I just late to the party in seeing this, or is this something new?  Is this divide…?



President_Reagan_1981Well, the reason I ask it this way is I know full well that back during the eighties the establishment of the Republican Party despised Reagan, before he was elected and even afterwards.  They were embarrassed of him. I mean, they quietly supported him.  You know, human nature is that everybody wants to bask in the glowing light of victory. So Reagan had his suck-ups.

And he had his groupies that were — some of them — members of the establishment and so forth.  But they couldn’t wait to get to his second term and take over.  So it’s not new in that sense.  But what aspects of it are worse than they’ve been since I have been paying attention in that focused way?  And I think it is different and worse.

RUSH: Look, here’s the bottom line.  In the 27 years that I’ve been doing this program, I have never seen the Republican Party — the establishment itself, I mean, the RNC — more hostile to its base.  And that’s saying something.  It was hostile to its base in 2010.  It’s been hostile to its base a lot.  It was hostile to the base back in the eighties with Ronald Reagan.

ruling-elite-flagI mean, Boehner, John Kasich, Dick Armey. All these names that you knew, look at what became of them.  As they were there, they moderated. They became less and less conservative as time went on, because they lived inside the Beltway, worked inside the Beltway, and no matter what else you want to say, the establishments and primarily the liberal establishment run that town. 

But the hostility that exists today I think is more open than I’ve ever seen it, and I have never — until recently — believed that the Republican Party would actually favor losing and define it as winning as I think they do today.  I think the Republican Party would be happy to lose, even a couple of elections, if they could you didn’t find what is now known as the conservative base.  Now, explaining why?

You know, that’s such a violation of common sense. Why in the world would a party want to wash its hands of the people who secure it victory?  Well, I’m sorry, this is above my pay grade.  I can give you some reasons, but none of them make any sense to me, until you start talking about attitudes. “Who’s elite and who’s not, who embarrasses us and who does not, who do we want in our club and who do we not want in the club?” and why don’t we want them in the club and this kind of thing.

Follow the Money

science-fraud-money-not-truthMoney has always been a determining factor in politics.  Money has always been the mother’s milk of politics.  I’m asking myself, “The pursuit of money, personal money —  personal enrichment — seems to be the primary objective of people.”  The pattern is, you run for office, you get elected.  You serve.  But who do you serve?  You end up serving so that you’re either taken care of while in office or you have a very, very cushy job with a lot of big salary and perks and benefits when you leave.

Peer Review Science Exposed as Fraud

It is totally determined by money. Scientific result can be purchased. And once scientific result, be it in the social sciences, be it in climate …


Disconnect of the Ruling Class

ruling-elite-obamaThere’s a Peggy Noonan column today.  I wasn’t gonna mention this for a host of reasons, but I’m gonna go ahead and mention it here because it helps to answer the question.  Peggy Noonan, for lack of a better way of mentioning it, is part of this ruling class in Washington.  That is her world, and it always has been.  When I first met Peggy Noonan, she said, “Oh, you’re the guy that has all the truck drivers in his audience, right?”

I’d never heard that one before.  Truck drivers?  By the way, “truck drivers in your audience” was a put-down.  So Peggy left Washington recently.  She’s been out there talking to you, people like you, and she has been shocked at what she found.  And she’s now a believer.  She thinks what’s happening outside Washington’s real.  The way she describes it today is, “America is in play,” meaning all of this support for Trump.

But more than that, all of this opposition to the fixtures of Washington is real.  It’s not fringe.  It’s not tiny.  It’s not made up of kooks.  It is more and more mainstream, and she has been stunned!  She writes that she’s stunned to learn that there are Hispanics that feel this way and that there are African-Americans who feel this way, and that there are blacks and Latinos and Asians and you name it. 

ruling-eliteIn other words: Inside the Beltway they think all of this anti-Washington stuff is a bunch of conservative fringe kooks.  Peggy went out there — she’s been talking to people, she’s traveled the country — and she’s found out that every demographic under the sun is represented by these people who are unhappy with the leadership that they’re getting in all of Washington. Not just Republicans, not just Democrats, but the whole shebang. 

She writes as though she’s made a discovery, that her eyes are open to this now, and she thinks it’s real.  That means that a lot of other people inside-the-Beltway probably think so, too.  So guy’s question was about Jeb. “Hey, you know, I’m a conservative, too!” The Jeb campaign is not gonna react to any of this.  They’re simply relying on the fact that all of this is what has to play out in order for Jeb to get the nomination based on he’s gonna have all the money.  That’s their thinking; that’s their strategy.

Oh, Peggy was also shocked to learn that this opposition to Washington isn’t based on issues.  It’s based on attitude.  It’s not based on specifics.  You know, the inside-the-Beltway crowd says, “Come on, Trump! Tell us your specifics!”  Peggy was shocked to learn they don’t matter.  It’s gone beyond specifics.  It’s gone beyond policy.  It’s much greater than that. It’s much more important than that. It’s much more important than just attitudinal.

Americans Fear Losing the Country

ImmigrationInvasionOfAmericaThere is a genuine fear that we are losing the country, and the people inside the Beltway? The furthest thing from their mind is that we’re losing the country.  They think that’s the silliest thing they’ve ever heard.  “What do you mean, ‘losing the country’?  We’ve had the national debt for as long as we’ve had a nation and it hasn’t hurt anything. Don’t sweat it! What deficits?  Doesn’t matter!  We’ve got it under control.  Don’t worry about it.”

They do not understand, and if you look at the life circumstances, the economy inside the Beltway, what’s the unemployment rate, 3% there?  What’s the average salary there?  I guarantee you it’s much higher than it is outside the Beltway.  The exact opposite of what the founders intended has happened.  A great divide has been created now, and the people leading and running the country really don’t have much in common with the people voting for them. 

Trump-Make-America-Great-MAPThere’s a story that Peggy Noonan tells in her column, and the point of the story is that she learns that a bunch of Latinos actually like Trump, and she can’t believe it.  She’s shocked and stunned, as are some of the Latinos that she’s talking to.  They don’t believe it.


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