Truth Zone: Veterans Administration Scandal; Deportation Facts; Judicial Activism; Sanctity of Life Petition

Truth Zone:Illegal immigrants treated better than vets; 40% Hispanics support mandatory deportation; SCOTUS judicial tyranny;


Donald Trump: U.S. Treats Illegals Better than Vets

1. Veterans Administration Scandal


Donald Trump: U.S. Treats Illegals Better than Vets… Read the latest now on

vetsThe disgrace that has been brought upon our great nation is at times too much to bear. Obama has demonstrated complete disregard for the law and We the People throughout his presidency. And now he has shown the same utter disregard and disrespect for our military.

He is letting our military veterans die horrible deaths by neglect. Denying them the very care they need to stay alive. Placing them on “secret” waiting lists for years–created only to cover up the real wait times. We cannot allow him to destroy these fine people who have served our country with such honor and respect.

It is not the first time we have seen Obama demoralize, demonize and diminish our military. Our veterans deserve so much better treatment–not to die waiting for care. And to think they were forced to watch Obama feign surprise and then listen in disgust as he says he “heard about it on the news.” Yet another slap in the face.

death-panelsThe scandal is growing deeper. More disturbing news is coming out. We may be looking at what amounts to thousands of deaths of our veterans waiting for care.

And, these VA waits could actually be part of the “death panels” talked about as part of Obamacare. It makes sense doesn’t it?

One whistleblower has reported that there is so much more than what we’re seeing on TV…the administration is hiding a lot but the mainstream media is not reporting it.

VA employees are claiming to be receiving chilling warnings from superiors. They’re seeing records and boxes suddenly being secretly moved, labels being covertly changed–yes, Obama has ordered all involved to cover their tracks and hide all evidence of wrongdoing.

The writing on the wall is clear.


In a horrific admission one VA employee reported that one supervisor wanted the VA veterans “taken outside and shot in the head.” This is horrible and must be stopped. It’s up to us.

This isn’t an issue of not having enough money as Obama and his administration would have you believe. No, this is an issue of gross financial mismanagement. In fact, we’ve learned that Obama and his administration have been awarding big bonuses to reduce the veterans’ budget by any means available.

In Arizona, where the scandal first broke, more than 1,000 officials at the VA were taking home 6-figure pay–while our veterans suffered and were denied care.

The 100 highest paid VA executives and doctors were paid $70 million from 2011 to 2013. While these greed-mongers were raking it in, our military vets sat waiting for vital life-saving care 115 days on average–and for some it never came.

Hundreds of veterans were never put on waiting lists at all.

When will enough be enough? It’s time to call for a complete Congressional investigation. President Obama knew of the problems at the VA for years… and did nothing.

In fact my fellow Patriots, he’s known since the 2008 presidential election. Documents show that the White House transition team was informed after the election that VA employees were misreporting waiting times to cover up their failure to provide care expediently.

In no uncertain terms Obama was told that the fraud could result in medical negligence that could lead to the deaths of our veterans–before VA Secretary Shinseki was even appointed.

It is with incredible sorrow that I tell you that red flags were raised all over the place–but Obama chose to ignore them.

Obama made VA Secretary Eric Shinseki the scapegoat. He claims to have accepted Shinseki’s resignation “with deep regret.” Nothing but showmanship to deflect the blame away from himself.

Sadly, this latest scandal follows a trail of willful negligence, disrespect, lies and cover-ups. And now, lives of our beloved veterans have been lost or still hang delicately in the balance due to the inaction of a self-absorbed president.

It is high time Obama takes responsibility for his actions–deliberately allowing the scandal to grow to the point where it became deadly.

2. Deportation Facts: 40% Hispanics support mandatory deportation

Youtube: Bush thoughts on illegal immigrants


Rush Limbaugh

A poll from Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP, T-I-P-P. The IBD/TIPP poll.  It’s recent, and it found that 40% of Hispanics support mandatory deportation.  It’s not just that they oppose illegal immigration.  It is that 40% of Hispanics support mandatory deportation.

ImmigrationlawGOPEndPIXThis idea that there’s a monolithic, anti-Republican attitude from Hispanics on amnesty and all is just a myth.  I mentioned it yesterday, many days before, and there’s a story here, this is from Breitbart, Mike Flynn.  Headline: “Republicans Chasing an Hispanic Unicorn,” and it opens this way:  “There is no greater political miscalculation, or fraud, than the notion that Republicans have to ‘moderate’ their positions on immigration reform in order to appeal to Hispanic voters.

“This fiction began with President George W. Bush’s aborted attempt at comprehensive immigration reform in early 2007.”   That’s all you need to know.  Now, the story goes on and on; there are many pull quotes from this. But this is one of these great unknowns.  The Republican Party does not need to do what they’re doing.  They are guaranteeing… If they support amnesty and they try to moderate their position and ignore the opinions of 40% of the Hispanic population and the majority of their base, all they’re gonna do is guarantee the unending invasion of new Democrat voters.

And yet they have been… You know, it’s hard to know if they really believe this or if… (groans) It’s inexplicable, their attitude.  It’s inexplicable their belief, in the face of facts and polling data.  They think they can’t win the presidency without pandering to Hispanics, meaning they have to support amnesty and illegal immigration.  It’s one of the most perplexing things about the Republican establishment, and there are many.


3. Judicial Activism: How the Supreme Court got the Constitution wrong

Heritage Foundation: Jim DeMint

judicialtyrannyOn June 19, 2015 our nation took a great blow. In an unprecedented display of judicial activism, five Supreme Court Justices imposed their will on the American people.

On this day the Supreme Court declared that all 50 states must redefine marriage. Nothing in the Constitution requires the Court to interject itself into our democratic debate among citizens about marriage policy. This was not the Supreme Court’s decision to make. Every single American has a right to weigh in on this conversation and to vote on a decision.

The court may have issued an opinion but it has not ended the conversation about marriage in America. Now we must work to restore the authority of the American people to make policy that reflects the reality that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. And we must protect the freedom to speak and to act consistently with that truth.

We have our work cut out for us. Fortunately though, we have exceptional experts on our side who have laid out a path moving forward.

Heritage’s very own Ryan Anderson, has outlined the policy arguments about what marriage is, why it matters, and what the consequences are of redefining it, in his new book entitled, Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom.


4. Stop Planned Parenthood Crimes

Everyone against abortion has already been born. ~Ronald Reagan

Sanctity of Life Act Petition to:

Your U.S. Senators and Representative

Congressman Steve Stockman

Dear Pro-life American,

abortion-2-pro-lifeThe Supreme Court has distorted and twisted our Constitution in order to fabricate a “right” to have an abortion-on-demand. They must be stopped.

Congress should use legislation declaring that life begins at conception and Article III, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution to strip away the Federal Courts’ jurisdiction over the abortion question.

So please do all you can to help pass the Sanctity of Life Act and hold the politicians’ feet to the fire.

And after you sign the petition, please consider chipping in with a donation of $10, $25 or more to the National Pro-Life Alliance.

Every petition signed will help build support for the Sanctity of Life Act, a simple bill designed to end the Supreme Court’s protection of abortion.

Click here to sign your petition now,


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