History Timeline of Political Correctness

History Timeline of Political Correctness

Month-Defining Moment[1]

History Facts

Marxist Origins


The first book on political correctness, called the “Little Red Book”, was written by Chinese communist dictator Mao Zedong, who caused more deaths than any person in human history—50 to 70 million—more than Stalin and Hitler combined.


obama-orwell-nightmareWhen “1984” by George Orwell was published as a satire in 1949, it was based on research of the communist tyranny of that era. Who would have imagined at that time that it would become a classic description of political correctness in America today?

“Newspeak” slogans

On the walls of Orwell’s fictional “Ministry of Truth” (headquarters for propaganda and revisionist history) are these “Newspeak” slogans:




Reflect for a few seconds on these “1984”-style slogans and see if they fit today’s America: THEFT IS JUSTICE. ENVY IS RIGHTEOUSNESS. FAITH IS IGNORANCE. Or what about these? MORALITY IS BIGOTRY. SIN IS LOVE. CHARITY IS ENTITLEMENT. So you see, changing the meaning of one word can reprogram cultures and alter the destinies of human beings and entire societies. ~David Kupelian

If you consider how many people have been educated in the amoral, atheistic government education system in the last 60 years, maybe you won’t be so surprised after all that so many people have come under the subjugation of political correctness. Following are a few examples of how our language has been perverted.



Original English

Politically Correct version

War on Terror Overseas contingency operations
Gangs Youth groups
Sex-change operation Gender reassignment surgery
Illegal aliens Undocumented workers
Prostitutes Sex workers
Pedophiles Minor-attracted persons
Homosexuals Gay
Atheists Brights
Abortion advocates Pro-choice
Child sexual abuse Inter-generational sex
Celebrate immorality Tolerance
Efforts to prevent abortion Torture, punishment, cruel degrading treatment of women
Hiring based on merit Racism, discrimination
Biblical Worldview Ignorant, insensitive, intolerant, bigoted, hateful
Good Evil
Evil Good
Treason, aiding, abetting enemy Muslim Outreach, Iran Deal


[1] Source: Whistleblower magazine, October 2015, 5-12



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