Betrayed by Bad Budget Deal; Ted Cruz Push-Back

Betrayed again by Bad Budget Deal; Ted Cruz Push-Back

ObamaMoneyPileObama Signs Two-Year Budget Deal, Washington Mocks the Voters Again


Mike-Lee-conservativeSenator Mike Lee, Chairman of Senate Steering committee:

“Only in Washington, D.C. could something so deceptive and ineffectual – something so unfair to America’s seniors and future generations – be considered a ‘reform.'”

“to elevate the condition of men–to lift artificial weights from all shoulders, to clear the paths of laudable pursuit for all, to afford all an unfettered start and a fair chance, in the race of life.” –Abraham Lincoln


Chairman’s Note: Policy and Process Undeserving of the Support of the American People

Last night at 3 AM, the Senate passed a budget deal that was not just a horrible piece of legislation undeserving of the support of a self-respecting Congress. It also represented the last gasping breath of a disgraced bipartisan beltway establishment on the verge of collapse. 


The bill was the product of an unfair, dysfunctional, and undemocratic process – a process that is virtually indistinguishable from what we promised the American people a G.O.P.-controlled Congress would bring to an end.

The bill suspended the debt limit for 17 months and increased government spending beyond its already unsustainable levels. And it did so while also failing to make any reforms that would put us on a path toward fiscal sustainability.
According to the Social Security Trustees, the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is scheduled to run out of money in 2016. Which means that, without serious reform, disability benefits will be slashed, across the board, by nearly 20 percent.

Under the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, the bankruptcy deadline of SSDI has been pushed off for an additional 6 years, until 2022.
 But here’s the kicker: it does so by raiding the Social Security Trust Fund, to the tune of $150 billion.
steal-moneyThat’s right: our grand, bipartisan solution to the impending insolvency of our nation’s largest disability insurance program amounts to stealing $150 billion from our nation’s largest retirement insurance program.

Only in Washington, D.C. could something so deceptive and ineffectual – something so unfair to America’s seniors and future generations – be considered a “reform.”


Ted Cruz Push-Back

GOP Turns on McConnell as Cruz Blasts Him from Senate Floor

Why Republicans Hate Ted Cruz

Rush Limbaugh

TedCruzCapitolPIXCALLER:  I want to talk about Cruz electability.  I’ve heard people talk and seen on social media where people say I’m not sure Cruz can win the general, and the news media have been promoting Rubio and some of these other candidates.  And I just wanted to say Cruz started out in the state of Texas when he ran for the Senate at 2% in the polls.  Margin of error was 3%.  And he went on to beat David Dewhurst, the lieutenant governor of Texas, by double digits, and then turned around and won the general election by double digits.   So, you know, that part of it is a frustration to me, that people keep — you know, they can’t seem to take this, even they make excuses even after the debate that Marco Rubio or this candidate’s gonna win the nomination.  That’s my first point.

My second point is what you just talked about the climate change court.  This goes to the issue of what Cruz will do when he’s in office.  When he was the solicitor general of the State of the Texas, he actually fought in a case called Medellin v. The State of Texas where he fought the world court in the Supreme Court and won that case, where George Bush was trying to tell the State of Texas that we had to stop — that Texas had to stop an execution because the world court said so and because of international law and that we had to abide by international law.  And Cruz shut it down and basically litigated that and won.  So there’s two examples right there of where we need Ted Cruz to be our next president.

He’s already said that when he takes office, he’s gonna overturn all the illegal executive orders.  What other candidate has said that?  I don’t think I’ve heard a single one of them.  He’s the only one talking about trying to undo.  You know, they speak in general terms about fixing Washington and all this kind of stuff, but he has actually come out and said, I’m gonna do this.

RUSH: I love this argument that he’s not electable, he can’t win.  Mitt Romney was, right?  John McCain, there’s somebody could win.  Right, right.  All these people they tell us that can’t win, they singularly set out and try to destroy.  Ted Cruz has overcome odds as you described in Texas.  If he can’t win, how did he become senator?

RUSH:  Well, Ted Cruz scares ’em all.  Ted Cruz scares a lot of people, because they’re not conservative.  Ted Cruz means it when he says he’s going to try to get government out of people’s lives, when he’s going to try to reduce the size of government, when he’s going to try to reduce the financial take that comes to government.  He means it.  And most everybody makes their living off government, Republican, Democrat, whatever, they make their living off of it.  They make their living governing it, expanding it, writing laws for it, or what have you.  Ted Cruz is serious about wanting to deemphasize it.

Cruz Explains the Concept of Winning



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