Culture Wars: Liberal Hollywood vs. Conservative Actors

Culture Wars: Liberal Hollywood vs. Conservative Actors

Rush Advises Aspiring Young Filmmaker on How to Be Conservative in the Age of Liberal Hollywood

Rush Limbaugh


star-wars-rush-Limb-InstCALLER:  Hi.  I’d like to know, you mentioned Star Wars VII earlier this week on Monday, and I want to know how that relates to politics and other movies relate to politics.  ‘Cause you always say that everything has to do with politics, even movies, and I want to know what that has to do specifically.

Politics in Everything

RUSH:  You’re absolutely right.  There’s a political component to everything.  What I mean by that, Gideon, is that in the entertainment world — books, movies, music, whatever — every opportunity to advance the Democrat or leftist agenda is taken.  Sometimes it’s subtle; sometimes it’s blatant. Politics is a part of everything we do, but a lot of people don’t notice it, don’t spot it, don’t want to.  They don’t want to think politics is in entertainment.  Entertainment’s an escape from all that.  They think the Republicans are who is political, and the Republicans are mean-spirited, extremists and racists and all that.  Now, specifically about Star Wars and the latest one, until I see it I will not be able to analyze the political content for you.

RUSH:  I have no idea what it is about, and I disagree with the people who are already attaching a political agenda to it because of the cast.  It has an African-American star, British African star, and so some people are claiming that it has a racial component to it.  I have no idea until I see it.  The only thing I can tell you is that J.J. Abrams, who is this movie, he’s the writer, director, producer, the guy hosts fundraisers for Democrats constantly.

HollywoodHe has raised millions of dollars for Democrats.  He’s entirely, thoroughly political and believes fully in the advancement of the Democrat agenda, which is fine.  It’s just that many of these people try to hide the subtle influences in their work that really is political.  The only thing I try to do here is alert people and inform them in such a way they can spot it.  Now, look, I know you have more to say, but I’ve got a break here, I’ve got a hard break that doesn’t move.  So hang on, Gideon, we’ll be right back and continue in a second.

Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith, played at the Cannes festival in May of 2005. And let me just give you the headline here, Gideon: “Star Wars Saga Ends with Jab at Bush’s Empire.” And this is how it opens: “The last episode rounding out the seminal Star Wars science fiction saga screened at the Cannes film festival today, capping a six-part series that remains a major part of popular culture – and delivering a galactic jab to US President George Bush,” and the producers admitted this. And it was J.J. Abrams, the same guy doing Star Wars VII.

RUSH: So, look, it’s undeniable. It really is undeniable that there’s politics in everything, and if I were with you day to day I could point it out to you in virtually anything you do.

CALLER: Right. There was the same thing with The Dark Knight. I heard the same thing 2008. It was poking at George W. Bush.

PC-quote-orwellRUSH: Right. Well, in many cases, Gideon, it’s not focusing on a person or a president. It makes fun of a belief system, makes fun of certain values and promotes others. It seeks to normalize certain things and make opposition to those things look bigoted.

Sometimes it’s subtle; sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s blatant and right in front of you.

But my point that people is that a lot of people say, “I don’t like politics. I just don’t like it.” It’s everywhere, is my point. One of my quests is to try to help people spot it everywhere it is. I just want people to be as informed and educated as they can be and not get tricked and not get… Oh, what’s a better word? Not brainwashed, but seduced by some of this stuff.

RUSH: And he’s also consulting or exec producing on the TV show The Last Ship.

RUSH: And The Last Ship, that… Eh, you could find a lot of ingredients there. I have no idea. I didn’t know Michael Bay was doing a Benghazi movie.

CALLER: Yeah. I saw it in a commercial in the theater like a couple weeks ago.

RUSH: Well, all I can tell you is… This is a wild guess, ’cause I don’t know what Michael Bay’s politics are. All I know is that it is really rare to be a known conservative [actors] and get jobs of prominence in Hollywood.

RUSH: Tom Selleck has pulled it off. Charlton Heston has pulled it off. I’m gonna stop naming names, ’cause there’s a whole bunch of conservatives that work in Hollywood who do not want it known what their politics is. They’re really afraid of not working. So —

CALLER: The thing is, Rush, I want to work in movies of some sort someday. That’s kind of what I want to do, and I want to write stuff. But I feel like I make it known to people at school, at least, that I am a conservative. I mean, I don’t say that I’m a conservative. But through my actions, they can tell. And the way other people treat me, they know that I’m conservative, basically. Because I’m at a very liberal school. Like everybody at my school, I don’t even know if they know that they’re liberals, but they’re liberals.

RUSH: That’s my point! That’s exactly my point, Gideon. How does that happen? They don’t even know they’re liberals.

CALLER: I have no clue, Rush!

RUSH: Well, it happens because they are subtly influenced, maybe in subliminally in ways, by advertising, by the TV shows that they watch. I mean, look at the behaviors in network TV, prime-time TV that have been normalized lately.

teacher biasTeacher Bias

RUSH: There’s a political agenda behind that, and it’s undeniable. Now, let me ask you: Has your self-professed conservatism so far…? I know you’re only 15.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But has it gotten in your way yet?

CALLER: Well, I’ve had several teachers that have, like… I mean, because the way that they treat me, I feel like it’s been different because the way that I respond to questions that they ask me and in papers and stuff, I write my answers down, and after I get those papers back… Like, I’ve gotten… There was one paper where I spent hours on it. It was a thing about how the world began or cosmology. And what I did was, I wrote about the content that the teacher was telling me to write about but I also wrote about creation at the same exact time and I turned it in and I spent so much time on it. I get it back; I got a D on it! I feel like it’s just because… I had everything else that they wanted me to put in there. I made sure that I had all the content right they wanted me to learn, but just because I put the creationist stuff in there, I feel like that’s the reason that I got the D on the project

RUSH: Did you say D or B?


RUSH: As in “dog”?

CALLER: D as in “dog.”

RUSH: Oh. Wow.


RUSH: Oh. Well, I don’t know the teacher, obviously, or the circumstances. But it would not be a shock if it were a factor like you suspect. It wouldn’t be the first time if it’s the case. Grades matter. You want to eventually get into a great film school.

CALLER: Right.

star-warsOriginal Star Wars was unequivocally Good vs. Evil

RUSH: You know, you look at the original Star Wars. You were not born yet. They came out in the seventies and eighties, Reagan. The original Star Wars, they were good versus evil. There was no question.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And the evil was obviously evil, and if any comparison was made back then, it was made to the Soviet Union.


RUSH: And the evil today is portrayed as Republicans. Darth Vader? If Darth Vader were being made for the first time today, he’d be George W. Bush.

CALLER: Yeah, exactly. That’s why… Yeah. I think that’s what Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight was. Heath Ledger was supposed to be George W. Bush.

RUSH: Right, right, right. And it didn’t start that way. It started out, in seventies or eighties, Star Wars was big because it was traditional American good versus evil, and good triumphed. The little guys, the small D democrats — the democracy guys, the freedom guys — they kicked the butt of the evil empire.

RUSH: And today the evil empire has become conservatism, the Republican Party, and that means you with what you’re doing. I think you’ve got a handle on this. You sound like a really bright guy, so you just keep at it.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush.

RUSH: You bet. Just keep on, because if you could get to Hollywood doing what you want to do, you could end up making a huge impact. I really hope you do.


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