Truth Zone: Paris Attacks, Obama, Syrian Refugees, Iran and ISIS

Truth Zone:

Paris Attacks, Obama, Syrian Refugees, Iran and ISIS

None Dare Call It Treason:

obama-treasonIn his own words:

Obama: I’m not Interested in “American Leadership, or America Winning”
In a clear display of his disdain for the office of the President and the united States as a whole, Barack Hussein Obama, in detailing his lack of strategy for dealing with the Islamic State, said that he was not interested in “pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning.”



After Paris Attacks:

While France Manfully Declares War on ISIS, Iran Dictates Obama’s ISIS Strategy

RUSH: At least Chamberlain, he was a bumbling fool, but he had the best of intentions.  We can’t even assign the best of intentions to our current leadership because look at what he’s done.


obama-bows-saudiLook, folks, back to Walid Phares’ answer here on Fox about why we’re playing patty-cake with ISIS.  And it is a stark contrast.  You know, while Obama was doing this really — I don’t know.  It was a wimpish — how to describe this press conference he did today.  At the same time Francois Hollande, president of France was over at his Congress practically asking for a declaration of war against ISIS and laying out in no certain terms how they’re gonna take ’em out.  

I mean, it was a juxtaposition I never thought I would see.  Here we have the surrender caucus in France manning up, and the United States trading places and becoming, if not the surrender caucus, the ho-hum caucus.  So what we’ve learned here from Walid Phares — and his analyst credentials to me are top notch — Shi’a Iran wants the Sunni regions of the Middle East destabilized, therefore they want ISIS to continue to operate.  ISIS destabilizes.  That will ultimately help Iran take over the entire region in the future.  Obama gave Iran money by lifting the sanctions. He’s given them permission for nukes, which is a giant threat leverage that Iran’s gonna have.  So it seems that Obama has chosen Shi’a Iran to be the dominant force in the Middle East.  That’s what Walid Phares is essentially saying the strategy is.

The reason why Obama is tap dancing and hem-hawing around and not answering the question is because he doesn’t dare.  The reason we don’t take ISIS out is because the Iranians don’t want ’em taken out.

The bottom line is, according to Walid Phares, is that Obama is choosing sides. The Iranians want to run in the Middle East, for all intents and purposes, and the Syrians, and that alliance, and that’s the alliance he’s thrown down with.  Now, it’s up for us to go figure out why the Iranian nuke deal.

Refugee Resettlement Insanity

trump-illegal-immigration-validatedDr. Ben Carson told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that thinking it’s a good idea to let Syrians into the United States after the recent terror attacks in Paris requires “a suspension of intellect.”

“You know that the human brain has these big frontal lobes, as opposed to other animals, because we can engage in rational thought processing,” Carson said.

Donald Trump called the Syrian refugee program a “Trojan horse” and promised to shut it down if elected.

“We have no idea who these people are; we are the worst when it comes to paperwork,” Trump said Monday on CNBC. “This could be one of the great Trojan horses.”
Bill in Congress would halt resettlement ‘insanity’
Speaker Paul Ryan has thus far refused to allow the provision to be included in the spending bill.

FBI: Vetting Impossible

FBI sounding the alarm

FBI Director James Comey has warned Congress in testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee last month, that it’s impossible to vet the backgrounds of Syrian refugees. They are coming from a failed state embroiled in a four-year-old civil war and the U.S. has no access to data on any the refugees, Comey said.



Obama Dismisses Notion of US Victory; Comes to Life When Defending Refugees

Rush Limbaugh

ObamaIranian-Flag-WORD-ARTOBAMA:  Some of them seem to think that if I were just more bellicose in expressing what we’re doing, that that would make a difference, because that seems to be the only thing that they’re doing is talking as if they’re tough.  Folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do, present a specific plan.  What I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning or whatever other slogans they come up with that has no relationship to what is actually gonna work to protect the American people and to protect people in the region.

But he really makes the case here, makes the point here that this is bitter clinger rabble-rousing.  It’s just insignificant.  This idea of America winning, it’s so backwards.  We intellectuals are so far beyond the concept of America winning.  That’s not what this is about.  We’re not in this to win.  That’s not why we’re doing what we’re doing.  That’s his point of view here.  American leadership, America winning, other slogans we can come up with.  I’m not interested in that.  That has no relationship to what’s actually gonna work to protect the American people.  America winning has no relationship to protecting the American people?

This is arrogant condescension and the whole idea here about winning and victory, intellectuals, in their world, that is blue-collar stuff, that’s hayseed, hick stuff, talking about winning and this and that.  The intellectuals know there is no winning.  There’s just containment.  There’s appeasement, there’s cooperation, coalition.  Winning?  Come on, don’t waste my time.  We’re so beyond winning.  In his vaunted world of superior intelligence and being, winning is such a passe thing.  Leadership, it’s so irrelevant to the real world today.  But he wasn’t finished.  He then lectured everybody on how we have to accept Muslims as well as Christians or we’re all just a bunch of bigots.

OBAMA:  When I hear folks say that, well, maybe we should just admit the Christians but not the Muslims.  When I hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which person who’s fleeing from a war torn country is admitted, when some of those folks themselves come from families who benefited from protection when they were fleeing political persecution, that’s shameful.  That’s not American.  It’s not who we are.  We don’t have religious tests to our compassion.

“Vetting” a Blatant Lie

This is Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security advisor. “We have very robust vetting procedures for those refugees.” That’s a blatant lie, by the way.  Congressman Peter King of New York rebuffed the Regime’s claim that there are robust vetting procedures in place.  He was on Fox News Sunday.  He said (paraphrasing): “I was listening to Ben Rhodes and what he just said about this robust vetting of refugees is untrue.  There’s virtually no vetting.  There aren’t any databases in Syria.  There are no government records.  We don’t know who these people are.”  And that makes all the sense in the world.

What are we vetting them against?  Okay, here is Amir Sahib Skyhook, he wants into the country.  “Wait a minute, Amir, we’re gonna check you out.”

“Well, very good, you check me out but there are no records of me anywhere. I come from Syria, everybody has been blown up. There is no government building there.  There are no records of me,” and he’s probably right.  Where do we go to find out who Amir Sahib Skyhook is?  (interruption)  Why am I in trouble?  (interruption)  I just did an impersonation, for crying out.  What am I in trouble for?  Amir Sahib Skyhook?  (interruption)  Oh, come on.  That’s just a take-off on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


Immigration facts


Graphic enlargement, more details



Intellectuals: winning is such a passé thing

The intellectuals know there is no winning.  There’s just containment.  There’s appeasement, there’s cooperation, coalition.  Winning?  Come on, don’t waste my time.  We’re so beyond winning.  In his vaunted world of superior intelligence and being, winning is such a passe thing… And, by the way, Syrian refugees are already here in overwhelming numbers and they’re in practically every major city in the country.

Illegal immigration is one thing. We already have a set of laws on the books. All we’d have to do is enforce them but nobody wants to, we’re not doing so.  But the southern border immigration problem is not at all similar to what Obama is doing with the expanded refuge importation program.  But you will hear, he just comes alive when admonishing the bigots in this country.  He even went so far as to say (imitating Obama), “We got people who think it’s okay to let in Christians but they don’t want the Muslims.  That’s not who we are.  That’s not American values.  That’s not the America I know.  That’s not the values that we have.”  Blows his stack practically.


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