Truth Zone: Immigration Facts vs. Liberal Lies—Illegal Immigration not Stopping

Truth Zone

Immigration Facts vs. Liberal Lies—Illegal Immigration not Stopping


No, There’s Not a Massive Exodus of Illegals

immigration-lib-lies-Conservative-ReviewDaniel Horowitz at “Appallingly Dishonest Pew Study on Immigration Trend from Mexico — If you want to know the depths of dishonesty and obfuscation the liberal elite employ in order to distort the reality on any given issue, take a look at this Pew research report on immigration from Mexico.  Pew claims that migration from Mexico is down to such a point that there is net out-migration — that is to say more Mexicans in America have died or gone back home than returned,” or are coming.

“Media outlets, from The Hill and Politico to the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, are breathlessly promoting the headline of this report as if it reflected the truth of the moment.  Their broader message was: ‘See, the right wing nuts are going crazy about a border crisis when, in reality, there is zero net migration from Mexico.’  The one problem? Pew was using old data from 2009-2014.”

I was more right than I knew.  They were recycling the same news that they used in 2012.  They just repackaged it and updated it, and they added a couple of years, taking us to 2014, making it look like they had brand-new news which confirmed, but of course they didn’t reference the same story they did back in 2012.  It was only my memory.  But obviously Horowitz here at the Conservative Review had the same memory jog.


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