Immigration Facts: Border Wall Works!

Immigration Facts: Border Wall Works!

Some Incredible News About Refugees, Borders and Immigration

Rush Limbaugh

border-wallAnd now the American administration’s urging Turkey to seal their border to keep ISIS out, while at the same time we’re opening our borders to ISIS and whoever else wants to infiltrate the Syrian refugees (who, it turns out, do not want to be here), and that we’re not sealing off the southern border with Mexico, even though we’re telling everybody else around the world — particularly Turkey in this case — to seal their border.  And then there’s this, folks.  This is from Breitbart.

“The action-man (sic) mayor of Hungarian frontier town Asotthalom has invited ‘all active Europeans’ to visit the border fence his government created, so they can learn how to protect their own countries. Praising the remarkable success of the Hungarian border fence, which reduced daily illegal migrant incursions from some 10,000 a day to 30 in just the space of a week, Mayor Laszlo Toroczkai acknowledged the fence hadn’t actually solved the European migrant crisis. Instead, blocking Hungary off had just shifted the migratory stream westwards to Slovenia.” But at least it fixed for his country, his city.  Shazam! Look at all these stories about what works.  Got a border fence, and it’s working.

In a frontier town in Hungary where 10,000 illegal migrants a day were crossing the border, they build a fence and in a week, 10,000 becomes 30.  And what do the migrants do?  They just shift down the road to Slovenia.  They don’t try to climb the fence because the fences work.  So this is four stories in a row in the Drive-By Media, which totally destroy the administration’s position on illegal immigration and borders and fences.  It’s amazing.


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