Truth Zone: No Liberal Journalists Found Here

Truth Zone: No Liberal Journalists Found Here

Drive-Bys Show Us Trump’s Huge Crowd

Rush Limbaugh

Trump_Crowd_BHe was in Lowell, Massachusetts, five miles south of the New Hampshire border at a big arena rally last night and it holds 8,000 people.  It was at the Tsongas Center arena, named after Paul Tsongas, well-known Massachusetts politician, Democrat candidate for president.  Eight thousand people is capacity.  It was overflowing.  People lined up unable to get in, 20 degrees.  There was a picture of the crowd.

And these crowds are nothing new.  Trump’s been drawing these crowds for months now but to the Drive-Bys they’re all of a sudden noticing it.

And you know what else they’re noticingHillary doesn’t come anywhere near crowds this size, nor the crowds that show up for Hillary have anywhere near, not even half as much of the enthusiasm as Trump’s crowds.  Bernie Sanders attracts bigger crowds than Hillary does.  Bernie Sanders’ people are more enthusiastic.  Some Drive-Bys, by the way, I saw it today in doing show prep, some Drive-Bys are now thinking that Bernie Sanders may actually do better in Iowa than the polls indicate.  They’re really starting to get worried about Hillary.  And you know something else that’s worrying about Hillary?  Bill yesterday in New Hampshire was a bomb.  Exactly as I thought.  He was rambling.  It was almost incoherent. 

And there are stories today about how women in the audience were rolling their eyes as though they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. There were looks of boredom all around on the faces of women. At the first event, Bill Clinton shows up solo to campaign for Hillary, and they make the point that Bill is afraid to attack Trump because that’s a nonstarter.  When he was asked questions about Trump going after his peccadillos with women, Clinton’s answer was, again, incoherent and off subject. 

Meanwhile, here’s Trump at the rally in Lowell, Massachusetts, last night.

Trump-Make-America-Great-MAPTRUMP:  I’ve never seen so many cameras in my life.  We have a lot.  Look at all the cameras here tonight, and all live television.  You’re all on live.  Wave.  Hi, folks!

AUDIENCE: (cheers and applause)

TRUMP: And I wish… You know, I always do this.  I wish they’d turn the cameras and show the audience.

AUDIENCE: (jeering the media)

TRUMP: But they tend not to do it.

AUDIENCE: (applause)

TRUMP:  They tend not to do it.  We won’t do it too much tonight. But —

AUDIENCE: (cheers)

TRUMP:  — but I said —

AUDIENCE: (wild cheering and applause)

TRUMP: Wow! They’re doing it!  Wow!  That is so amazing. They did it!  They turned the cameras.


Trump’s “Silenced” – Not “Silent” — Majority

Silent-majority-TrumpetteCaller: My Republican Friends and Relatives Won’t Vote for Trump

She said her friends and family don’t like Trump’s morals and they don’t like that he’s rough around the edges. They don’t like the way he talks.  And so, if he gets the nomination, they’re gonna take it out on the Republican Party by not voting.  They’re not saying… Look, I know these people.  They’re not saying that they prefer Hillary’s morals.  They want to punish the Republican Party.  It’s like the four million that didn’t vote in 2012.  And, by the way, the Republican Party and the Drive-Bys are engaging in push-back now.

“He’s rough around the edges. I don’t like the way he talks and he’s not a conservative, and if he’s the nominee, I’m not voting,” it’s another way to say, “Notice me! Hey, I’m important out here. I’m important. I don’t like Trump — and if I don’t like Trump, then you’re not gonna get what you want, and if that means you get the Clintons, then deal with it.”  It’s not that they think the Clintons are more moral Trump.  I mean, I don’t think anybody would make that claim. If we’re talking about morality, there’s nobody on the Democrat side, folks, that’s gonna trump anybody on the Republican side here.

Don’t think anybody’s preferring Clinton’s morals.  This is more like, “If I don’t get what I want, I’m gonna punish you by making sure you don’t get what you want.”  And she said something about how she didn’t like… Not her. Not her.  Not her.  Very important.  It wasn’t her; it was her family that didn’t like the Trump’s presentation.  Which is another way of saying they don’t like the way Trump insults people and he calls people losers and third-rate and all that.  You know why I don’t mind it?

Because for the most part, I happen to agree with what he’s saying about the people he’s describing when he’s talking about the Democrats and Obama and all these others. I don’t think there’s any mystery why Trump is doing what… You know, I’ll tell you a couple of very, very interesting things that I have seen over the break, and this one is fascinating.  And, again, it’s the Drive-By Media pointing it out.  I don’t know how much of it you can believe, but the nuts and bolts of this are that a lot of Trump’s supporters have no plans to vote.

It’s in the New York Times.  Their number cruncher ran the statistics on Trump’s supporters, at least as they’re able to determine Trump supporters, and you know who the number one support group of Trump is according to the New York Times?

Registered Democrats.

Now, I know many of you conservatives who don’t like Trump are going, “Yeah, yeah, yeah! See?  See?  I knew it! I knew it! It’s the Democrats! We’re getting sandbagged. We’re getting tricked. It’s the Democrats that like Trump, Rush. They’re running the Reverse Operation Chaos! I’m telling you what they’re doing and you’re falling for it.” I heard it all, folks.  I understand.  Don’t… A, I’m not falling for anything. B, I remain wary of all this. But let me just tell you what they say here.  Nate Cohn is the number cruncher here, the statistician New York Times.

Anyway, for those of you who are conservative who say, “I’m never voting for Trump,” you better keep one thing in mind: That’s exactly what the Republican Party wants.  Do you understand the Republican Party wants to rid themselves of you?  The Republican Party… Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush made it plain as day. Jeb Bush’s objective was to win the Republican nomination despite the base.  Remember this original plan? He had so much money. He was going to have so much money.

reagan-quote-govt-is-problemMy point is that Donald Trump has come along and has put together a coalition of people that the Republican Party claims it wants.  He’s running strong with Hispanics and men. He’s running strong with women.  His number one support group is disaffected Democrats, the old Reagan Democrats! 

These are the people that Republicans tell us are the reason they need to support amnesty. They’re the reason they’ve gotta support the Obama agenda, ’cause they’ve gotta go out and they’ve gotta show people that they are capable of working with Democrats and “getting things done.”  I mean, Trump’s coalition is almost exactly what the Republican Party claims it wants, and yet they’re out there doing everything they can to destroy it.

Trump hammers Hillary on husband, Cosby, ‘Carlos Danger’

A new Donald Trump campaign video uses Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby and Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner to challenge Hillary Clinton’s claim as a champion of women’s rights.

“Hillary and her friends!” Trump said Thursday on Instagram when the ad went live.
The video against the Democrat front-runner includes:

  • Newspaper covers related to Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.
  • Disgraced New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, who sent pictures of his genitals to women. He often went by the pseudonym “Carlos Danger” while online. Weiner is the husband of long-time Clinton aide Huma Abedin.
  • Bill Cosby, the Clinton Foundation donor who is accused of drugging and raping dozens of women. The 78-year-old was arraigned in a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, courtroom Dec. 30 on charges he sexually assaulted Andrea Constand in 2004.



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