Critical Thinking: Wheat and Tares Parable and False Front Organizations

Critical Thinking:

Wheat and Tares Parable and False Front Organizations

Defining Moment

In the 1930s fascists, seeking world domination, changed their mode of operation from revolutionary to cultural. The long march through cultural institutions[1] has only just begun—with the goal of capturing the souls of nations of the free world.

One of the many patterns in the Bible helps us to understand the conflict between good and evil in history. Do you enemy-sowed-tares-bible-storyknow the story that Jesus told about how the enemy planted poisonous weeds in the farmer’s field while everyone was sleeping?

Yes, it’s called the parable of the wheat and the tares.[2]

You recall that the tares, or poisonous weeds, looked just like the good wheat, so no one knew what happened until time for harvest. By then, the consequences they reaped caused a lot of damage. It’s the same thing our enemy—the father of lies—does through his followers. The truth is, the “dark side” is built on fraud.

It began in 1787 which, ironically, is about the same year the American constitution was being created. In the history of potemkin-village1the Soviet Empire, even a ‘romantic’ tale was a sham. A certain prince named Potemkin was trying to win over the empress. He succeeded in doing so by constructing dozens of fake villages, run by carefully instructed peasants, who were paid to say certain things to impress her.

Well, today, the “enemy” uses the Potemkin village model to create hundreds of disinformation centers, also known as “front groups which use falsely benign appearances to cover up sinister purposes.

These front organizations look just like the real thing, such as a school group or a church. They are like the tares among the wheat, and enemy agents have planted their poisonous lies in our schools, science, government, news agencies, and yes, even churches.


whyCritical Thinking Questions

  • What are Potemkin village disinformation centers? What are front groups, and how do they compare to tares among the wheat?
  • What groups or organizations in our society today have nice sounding names, but in reality promote evil?

Examples: “Planned Parenthood” commits abortions and infanticide, and sells body parts of babies

CAIR—Council on American and Islamic Relations supports the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist organization.

[1] Antonio Gramsci on cultural Marxism, see also “Who Stole our Culture?”, by William Lind

[2] Matthew 13:24-30; 36-42


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