Critical Thinking: The Immorality of Liberalism and Income Inequality

Critical Thinking:

The Immorality of Liberalism and ‘Income Inequality’

By Ben Shapiro, editor, Breitbart and Daily Wire

From an interview with Rush Limbaugh, January, 2016.

keySocialism is the gospel of envy. ~Winston Churchill

“It’s actually immoral for you to resent people based on their wealth. They never did anything wrong to you. If you hate somebody for doing nothing wrong to you, that makes you a bad person. They’re not the bad person for being rich; you are the bad person.” ~Ben Shapiro

PC-hurt-feelingsSHAPIRO: The movement that’s the scariest to me in all of America life is the movement that says that your subjective feelings govern reality.

Of all the things the left is doing, this is the scariest. Because it’s not just we have differing policies anymore: it’s that what we feel is the only thing that matters. If our feelings are hurt, we have to shut you up because our feelings are reality. And this is present in everything from racial politics, to sexual politics, to economics.

When Obamacare was implemented, you saw businesses say, “If we implement Obamacare, if we have to purchase Obamacare for all of these employees, people are going to lose their jobs.” Folks on the left tried to boycott those companies. Those companies weren’t even doing anything. They were just recognizing the reality. But reality has to be smeared in favor of the [left’s] vision.

That’s the part that’s truly scary to me. Because when we don’t even have common terms of discussion, when we can’t even say, “Okay, here’s the set of facts and here’s what my theory says of these sets of facts,” when one side just says, “There are no more facts. Facts just don’t exist anymore, because they don’t match my vision,” there’s no political conversation to be had at all. And that’s when we get into really, really scary territory.

Every Issue is a Moral Issue

The Republican leadership does not understand the moral narrative here. They never talk about politics in moral terms.

RUSH: You’ve focused a lot on morality in the discussion today and it’s a salient point. Republicans have paralyzed themselves on it. They’re afraid.

betrayal-sellout-rinoSHAPIRO: Apologetic. What they don’t understand is that the moral narrative exists in every issue, from social to not. The apologetic nature of the Republicans just makes me sick to my stomach. On everything from abortion to same-sex marriage. If you want to stand for something, then by God, stand for it. And recognize that the other side isn’t just wrong; sometimes they’re malicious.

Everybody in the Republican Party is fond of quoting Reagan, “it’s not that Democrats are bad, it’s just that they’re just wrong. It’s not that they’re ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

No, they’re actually bad.

I’m talking about the language of good and evil.

moralcompass1The left has an evil vision of the country. And I really think that politics exists in opposition. I don’t think it’s a matter of presenting a positive vision of the universe so much as it is recognizing the evil of the opposite vision.

When I’m talking to students, my focus is not on, “Here’s an example of how what I’m saying works,” because I think it should be self-evident from American history and from what remains of America that it works. My focus is on what the opposition believes.

What the left believes is not only ineffective; I don’t think the term “ineffective” is particularly useful.

I think the word that matters is, it’s immoral, it’s unethical.

It’s not two people who have a difference of opinion on what can happen with the country if we just redistribute tax dollars; this is a nasty, cruel, evil, thieving vision of what America is.

I don’t believe in coddling young people. And once you take away the unearned moral superiority of college kids, then they actually start to think about some of these issues.

The Nonsense of Income Inequality

conservatism3-fishYou have to take away that moral superiority. It is the only thing they have and it’s very strong and they keep imprinting it on people. It’s why Bernie Sanders keeps talking about fairness. He doesn’t pretend he cares about American security very much, he doesn’t pretend he cares about America’s economy thriving. The only thing he talks about is income inequality.

Even the right has now taken up this nonsense about income inequality. There’s nothing cumber in life than the arguments about income inequality, and nothing more immoral than the arguments about income inequality. Why in the world I should care that my neighbor is rich is beyond me. I care that people are poor. If you care about the poor and want to help the poor, that’s praiseworthy. But if you care that the person living next door to him is rich, you’re an idiot. I want more people to be rich.

RUSH: Yes, but the left has found it’s easy to stoke resentment. It’s easy to foment it, it’s easy to grow it, and it’s easy to get votes off of it. They have created a generation that does nothing but resent everybody else. If they’re successful, then there’s deep resentment for it. They’re destroying people with this, but they’re personally profiting from it.

SHAPIRO: And the only way to talk to young people about this is to hit them head on with:

“It’s actually immoral for you to resent people based on their wealth. They never did anything wrong to you. If you hate somebody for doing nothing wrong to you, that makes you a bad person. They’re not the bad person for being rich; you are the bad person.” [for hating the innocent]


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