Terrorism Facts, Part 3: Courage and Moral Clarity

Terrorism Facts, Part 3:

Courage and Moral Clarity can prevail against Cowardly Terrorists

It is documented that some ISIS terrorists, when captured, cried like babies, like the cowards that they are.[1] We’ve seen courageous people stand up for the truth against intimidating fascists in our society. Here, in Part 3 of these excerpts adapted from David Kupelian’s insightful book, How Evil Works, we learn how this same courage on our part will guard against being overcome by the dark side. ~C.D.

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Of Terror and Courage, Part 3:

David Kupelian

What Would Reagan Do?

keyoldFor God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. ~2 Timothy 1:7

What counterforce, then, can effectively oppose such a soulless, destructive power? Only men and women with great courage and moral clarity—and a calm, fearless determination to do what’s right no matter what. ~David Kupelian

FAST-FORWARD A COUPLE DECADES BEYOND THE WWII GENERATION and its battle with Nazism and fascism. One of the best examples of courage and moral clarity in dealing with totalitarian evil was Ronald Reagan and his 40-year war against communism.

A Hero mocked and Reviled

reagannosurvive-without-GodFirst and foremost, recognize that, like Churchill and other prominent non-appeasing leaders, Reagan was widely reviled in his day. America’s establishment elite had nothing but contempt for him.

As Peter Schweizer, author of “Reagan’s War: The Epic Story of His Forty-Year Struggle and Final Triumph over Communism,” recalls:

Historian Edmund Morris, in his 874-page authorized biography, concludes that Reagan is simply incomprehensible, an airhead who has lived a charmed life. Diplomat Clark Clifford has called him an “amiable dunce,” and Nicholas von Hoffman said it was “humiliating to think of this unlettered, self-assured bumpkin being our president.” Tip O’Neill flat out said in public, “He knows less than any president I’ve ever known.” Anthony Lewis of the New York Times claimed he had only a “seven-minute attention span.” Author Gail Sheehy declared he was “half asleep” while he was president.

That’s how the Washington and New York elite regarded Ronald Reagan, and many still do.

Cold War History

Now consider the villain: communism, the utopian super-cancer that seduced and enslaved large parts of the world. Over 100 million people were killed during the last century because of this Marxist fantasy enforced by guns, gulags and nuclear-armed ICBMs.

Reagan—from his acting days, when he stood up to the communist take-over of Hollywood, through his years as California’s governor and later as president—remained steadfast in his mission.

That’s “moral clarity.”

reagan-peace-strengthSetting the stage for Reagan’s presidency was Jimmy Carter, one of America’s weakest and most overtly appeasing presidents, more interested in being loved as a great peacemaker and winning Nobel prizes than in effectively confronting evil. His term as commander in chief greatly encouraged Soviet expansionism around the globe, from Afghanistan to Central America.

Once Reagan was elected, however, he spearheaded a comprehensive plan to win the Cold War, while gracefully bearing the insults and mockery of know-nothing Beltway critics.

Ignoring the advice of “experts” even in his own administration, Reagan personally mapped out a four-part plan—not just military, but economic, political and psychological—to crush the Soviet Union.

This will be news to many people, who have been indoctrinated by public education and the new media to believe that Reagan, the “amiable dunce,” the “cowboy actor” with the “million-dollar smile,” just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and reaped undeserved credit for winning the Cold War.

reagan-sdiI remember when I first realized Ronald Reagan was doing something extraordinary. It was March 23, 1983. I happened to be in K-Mart’s electronics section, in front of a whole bank of televisions, all tuned to the same channel. While I stood there, on came Ronald Reagan, who proceeded to deliver his historic speech announcing for the very first time his plan to build the Strategic Defense Initiative.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Here was a president who, for the first time in decades, talked about actually defending America—protecting it from a Soviet nuclear first strike. At that moment, hope for America was reborn in me, and in millions of others.

Reagan had kept Congress in the dark about SDI and gone directly to the American people—and Congress never forgave him for that. SDI was immediately derided as “Star Wars” by Teddy Kennedy, and the rest of the establishment elite picked up that lable, using it to this day to mock the idea of missile defenses.

And yet, history has shown it was Reagan’s “Star Wars” that broke the back of the Soviet empire. When Reagan and Gorbachev were on the world stage at the 1986 Reykjavik summit, Gorbachev offered to eliminate all nuclear weapons from the earth within 10 years—if only Reagan would give up SDI. When Reagan said no and ended the summit, the media and the mainstream political establishment at this stupid, warmongering cowboy actor who blew the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rid the world of nuclear weapons. “Reyjkavik Summit Ends in Failure” blared headlines the world over.

But Reagan, guided by courage and moral clarity the rest lacked, knew exactly what he was doing.

Three years later, we all turned on our TV sets to watch the evening news and witnessed something unimaginably wonderful. The Berlin Wall—the hated symbol of totalitarian brutality Reagan had visited more than any other president—came tumbling down. Not only the Berlin Wall, but the entire Soviet Union was tumbling down! Nation after nation was set free from the Evil Empire, which was self-destructing before our eyes.

Reagan-Quote-BDespite the denigration of Reagan by small, envious, inconsequential people, he presided over the defeat of the greatest evil of the 20th century. But then, Reagan didn’t really care what others said—and that was his secret and his strength. (He kept a plaque on his Oval Office desk that read: “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.”)

“While others were distracted by short-term considerations,” said former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, “President Reagan single-mindedly pursued his vast strategic goals—and he succeeded.”

And Lech Walesa, the heroic former president of Poland, said: “Ronald Reagan played an invaluable role in bringing about the fall of communism and ending the Cold War without resorting to military solutions. This is not something easily found in the world of politics.” And when Reagan visited newly freed Poland shortly after the end of his presidency, Walesa’s parish priest presented him with a sword. “I am giving you the saber,” said the priest, “for helping us to chop off the head of communism.”


What if Reagan were President today?

“He would insist that America stay on the offensive,” said Schweizer, “recognizing that it is the nature of extremist Islam that is the real problem. Terrorism is but a grizzly symptom. Until the totalitarian nature of this ideology is destroyed, terrorism is inevitable; peaceful coexistence is simply not an option.”

Somehow, a prescription like this doesn’t quite resonate with today’s seemingly more enlightened, multicultural sensibilities. And although history will likely judge George W. Bush’s aggressive military response to the 9/11 attacks, both in Afghanistan and Iraq, as having been just wars led by an unfairly demonized president, his much weaker successor, Barack Obama, has cancelled the “Global War on Terror” by rebranding it under the muddled name, “Overseas Contingency Operations.”

Once again, the denial and deference we display toward forces intent on destroying us is actually great weakness—evidence of our loss of courage and moral clarity—disguised as virtue.

Whatever outreach the West employs to champion the virtues of freedom and tolerance—and likewise whatever appeals moderate Muslims make to their more radical brothers and sisters—all are useless and doomed to failure if we appease, rather than effectively confront and neutralize, the violent jihad movement.

reagan-isisWorldwide totalitarian movements—the terrible “isms” of communism, fascism, Nazism and Islamism that seduce millions with insane ideologies wedded to great hatred—have something in common. They share the will to utterly dominate other human beings and enslave nations,—to impose their rule indiscriminately, to subjugate, and to do so through utter ruthlessness. Human life means nothing. Hundreds or even millions can be sacrificed to further the particular totalitarian “ism.”

What counterforce, then, can effectively oppose such a soulless, destructive power? Only men and women with great courage and moral clarity—and a calm, fearless determination to do what’s right no matter what.

Reagan had it. In the sphere of everyday life, it’s called grace under pressure, and it’s the anti-terror (and anti-intimidation) antidote we’re all looking for—the ability to withstand cruelty and craziness without becoming twisted up emotionally inside.

Strength and patience—a rare combination of qualities that emanates from genuine faith—impels to “hate the sin,” so to speak, “but not the sinner.” When we discover how to do that, we are immune to the Stockholm syndrome, and to a great deal of other evil in this world.


Excerpts from WorldNet Daily: “Of Terror and Courage,” by David Kupelian, Whistleblower, December 2015, 28-34

[1] ISIS Extremists Turned Crybabies after Caught and Slapped around by Soldiers (When ISIS terrorists are captured by Iraqi government forces in June, they’re reduced to blubbering and crybaby tears after just a tiny taste of their own medicine. A video uploaded by Live Leak shows the purported ISIS terrorists on their knees crying and wailing. There are other videos on Live Leak showing ISIS captured in Iraq.

The same tough guys terrorizing the Middle East by decapitating American journalists, crucifying Christians and so-called “infidels,” burying women and children alive, and murdering small kids, are in a puddle on the ground after a little bit of roughing up at the hands of their captors.




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  1. This is a highly descriptive and well written article. My world has been forever changed because of this, thank you. Spot on with this article, as you always are. I discovered your site by luck.

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