Truth Zone: God vs. Terrorism| Bill Clinton’s Abuse of Women

Truth Zone:

God vs. Terrorism

BREAKING: Another Hamas Terror Tunnel Collapses. God Delivers His Third Plague.

hamas-tunnel-terrorismOn Monday, The Daily Wire reported that Palestinians celebrating the martyrdom of Hamas members at a funeral procession fell onto a crowd of mourners after the roof they were standing on spontaneously collapsed. The mourners were gathered to lament the loss of terrorists who were, coincidentally, buried alive in a secret tunnel they constructed in order to attack Israel. Both the tunnel collapse and the subsequent roof collapse were seemingly miraculous.

On Tuesday, God struck once again, collapsing another Hamas terror tunnel. Three terrorists died in the rubble.

Hamas has been attempting to launch a terror attack on Israeli soil through tunnels for several years. Like the tunnels underneath the American southwest border with Mexico, these tunnels are used to smuggle arms and weaponry into Israel. The American border with Mexico, however, is also used to smuggle drugs. Palestinian terrorists, however, are less concerned with financial gain and earthly pleasure. They’re in the business of butchering innocent Israelis to achieve glory in eternal Islamic paradise.

The tunnel-crawling, genocidal Hamas terrorists were quite possibly eager to die for their cause. As the civilized world watched, God answered their prayers. Where they’re going after death is anybody’s guess. 


Hamas Tried To Dig Another Terror Tunnel. Then God Stepped In.

Michael Qazvini

God Caved A Tunnel In On Hamas Terrorists. What He Did Next, At Their Funerals, Is Even More Amazing.

Michael Qazvini

Generals fear Benghazi 2 in Libya

ObamaHillaryLyingtoAmericaWhistleBlowerObama’s 2011 Libyan military adventure is the gift that keeps on giving: Weapons flooding into Syria, the rise of ISIS, thousands of refugees fleeing across the Mediterranean weekly into Italy, chaos in Tripoli, four dead Americans in Benghazi.

Now he wants to to do it all again.

Can these outspoken generals keep Obama from committing another “trillion-dollar failure”?


Bill Clinton’s Abuse of Women

Do we want this pervert’s wife (and his accomplice) in the White House?

Fight the Clintons- help Kathleen Willey save her home!

clinton2-bill-pervertKathleen Willey, an active Virginia Democrat, served as a volunteer in the Clinton White House Social Office. In 1993 she was [r-rated] assaulted by President Bill Clinton in the Oval Office where she went to ask for a job.

It was horrifying. He overpowered her and [R-rated] If not for an impending meeting for which the president was late, she might not have escaped his grasp.

On that same day, Kathleen’s husband, overcome with financial grief, walked into the woods in a rural Virginia county and took his own life.

But it was when Willey was subpoenaed as a witness to be deposed in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case against Bill Clinton, that Kathleen’s horrendous problems began. Willey was subjected to a veritable terror campaign to scare her into silence.

clinton1-mafiaAs Willey relates in her book, Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton, “they subjected me to a brutal campaign of fear and intimidation,” trying to silence her. Her children were threatened by heavy handed “detectives” hired by Hillary. These goons threatened her friends’ children. They took one of her cats and killed another. They left a skull on her porch. They told her she was in danger. They followed her. They vandalized her car and slashed her tires. They tried to kidnap her dogs. In fact, they treated her like every other woman — assaulted by Bill Clinton, with bullying and strong-armed tactics.

But this brave woman had the courage to speak out and point out Hillary’s role as an accessory in Bill’s —crimes: a string of assaults and rapes against women. In fact, Kathleen Willey vowed to travel the country this year to speak out about the stunning truth about Hillary Clinton

Kathleen has been an important voice in exposing Hillary Clinton’s abuse of the women who got in the way of the Clintons’ political agenda or their grab for power and wealth. Along with Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones these women must be heard by younger women thinking of voting for Hillary

truth2momentAlthough they did not carry out their physical threats against Kathleen Willey, they have tried to discredit her and destroy her personally and financially. When Kathleen wrote the first draft book about her experience with Bill and Hillary her home was burglarized and the book was stolen. Prospective employers have been pressured. The Clintons want to destroy this brave woman.

With her husband having taken his own life, Kathleen Willey has since had to struggle to handle his debts and now faces the foreclosure of her home outside of Richmond. At the same time, she has kept a heavy schedule of newspaper and radio interviews, speaking the truth about the Clintons and exploding the myth that Hilary is an advocate for women.

That is why I need your help today.

In 19 short days she will be evicted. Kathleen will lose the place where she has lived with her pets for 20 years.

You and I cannot let that happen. Kathleen Willey has an important role to play in the 2016 election. It’s shameful that Bill and Hillary are worth over $250 million while Kathleen has fallen behind in her mortgage.

Working with other women, we have established the A CPA in California administers the fund. This is NOT a political action effort; this is a sincere effort by supportive women to save Kathleen’s home.

Every dime other than the cost of this solicitation will go to save Kathleen Willey’s home. There will be no over-head, no lawyers’ fees and no administrative fees. A full audit of the fund will be published on-line when we pay off the mortgage and close the fund.

Kathleen Willey has shown enormous courage in speaking out against the Clintons. The Clintons have tried to crush her. Now, in her time of need she needs our help.

You can go HERE to make your donation.

When the KATHLEEN WILLEY MORTGAGE PAY- OFF TRUST FUND pays down the mortgage, the fund will go out of business. 100 % of what you donate, except the cost of this solicitation, will go to funding Ms. Willey’s Mortgage.


Pamela Jensen, C.P.A.


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