Culture Wars, Moral Solutions, and Christian Leadership Training

Culture Wars, Moral Solutions, and Christian Leadership Training

AFA’s Patriot Project helps train young leaders

AFA-train-christian-leadersMarch 2016 – Are you tired of politicians in Washington saying one thing and doing another, or simply doing nothing? If you’re like me, then the answer is yes. The question now is: What can we do to take back America from a dysfunctional political system? The answer: We need to train up and equip the next generation of Christians to be leaders on the most pressing moral issues of our day. What if I told you we were already doing that?

In July 2014, I attended Patriot Academy, an intensive three-day event that trains students ages 16-25 to become true patriots. Leadership, public speaking, and effective communication skills are developed. As a participant in Patriot Academy, I learned these invaluable skills.

Students also learn what it’s like to work as a legislator, from sitting in committees to filing legislation. Since 2003, Rick Green, founder of PA, and his team have trained young adults in the biblical principles that guided America’s Founding Fathers. Patriot Academy is today’s premier political leadership training in the nation, guiding young men and women to effectively lead change in America.

Not only does this program train students but it also offers what is called a “Citizen Track.” This gives adults over the age of 25 an option to attend the academy and learn the essentials of making a difference in their communities. Not only will they learn how bills are written but also how to effectively lobby elected representatives and get patriots elected in their states.

The summer academies are scheduled in state capitals in Idaho, Arizona, Florida, Delaware, and Texas. (See below.)

If we want to take back America through the democratic process, we must train our young people, and that is what Patriot Academy does. Many Patriot Academy graduates have already been elected to public office.

In Romans 13:1 Paul says, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” If we are to submit to governing authorities, we must do all in our power to have godly men and women leading our government.

On Tuesday March 8, American Family Radio will give listeners an opportunity to invest in the next generation. AFA Journal readers may listen online at You can sponsor a student at this year’s academy. Of course, a gift of any amount will help some worthy student attend. If you are interested in attending an academy, you can find more details at

Patriot Academy 2016
▶ Idaho – June 5-7
▶ Arizona – June 9-11
▶ Florida – June 20-22
▶ Delaware – July 13-15
▶ Texas – July 26-30
▶ National Alumni – July 25-30
▶ Texas Citizen Track (for Adults) – July 26-30


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