Culture Wars: Establishment Elite, Corruption vs. Voice of America

Culture Wars:

Establishment Elite, Corruption vs. Voice of America

Rush Limbaugh

keyPower corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. ~Edmund Burke

The ruling class finally tires of going through the motions of pretending public opinion matters, winning public opinion matters, they get tired of it, and they realize it’s a wasted exercise.  It’s necessary in order to get the power and keep the power for a while, but after a while, you don’t even need the elections because no matter what happens in elections you still run the show and still do what you want to do.

I don’t care what term you come up for them — the elites, the establishment, the ruling class — they consider themselves to be our betters.  They do think of themselves a cut above us in education, in training, in breeding.  I’m not kidding about that.  Breeding.  Better families, better bloodlines. Ivy League or similar education.  They do consider themselves better — and, as such, smarter, much more competent.  We who are not permitted in that club are rubes.

Corruption in Establishment Elite, Ruling Class

RushCountryClassruling-classThere might not be active dislike.  It’s just there’s a contempt.  We just don’t know what they do, and we can’t learn what they’ve learned, and we simply will not make the choices that must be made, as they view it.  So more and more control is sought over daily American life.  But look what they’ve done, these “betters,” under the guise of fixing things that have gone wrong, fixing things they broke in the first place.  We’re $19 trillion in debt with them in charge.  We have one after another failing entitlement program, starting with Social Security, and Medicare, and Medicaid, then Obamacare.

I think, however, it’s a much more powerful thing to point out what they have done to the college education, than to continue to harp on welfare, because that’s almost become clichéd and can easily be misconstrued into an attack on the poor, which we do not do. And by “we,” I mean all of us people in this audience, fellow Americans. I know nobody who makes fun of or wishes the poor on the poor.  There’s nothing to that at all.  But here’s the point.  In America, there has always been this reality — it wasn’t just a concept, it was a reality — that whatever class differences existed were not exclusionary.

And many people have student loan debt that’s in six figures.  But it doesn’t take a six-figure student loan debt to make it cumbersome and to make it an impediment and actually act like a ball and chain in slowing you down. And yet that’s the big ticket out. That’s what they’ve sold it. Everybody’s bought it, everybody’s believed it, everybody has signed on to it.  It has become a cultural given that you’re nothing if you don’t go to college.  “Well, you just don’t have anywhere near the chance if you don’t go to college.”

So they’ve sold that myth. Who runs colleges and universities?  They do. Whenever there is talk of consumers being ripped off with rising costs, how come universities never are mentioned?  Big Oil is always targeted, Big Pharmaceutical’s always targeted, Big Box Retailer is always targeted, Big Auto is always targeted, but Big School isn’t.  “No, no! We’ll handle the Big School expenses.  We’ll loan you the money.”  My point is, forget conspiracies: They’ve just botched it, folks.  They have not fixed anything.

They’ve made it actually tougher to climb the ladder of success.  These are the people in charge of all these things.  These are the people. These are the people that have always said they know better.  It’s no… Trump has been coming. It’s been in the cards for years.  We didn’t know who it was gonna be, but this was going to happen.  At some point there was going to be a revolt against this because after enough time passes enough people have been demonstrably negatively impacted by all this to keep it a secret.  They’re going to figure it out, which they have.

Betrayal-GOP-pc-liberal-treason-Sam-CliffIt doesn’t help that the Republican Party came along in the last two midterm elections and promised to stop all this and turn the ship around, start sailing in the right direction.  Didn’t happen.  Voters believed them, invested in it.  The evidence isn’t theoretical; it’s real.  Where does all this lead?  Here’s the danger.  See, the danger is that the betters, elites, the ruling class, whatever you want to call ’em — the establishment — everything they have done has been designed to affect a number of things, but among them public opinion.

Establishment Elite doesn’t want to bother with Elections anymore—ignore voice of American People

They have. They have made it look like they are aware we are in a democracy.  People vote, and the winners triumph and implement what they believe.  And yet all the time this is going on, the ruling class and establishment has been setting itself up to survive and thrive no matter who wins elections.  And at some point down the road, this is what always happens.  The ruling class is going to say, “Why are we even go through this charade of elections?  Why are we even wasting our time?”  And this is how democracies end.  This is how republics fall to the wayside.

The ruling class finally tires of going through the motions of pretending public opinion matters, winning public opinion matters, they get tired of it, and they realize it’s a wasted exercise.  It’s necessary in order to get the power and keep the power for a while, but after a while, you don’t even need the elections because no matter what happens in elections you still run the show and still do what you want to do. 

And that’s why there’s Trump.  Somebody has come along and has convinced a lot of people here that he’s the agent of change that can stop all of this.  It’s quite natural that the establishment would not want any part of this.  It’s quite natural that the people who have considered themselves our betters by virtue of breeding and intelligence and education and position, they’re not just gonna sit by and let an election take it all away from them.

Facebook Fascism in America

RushSocialMedia2PIXNow, a couple things that you might think are not related, but they are.  A story here from Breitbart News: “Facebook Suspends FrackNation Page For Telling The Truth About Fracking.” There’s a fracking trial going on in Pennsylvania.  It’s not going well for the left.  They’re losing it.  Facebook has shut down the page of pro-frackers.  I am not kidding.

RUSH:  Folks, I just learned that the pro-fracking page has been put back up at Facebook, so the Facebook attempted censorship of pro-fracking forces failed, and both sides of the fracking discussion regarding a trial going on in Pennsylvania are now back up.  The story I have on this is from Breitbart. Admittedly it’s from yesterday, last night.  “Facebook Suspends FrackNation Page for Telling the Truth About Fracking.”  There’s a fracking trial and the left is losing it, and Facebook shut down the pro-fracking pages for comments and what have you, whatever you do there at Facebook.

But the forces overwhelmed Facebook censors, and it’s back up now.  So that’s good.  And it’s a microcosm of what’s happening.  In the old days the people who had been shut down or shut out would just have to deal with it.  They really wouldn’t have any mechanism to overcome the (in this case) censorship.  But they are so large in numbers.  I actually should say “we.”  We are so many now, our numbers are so huge. I think it’s the left that is the minority.  I think it is establishment thinking, ruling class thinking that’s the minority.

That’s another thing that’s frustrating about it for a lot of people, is that we’re actually being governed or ruled, if you will, by a minority of thought.  But make no mistake.  Social media is being used by the left to censor anything they don’t want to hear or see.  Now, the fracking attempt was beat back.  But it’s happening throughout Twitter.  And look at all these websites that are now prohibiting and eliminating comments.  The LA Times, for example, has announced that… It’s not that recent; it’s past few months.

The Los Angeles Times announced that they are no longer going to permit letters to the editor or comments on their website from people who are anti-global warming.  They’re just not gonna permit it.  So the point here is that social media is overtaking the Drive-By Media in terms of where people who want to influence public opinion go.  Now, don’t misunderstand.  I’m not saying the Drive-Bys are history.  Don’t… It’s still in an evolutionary phase. The social media aspect of it is relatively new.  But I’m making the point because look who was at this meeting.

You know, there was a similar meeting in 1957 at Sea Island, Georgia.  And it was called The Kingmakers.  That’s what the group was called then.  The political and media and corporate elite of the day met for the same express purposes back in 1957.  Phyllis Schlafly writes about it in her biography or one of her books, and it had the same objective.  It’s always… But, you know, back then it wasn’t known to exist the way it’s known to exist today, and back then when the elites got together, everybody wanted to be there.


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