Culture Wars Analogy: What do Evangelical Christians want?

Culture Wars Analogy:

What do Evangelical Christians want?

What do Evangelical Christians Want? The same thing every other patriotic American wants. STOP the destruction of America!

An Analogy: Why Evangelicals are supporting Donald Trump

Rush Limbaugh

ratsWell, the fact of the matter is whether you’re an evangelical or Jack Nicklaus, you do not want a house infested with rats!  The rats, in this case, are the Democrat Party.  And let’s say you’ve called, you’ve prayed, you have a gone to the pastor, you’ve gone any number of things to get rid of the rats and nothing’s worked.  Maybe you’ve hired and extermination company that has come out, and they cheated you or whatever, but they didn’t get rid of the rats.

So some guy comes on TV and promises you he’s gonna get rid of the rats, and when he does he says he’s gonna get rid of the “damn” rats and he does some other things.  He brags about his sex life and he brags about this and he brags about his achievements and his accomplishments, and he talks about religion in ways that makes you think he doesn’t really understand it. But it doesn’t matter ’cause he’s gonna get rid of the rats! He’s gonna fix whatever’s wrong.  The point of this is that everybody who is not an evangelical…


Now, along comes Trump, and everybody’s now having to rethink what they thought evangelicals are, what the definition of an evangelical is.  Because most people, most people not religious, most apolitical or religious people in Washington, say, in the media, both parties, they believe in God, but it doesn’t matter to them, it doesn’t have any effect in the way they campaign or govern. They look at evangelicals, and they see kooks.  They see holy rollers.  Whatever the term is, whatever the derogatory term, that’s who they think they are.  And now when some are voting for Trump, they are confused like you can’t believe.

Establish Elite Disconnect: Categories and Group Think

Rush-christian-evangelicalsAnd these political consultants all tend to make every group (however they group them) monolithic. Such as: “All white women care about one thing,” and you have to target ’em on whatever that one thing is. Either they’re soccer moms one year or they’re pro-lifers one year, or they’re pro-choicers. Whatever they are, that’s how you go.  And you get ’em all.  It’s not even considered that within that large group of people you might have totally different ways of thinking with different value sets.

They think they’re haters.  They think that all evangelicals have their wives barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen doing nothing but serving whatever whims and demands their husbands have.  They’re prisoners in their own homes.  Now, there are religious people like that, but it isn’t Christians.  But they don’t see where that actually exists in the world.  They think it’s existing in America in the evangelical community.


RUSH:  No, no, no, it’s not complicated.  What it means is that not every evangelical thinks alike.  There’s all kinds of different evangelicals, and they have different interests, and they have different priorities, just like no two women, no group of women all think the same thing on everything. No group of men, white, black, whatever, but this is what the left has done.  The left categorize, they put everybody in groups and assume the group is monolithic and then they set out to attack the group or appeal to the group on that basis. 

There are no individuals.  Everybody’s a group, and everybody’s a member of groupthink, and particularly on the left.  And it is so wrong.  It’s demeaning and that’s why all of these different groups on the right are categorized and then misunderstood and routinely disrespected and impugned.

Evangelicals are self-reliant people.  They want obstacles taken out of their way.  Yeah, they go to church now and then.

So what?  They’re not oddballs, they’re not kooks, and they certainly aren’t responsible.  They’re not racist, they’re not sexist, they’re not bigots, they’re not responsible for what’s gone wrong in the country.  But everybody wants to blame ’em and then everybody wants to be afraid if they ever get anywhere near close to power.  So we have to tar and feather ’em. We have to mischaracterize them. We have to impugn them to the point that people have no idea who they are, and then when it’s discovered that some of them are voting for Trump, a majority in Mississippi?  Mississippi?  Mississippi, you mean a person of God voting for Trump in Mississippi?

Ted Cruz’s tailored message

CruzConservatismWhy isn’t a message exclusively tailored to evangelicals by someone who is ostensibly an evangelical himself, Ted Cruz, why is he not cleaning up with the evangelical vote?  Why did he not win a majority of it in Mississippi?  You have an answer?  Do you have any theories at all why this might be?

You need to ask yourself before you answer that, you need to ask, why do I think that all evangelicals will only vote for an evangelical?  Why do I think that only women would vote for other women?  Why do I think that men would only vote for other men?  Why do I think that blacks would only vote for other blacks?  Why do I think that Hispanics will only vote for people who want illegal Hispanics to be able to come to the country?  Why do I think these things?  You need to answer those questions before you get to, why are some evangelicals voting for Trump? 

Well, with those other questions you realize not all men do think alike and not all women are alike, and not all blacks are alike, and not all Hispanics are alike. 

All vets are not alike in terms of the way they think.  So why do we assume that evangelicals are?  And why do we then assume that the area of interest of an evangelical is so narrow that it only involves God, church, prayer, scripture, and no fornicating?  Why do we think that?  And then why do we think that an evangelical would not support a divorcee?  Why do we think an evangelical would not only not support one but would condemn ’em?  My only point is evangelicals are individuals just like everybody else is.  They have individual concerns.

GOPStopObamaPIXThe culture war is really rooted around restructuring the power base, and that’s what people are reacting to in many ways.  There are a lot of evangelicals that don’t want the Democrat Party to redo the societal structure. They don’t want liberals in charge of all this. 

And if Trump’s gonna stop ’em? Well, they’ve gotta make compromises, gotta make sacrifices, maybe have to look the other way on certain things.

But it’s more important to save America right now.


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