Truth Zone: Immigration facts, Brussels Attack

Truth Zone:

Immigration facts, Brussels Attack

Trump Predicted Trouble in Brussels


obama-ISISGOPHeadinSandIslamRUSH:  Wait, wait, wait.  Hold it a minute.  That’s a good point.  When’s the last time…? Like when we see the Ayatollah Khamenei, does the Ayatollah Khamenei talk about Islam is a religion and Iran is a nation of peace?

CALLER:  I haven’t heard him say that.

RUSH:  No, the only thing is “Death to America!” “Death to America!” “Death to America!”  You’re right.  The practitioners of the religion don’t even call it a religion of peace.


Cruz on enhanced policing of Muslim neighborhoods

policemanHere’s more Cruz from CBS This Morning, Norah O’Donnell.  “That program in New York, that was disbanded.  They said it didn’t lead to any leads and it didn’t work.”

CRUZ:  It is true that the de Blasio political henchmen say that.  But it’s also true that the NYPD said it provided valuable intelligence.  As I travel the city of New York and as I travel the country, police officers over and over again stop me and they say, “Thank you for standing up and having my back.”  If you look at the attack in Brussels, it’s a direct result of the failed immigration policies in Europe that have allowed vast numbers of radical Islamic terrorists to come to Europe, and they’ve been ghettoized in neighborhoods that have become isolated, that have become separate, and they’ve become incubators for radical Islamic terrorism.

Here’s more Ted Cruz, he’s been charged, “You’re painting one community with one brush.”

CRUZ:  No, I’m not.  There’s a difference between Islam and Islamism.  Islamism commands that you either murder the infidels or you forcibly convert them, you wage jihad.  And here’s the consequence of President Obama and Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio refusing to acknowledge what we’re fighting.  You end up with policies that don’t keep us safe.  President Obama and Hillary Clinton both still support bringing tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees to America.  The first obligation of the president as commander-in-chief should be to keep America safe.  I will apologize to nobody for how vigorous I will be as president fighting radical Islamic terrorism, defeating ISIS.


Trump to Work ‘Closely, Directly’ with National Border Patrol Council’ to Set U.S. Border Policy

bordersheriffStephen Miller, the senior policy adviser for the Trump campaign, minced no words in stating that Border Patrol agents will have a “direct line” to the White House if Donald Trump becomes President of the United States. Miller stated, “I am here today to say that we are going to work closely, directly, and intimately with the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) to develop a border policy for this nation.” He continued, “The NBPC will never again have a back seat in our nation’s border policy.”

Austrian Citizens Overwhelmingly Reject EU Migrant Crisis Approach, Majority Would See Borders Closed Indefinitely


Grieving Mom Responds To Kasich’s Amnesty-In-100-Days Pledge: Visit Grave Of My Murdered Child


Laws already in place

Rush Limbaugh

trump-illegal-immigration-validatedListen to this Vin Weber here in this last bite that we played: “I’m scared of Trump as president.  I think he’s an authoritarian figure.  To deport 12 million people…”  Ike deported six.  We’ve done this before.  None of what Trump is proposing is unique.  None of it’s unprecedented.

That’s what’s striking about this.  “To deport 12 million people, build a wall with Mexico…”  Congressman Weber, the wall has been funded.  There’s already legislation to build the wall.  We just haven’t done it because Obama’s not interested.  We’re going to build a wall before Trump ever showed up! The wall is funded via legislation that’s already been passed and signed into law.  “Impose a religious test on people coming into this country is so violative of everything I believe about Amer…”?  We already do and have for who knows how long!

Let me explain again.  This is a former member of Congress.  And look at what they’re reciting as their fears of Trump.  And you know what it all is?  It’s almost by rote. They’re saying things they want Democrats to hear.  They’re saying things that they want certain people to hear so that they will not be thought of as the racists, sexists, and bigots that Trump voters are perceived as.  

So they’re opposed to a wall. They’re opposed to deportation. They’re opposed to religious test.  We’ve had refugees regularly and annually admitted to this country, and every refugee is asked.

Up until Obama, every refugee was asked about his or her religion.  It is the number one reason given by refugees seeking asylum.  They are fleeing religious persecution, they claim, on their application form, or they’re fleeing poverty, or they’re fleeing war, or political persecution. But religious persecution is the number one thing according to stats that refugees list.  By definition, they have to be asked, “What is your religion?”  It has to be confirmed, they claim they’re fleeing religious bigotry and persecution.

border-wallSo they’re asked, “What is your religion? What’s being done to you?” You know, and if they’re coming from the nation of San Cordoba — which doesn’t exist. Mission Impossible made it up, so I’m use San Cordoba. They claim there’s religious persecution in San Cordoba.  Okay, so the authorities have to look and see what’s going in San Cordoba to find out if there is any religious persecution going, or if the guy’s lying.  Congressman Weber ought to know this! We routinely control who the bets into this country.  We always have for the preservation of this country.

Freedom and the Constitution is not a suicide pact, for crying out loud. 

The Eisenhower administration deported six million illegal immigrants back in the fifties, obviously.  It has been done.  Yet all of these things are cited as horrors. “They’re not like any America that I know. It makes me very worried. Trump’s authoritarian figure! He’s gonna build a wall.” It’s already been debated in Congress! It’s already been passed, signed into law.  The money’s there for it.  It just hasn’t been built.  Well, some of it has.  I don’t know, folks.


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