Dinner Topics Newsletter: Integrity

April 2016 Dinner Topics Newsletter: Integrity


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integrity2  “IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES,” said Richard Weaver. Look at the consequences of atheism, multiculturalism, and moral relativism.

            After God was removed from schools more than 50 years ago, parents and grandparents, all of whom were processed in these godless institutions, have gone on to positions in government, courts, so-called science, and so-called higher education.

                And among the youth . . .

            “While 52% of young Christians say that not recycling is morally wrong, only 32% say pornography is wrong,” Barna research reports. Furthermore, we learn that vast numbers of students who are passionate about global warming are cheating on school tests at high levels that are unprecedented. Are they prepared for national leadership a few short years from now?

YouthGoodbye            Are we surprised that Congress, courts, and colleges are appallingly corrupt? And now, fathers and religion, the main conveyors of moral standards and self-discipline, are missing from homes all across the American scene. Is it any wonder, then, that young people are morally unhinged?

            Do members of the rising generation, having been thoroughly “educated” in moral relativism, even know what integrity is? Can a person who practices moral relativism have integrity? A professor wrote in the New York Times that fewer and fewer young Americans believe there are any moral truths. As shown here, this includes Christians.

The first definition listed for integrity is: “firm adherence to a code of (especially) moral values; INCORRUPTIBILITY.”    

quote-monson-commandmentsWhat is to be done?

The solution, though not easy on the surface, is profoundly simple. What is the key to our children’s happiness? It is to live the moral absolutes embodied in the Ten Commandments of the Bible.

            Contrary to the tenets of multiculturalism, all cultures are not equal. Because the Judeo-Christian culture is based on moral absolutes, it provides more justice for the innocent. Therefore, it is, by far, the best path to happiness and ordered civilization: more safety for women and children, the security of stable families, peace of mind from righteous living, and access to the help and tender mercies of a loving God and Heavenly Father.

integrity6 “Till I die I will not remove mine integrity from me,” were Job’s concluding words after his epic ordeal. He vowed that as long as he drew breath, and as long as the spirit of God was in him, “…my lips shall not utter deceit. God forbid.”

Inherent in Job’s moral code was accountability, meaning he had to answer to—not public opinion, not himself, not whatever felt good—no, Job knew he must answer only to God.

moralcompass1  God has instilled in each of us a moral compass, called a conscience. Deep down, we know that it is wrong to kill, steal, or lie. But we cannot leave our children’s happiness to schools or any facet of society.  Nor can we expect our children to reach their full and noble potential on their own, without our help and diligent guidance.

If we want our families to enjoy truly long-term happiness, and not just the fleeting moments of instant gratification, we must devote ourselves to their character education. God expects parents to make sure the moral compass is strong in young children before they reach the age of accountability and go out on their own. In His word, we find the guidance we need for this vital task.

                The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him. ~Proverbs 20:7

              Jesus-gethsemane-Greatest-of-All-Del-Parson-211887 Even with our best efforts, our children may fall short in integrity. We all do. That’s why we teach them about repentance and the merciful atonement of Jesus Christ, and set the example of repentance ourselves.

Life at best isn’t easy, but we don’t have to go it alone. God is there for us, and He wants his children to succeed. As our Heavenly Father, he is waiting for us to draw near to Him and ask for His help. We have only to ask, and to try.


  • Stress Relief Tip—”Let Go and Let God”
  • Defining Moment—What is Utopia?
  • Individual character shapes the character of a nation
  • Islam—Facts or Dreams?
  • The Core Difference between Left and Right
  • Which is best for America—whatever does good, or whatever feels good?

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To moral clarity,

Christine Davidson

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Current Events

If Trump’s the nominee I’m voting for him.  I’m gonna vote for anybody but Hillary Clinton.  I’m not voting for her no matter what.  Daffy Duck could be our nominee.  He gets my vote.  I am not voting for Hillary or Bernie or Biden or whoever ends up being the [Democrat] nominee, pure and simple.  The Democrat Party is the most destructive force, the American left the most destructive force in this country today. Everybody’s fed up with the way the establishment’s running this country, both parties. ~Rush Limbaugh

quote-rush-democrats-loseMy Objective Isn’t to Advance Campaigns or the Conservative Club in DC. It’s to See That Liberalism Loses, and That’s All!

RUSH: I don’t feel duty-bound to maintain or protect or promote anything but the country, from what I believe is its greatest threat internationally and domestically, and that is radical, left-wing whatever you want to call it: Socialism, liberalism, you name it. If populism beats it, I’m gonna be fine and dandy with it. I’m not gonna feel like it’s unfair if conservatism is not what beats it. Because at the end of the day, defeating liberalism is the key and the only thing that is going to work when replacing it is conservatism.

Big Picture—What do Americans really Want?

They want their country back, and will do what it takes

What about compassion for American Citizens?

This year, this section will contain Truth Zone posts. The mainstream media is now blatantly lying, savaging only those Americans who speak truth and truly want to protect our country. They ignore history and facts. The wicked take the truth to be hard.

quote-ben-franklin-tyrannyPray that God will raise up someone who understands that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Pray that we would be transformed back to a nation that honors God. ~Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

It isn’t about ideology anymore.  It isn’t about conservatism and being thoroughbred conservative.  It’s about stopping what has been put in play by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.  A majority of the American people continue to hear Barack Obama and the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton, and they know that if this party continues to win, the things that have been done that damaged this country are going to continue. ~Rush Limbaugh

TRUTH: Immigration moratorium is already part of U.S. law. There is nothing illegal or unconstitutional about it.

Truth Zone: History Facts and Immigration Laws

Theme Quotes for April: Integrity

Integrity6-cost-is-highThe just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him. ~Proverbs 20:7

All the while my breath is in me, and the spirit of God is in my nostrils; my lips shall not speak wickedness, nor my tongue utter deceit. God forbid. Till I die I will not remove mine integrity from me. ~Job 27:3-5

The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them. ~Proverbs 11:3

Sometimes the dues we pay to maintain integrity are pretty high, but the ultimate cost of moral compromise is much higher. ~Michael Josephson

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. ~C.S. Lewis

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. ~John Adams

Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. ~Benjamin Franklin

quote-edmund-burkeObedience to God is the habit of a free man. ~James Talmage

Society cannot exist unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere, and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters. ~Edmund Burke

Christians are called to fight evil and pursue good – not in pursuit of a society that is perfect, but in pursuit of a Being who is. ~Teddy James 

Reagan-quote-accountabilityThese revolutionists are using a technique that is as old as the human race—a fervid but false solicitude for the unfortunate over whom they thus gain mastery, and then enslave them. ~David O. McKay

The age-old wisdom embraced by conservatives remains as true as ever: Before you fix society, you must first fix yourself. ~Dennis Prager

I personally believe in helping one’s fellow man in need. Doing so by reaching into one’s own pockets is laudable and praiseworthy. Doing so by reaching into another’s pockets is evil and worthy of condemnation. ~Walter E. Williams, Ph.D.

Reason asks: “Does it do good?” Liberalism asks, “Does it feel good?” ~Dennis Prager

Perhaps the best example [of moral relativism] is the self-esteem movement. It has had an almost wholly negative effect on a generation of Americans raised to have high self-esteem without having earned it. They then suffer from narcissism and an incapacity to deal with life’s inevitable setbacks. But self-esteem feels good. ~Dennis Prager

Stress Relief Tip of the Month: Let Go and Let God

quote-Jesus-atonement-oaks-anguishA long time ago, when I was grieving the death of an infant son, my mother said something to me that I have never forgotten.

As grandmothers do, I have been worrying about my kids, my grandkids, and the world situation. One day I discovered that my arthritis had become nearly unbearable.

A 2012 study by the National Academy of Sciences states: “Stress wreaks havoc on the mind and body . . . with the body losing its ability to regulate the inflammatory response. . .[and] can promote the development and progression of many diseases. ” (Margaret Hills, Treating Arthritis the Drug-free Way, 40)

And so now, 42 years later, my mother’s words came back to me: “Let Go and Let God.”

We all do the best we can, and the Lord is aware of that. We cannot fix others, or endure their trials for them. Nor can we fix this crazy world we live in. That is what the Savior is for.

But there are some things we can do, and which our Heavenly Father expects us to do; we are expected to take care of the mortal temple in which our spirits reside. It is a fact that stress can ruin our health. If we give ourselves over to despair, how can we serve Him?

So here are some practical things to keep in mind. When God created our bodies, he made the brain as an organ of the body, just as the heart, liver, etc. are organs. And just as the other organs need to be nourished, so does the brain.                           I doubled my intake of vitamin B complex, (the stress-relief vitamin) and soon was feeling better, and was dealing with the stress more calmly. Lecithin is also a helpful supplement, as it contains phosphatidyl Choline, which is good for the brain and nervous system. Omega 3 is also important. Calcium and magnesium are calming and help with sleep.

I reasoned that if this is happening to me, it could be true of others. And this is not just for grandmas. Young people also deal with a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety, and they need that nutritional support as well. Try to minimize sugar intake for young people, as it increases adrenaline and adds to anxiety.

Disclaimer: This is strictly anecdotal, so don’t treat it as medical advice.

Classical Music this month provided by: Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev

April Preview

The Dinner Topic Theme for April: Integrity

Featured Topics

The Parenting Value for this month: Self-respect vs. Ego

uchtdorf-lightDefining Moment: What is Utopia? Christians are called to fight evil and pursue good—not in pursuit of a society that is perfect, but in pursuit of a Being who is.

Famous Birthdays: Rachmaninoff, Booker T. Washington, Haym Solomon, Thomas Jefferson, Prokofiev, Shakespeare

Culture Wars: Who are the real censors?

How the Left trashes the Ten Commandments

Individual Character shapes the character of Nations

Which is best for the nation, individual character development or social experimentation?

quote-soares-stand-firm-moral-courageFaith: Character, Moral Courage, and Faith

Christian response to entitlement

Finding your Life

Imprimis: Islam—Facts or Dreams?

Nation: Presidential candidates—their character matters

World: Destruction of Europe by invasion, while leaders turn blind eye

Moral Solutions—always looking for reasons for optimism:


Truth Zone: More facts on Immigration, issue of the century

You will see added emphasis in Truth Zone from now on. We hope you will find that we are a reliable source of Truth in your search for information amidst the sea of lies, corruption, mass deception, and cover-ups spewing from politicians and media. Instead of Tea Party updates, we will highlight important news items.

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1. Let Us Educate Ourselves

2. Home Education—Let’s Teach our Children!

integrity4“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”–Ronald Reagan

Seeing the widespread injury done in any given week, (many incidents go unreported), stay aware of important news and insights at Epicworld Dinner Topics.

Traditional Bible-believing parents may have to consider withdrawing their children from public schools to protect your family spiritually and financially from the rising tide of persecution and ruinous lawsuits by anti-Christian fascists.

If it is not possible for you to home school, try to teach your children Judeo-Christian values at home. The easiest way to do this is to tell stories and discuss principles at the family dinner table. I hope these dinner topics help you with this vital effort. Just don’t give up! Our precious children are worth fighting for!

3. Study the U.S. Constitution!

Start your free Constitution 101 course today.

constitution1The U.S. Constitution is the key to securing liberty for all Americans — yet very few know exactly what it says, and what freedoms it protects. Hillsdale College is dedicating this year to educating millions of Americans about this critical document. That’s why the College is offering its most popular course, “Constitution 101” for free, when you sign up now. 

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Updated: The most powerful weapon in the worldwork for victory for American liberty: how to fight evil effectively

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