Culture Wars: Donald Trump vs. Political Correctness

Culture Wars:

Donald Trump vs. Political Correctness

Political Correctness Won’t Hurt Trump

Rush Limbaugh

TrumpPCRUSH:  So there’s the ad.  I’m trying to gauge the facial expressions of admitted Trump supporters on the other side of the glass here.  They’re all laughing uproariously.  Is this gonna be harmful to Trump?  “Nothing new in here.  Ah, nobody’s learning everything they haven’t heard before.  Everybody’s heard all this.  Everybody’s heard this.” That’s what the reaction is?  Nothing new here.  Everybody’s heard Trump say this.  Everybody knows Trump is joking about it.  Let me…

It’s supposed to so offend people that they’re not gonna want another thing to do with Donald Trump. They’re supposed to shriek in outrage.  And I think we are witnessing… I want to really get this right. The left has been able… For at least the 28 years I have been doing this, and probably longer, the left has been able to destroy conservatives, dispatch conservatives, to ruin conservatives simply on the basis of accusing them or illustrating them supposedly violating political correctness, by virtue of exposing what they think or say.

The dirty little secret is that a minority is making all of this happen, and they’re using the punitive powers of political correctness and the assumption that it is a majority of people that share the same outrage, and it’s happening here.  And this has been the left’s technique.  The technique is to portray a political enemy of the left as this outrageous caveman or whatever decrepit form of humanity that you can describe, and then assume that everybody else agrees, and then cover the story as though everybody agrees.

When in fact, a majority probably doesn’t agree; they’re just cowed into silence because of political correctness.  Well, the left succeeds at this every time they try to take somebody out this way if they are conservative.  Why? I ask you guys, “Could Rubio get away with it?” No.  Could Cheney get away with it?  No.” Can anybody? Could Chris Christie, could Jeb Bush, could Ted Cruz? Could anybody get away with any of this?  No.  But Trump can.  Why?

Now, let me get to this Paul Johnson piece.  It ran in Forbes.  “The mental infection known as ‘political correctness’ is one of the most dangerous intellectual afflictions ever to attack mankind. The fact that we began by laughing at it — and to some extent, still do — doesn’t diminish its venom one bit.

cowardice1pc“PC has an enormous appeal to the semieducated, one reason that it’s struck roots among overseas students at minor colleges. But it also appeals to pseudo-intellectuals everywhere, since it evokes the strong streak of cowardice notable among those wielding academic authority nowadays.”

 In other words, those guided by and enforcing political correctness are cowards, and most of the them, many of them, are found on campus. 

“The insidious thing about PC is that it wasn’t — and isn’t — the creation of anyone in particular. It’s usually the anonymous work of such Kafkaesque figures as civil servants, municipal librarians, post office sorters and employees at similar levels. It penetrates the interstices of society, especially those where the hierarchies of privilege and property are growing. To a great extent PC is the revenge of the resentful underdog.

“Nowhere has PC been more triumphant than in the US.

This is remarkable, because America has traditionally been the home of vigorous, outspoken, raw and raucous speech. From the early 17th century, when the clerical discipline the Pilgrim Fathers sought to impose broke down and those who had things to say struck out westward or southward for the freedom to say them, America has been a land of unrestricted comment on anything — until recently. Now the US has been inundated with PC inquisitors, and PC poison is spreading worldwide in the Anglo zone.” Meaning among Caucasian western civilizations. 

“For these reasons it’s good news that Donald Trump is doing so well in the American political primaries. He is vulgar, abusive, nasty, rude, boorish and outrageous.

He is also saying what he thinks and, more important, teaching Americans how to think for themselves again.

obama-bows-saudi“No one could be a bigger contrast to the spineless, pusillanimous and underdeserving Barack Obama, who has never done a thing for himself and is entirely the creation of reverse discrimination. The fact that he was elected President — not once, but twice — shows how deep-set the rot is and how far along the road to national impotence the country has traveled.

“Under Obama, the US –

by far the richest and most productive nation on earth — has been outsmarted, outmaneuvered and made to appear a second-class power by Vladimir Putin’s Russia. America has presented itself as a victim of political and economic Alzheimer’s disease, a case of national debility and geopolitical collapse.

“None of the Republican candidates trailing Trump has the character to reverse this deplorable declension. The Democratic nomination seems likely to go to the relic of the Clinton era, herself a patiently assembled model of political correctness, who is carefully instructing America’s most powerful pressure groups in what they want to hear and whose strongest card is the simplistic notion that the US has never had a woman President and ought to have one now, merit being a secondary consideration.

“The world is disorderly and needs its leading nation to take charge and scare it back into decency.

Donald Trump fits the bill. Other formidable figures, including Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, have performed a similar service in the past. But each President is unique and cast in his own mold. Trump is a man of excess — and today a man of excess is what’s needed.”



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