Culture Wars: Facebook Censorship

Culture Wars:

Facebook Censorship

Why the Fakebook Scandal Is Important

Rush Limbaugh

social-media-Facebook-TrendingWell, of all people, of all places, Gizmodo exposes the fact that there weren’t any algorithms being used. That in fact it was a bunch of Ivy League 20-something Millennials who were nothing but a bunch of young, average liberals who were actually choosing the news.  They are making it all up, not the news, they were making the list up.  There was no algorithm being used.  They simply decided amongst themselves what they wanted to appear as the most-read news story.  A classic illustration is Black Lives Matter.

It turns out that Black Lives Matter is exactly, it’s a replica of Occupy Wall Street.  It’s not real.  Black Lives Matter is made to look as massive and big as it is because of fake news construction on places like Fakebook and the Drive-By Media.  You know, Occupy Wall Street was not organic.

Occupy Wall Street was not happening until the Tea Party came along.

The Tea Party was organic.  The Tea Party was genuine.  It was actual Americans fed up and ticked off, and they began to organize, and many of them had never been involved politically at all beyond voting.

They found a way to organize.  It was leaderless.  There wasn’t one person you could focus on to destroy or impugn and thus destroy the whole movement.  And so the left didn’t know what to do with it.  They couldn’t censor it.  They couldn’t stop it because they couldn’t control it and there wasn’t one person that was in charge that they could destroy and thus destroy the movement.

So they did what they always do.  They created their own response to it called Occupy Wall Street.  It was like Wag the Dog.  Wag the Dog happened on TV but it never really happened.  The movie about a fake war that some political consultant arranged to make it look like it was actually happening on TV to help this candidate when there was no war.

Well, there was no Occupy Wall Street.  You had some people, you had some ragamuffins, you had some protesters, and they pitched tents in various places, but it was all bought and paid for.  It looks like Black Lives Matter is the same thing.  It never did have the massive popular support that Fakebook and other leftist organizations wanted people to think that it was or had, and that is the case with so much of popular culture liberalism.

pc-bullyConservatism being censored because curators at Fakebook were simply eliminating anything that had anything to do with conservatism except things that portrayed it in a negative light. 

Now, while all that’s going on, conservatism is being censored, actively censored, not by virtue of algorithms, not because Fakebook users are not reading conservative things, but because these 20-something Ivy Leaguers hired as news curators at Fakebook were simply eliminating anything that had anything to do with conservatism except things that portrayed it in a negative light.

It’s the same thing.  It’s no different.  That’s the point.  Fakebook has editors, Fakebook has curators, Fakebook has people selecting the news, and also selecting what isn’t news.  We’ve talked I don’t know how many times about something as important as deciding what is news is deciding what isn’t news, what people never hear about.

PC-TruthBy the way, that explains the success of conservative media.  Whenever conservative media is allowed to be heard, it triumphs, it wins big time.  That’s why the left has to suppress it.  That’s why the left has to censor it.  They’re scared to death of it.  When they can’t control it, look it, of all the news organizations that the Drive-By Media controls, what are they focused on?  Fox News and this program, they’ve got to shut us down.  They’ve got to shut this show down, they’ve gotta shut down Fox News, even though they own 90% of mainstream news.  And it’s not news.  It’s another thing.  It isn’t news.  It’s the Democrat agenda.

Look at precedence.  They censor anything and anyone that says something that threatens them, something they disagree with.  But folks, it’s a bigger story than you’re gonna see reported on the Drive-Bys, and that is the evidence of how big it is. It’s basically a one-time shot. They report it, and then they move on.  The reason it’s so big is because, sadly, but it’s the reality. Fakebook has quickly become the primary news source for a whole lot of Americans, because they trust it.

Now, Fakebook is denying that they did any of this.

But it’s silly to deny it because it’s eminently and totally believable.  But it’s big because this is how… The same thing with pop culture.  It’s how most people find out what’s going on. You know people are followers. If something’s hot and popular, they want to be in on it, and they want people to think they agree with it and see it the same way.

So it’s pretty hideous.  And once again, all it does is confirm — amplify — that the left really has to censor its opposition because it cannot compete.

cowardice1pcGutfeld, he says this pretty well.  This was on The Five yesterday on the Fox News Channel, and Kimberly Guilfoyle was asking the group there on the show, “Why wouldn’t [Fakebook] want those messages there?  Because they have an agenda?”

GUTFELD:  The reason why they don’t want it there is because it always wins.  Wherever restrictions are removed, conservative thought takes over.  If you think about talk radio in 1987 when all of a sudden those restrictions were gone, Rush Limbaugh took over.  When the internet became a thing, what was the biggest site?  Drudge Report.  Cable news, CNN for a little while; then all of a sudden, boom! Fox News comes in; becomes number one.  Wherever restrictions are pulled, conservative thought takes over because it’s thought.

RUSH:  And it does win, and it triumphs, and the left can’t deal with it, and the left can’t legitimately debate or fight, so they choose not to.  They just censor it.

That’s what political correctness is: Censor it or eliminate it, or stigmatize it or attack it, and criticize leaders of movements that they perceive to exist and discredit them to discredit all the followers and discredit the thoughts and the beliefs. 

Anyway, nothing new here that you haven’t heard before, other than the left has found a way to corrupt yet another what turns out to be sizable element of major, big time media.




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