Culture Wars, Obama Bathroom directive, and Public School Indoctrination

Culture Wars, Obama Bathroom directive, and Public School Indoctrination

Joseph Farah

Why I’m thankful for Obama’s bathroom edict
I’m thankful because I believe this action will awaken millions of American parents to rethink their decision to place their children in public schools.

schoolindoctrinationOver decades, most public schools in this nation have become:

  • Political indoctrination centers;
  • Laboratories for social experimentation using children as guinea pigs;
  • Places where children are “socialized” by government employees instead of being educated;
  • Failure factories in every sense of the term;
  • Home for more and more professional child predators;
  • Institutions where children are taught “macro-evolution” and man-made, catastrophic climate change, among other spurious theories, as established facts;
  • Buildings devoid of moral absolutes;
  • “Gun-free zones” that, logically, turn them into shooting galleries and centers of mass killings;
  • Institutions almost devoid of any useful teaching about the Constitution, civics, representative government, limited government and the proper role of government.

I could go on and on.

Nevertheless, about 90 percent of parents in America dutifully and ignorantly continue to send their children to these schools.

homeschoolI’m betting that this edict from Obama may prove to be the last straw for many parents, who will awaken to the nightmare public schooling has become in America and pull their children out in favor of private education or, better yet, homeschooling.

I could be wrong. I have been wrong before.

Heck, I was wrong when I sent my oldest children to public school many years ago thinking, as most parents do, that their local schools are exceptional.

Somehow, I hold on to the hope that this tyrannical action by Obama, which is already proving immensely unpopular among people with common sense, will be a game-changer, a bridge too far, resulting in a mass exodus of millions of children whose humanity and decency and innocence is valued too highly by their parents to allow this insanity to continue.

Without the children of discerning parents, there’s no doubt public schools will become even worse – sewers, hell-holes, that even less-discerning parents will be able to see with their less-discerning eyes.

That will create an even bigger exodus, until, finally, the only children who will be left are sexually confused, the poorest of the poor, the illegal aliens and those who are unfortunate enough to be the offspring of low-information “progressive” parents.

I feel sorry for them – all of them.

But we cannot lose another generation to an institution that has outlived its usefulness and corrupted its original purpose.


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