Judeo-Christian Culture: Defending the Nuclear Family

Judeo-Christian Culture: Defending the Nuclear Family


By Neill F. Marriott

We build when we speak up and testify of truth.

keyThe Lord’s Church needs Spirit-directed women who use their unique gifts to nurture, to speak up, and to defend gospel truth. Our inspiration and intuition are necessary parts of building the kingdom of God, which really means doing our part to bring salvation to God’s children.

Building the Kingdom through Speaking and Testifying

Some years ago, I prayed for the words to defend motherhood when I received an anonymous phone call.

The caller asked, “Are you Neill Marriott, the mother of a big family?”

I answered happily, “Yes!” expecting to hear her say something like, “Well, that’s good!”

culture-war7-truthBut no! I’ll never forget her reply as her voice crackled over the phone: “I am highly offended that you would bring children onto this overcrowded planet!”

“Oh,” I sputtered, “I see how you feel.”

She snapped, “No—you don’t!”

I then whimpered, “Well, maybe I don’t.”

She started on a rant about my foolish choice to be a mother. As she went on, I began to pray for help, and a gentle thought came to mind: “What would the Lord say to her?” I then felt I was standing on solid ground and gained courage at the thought of Jesus Christ.

I replied, “I am glad to be a mother, and I promise you I will do everything in my power to nurture my children in such a way that they will make the world a better place.”

She replied, “Well, I hope you do!” and hung up.

It wasn’t a big thing—after all, I was standing safely in my own kitchen! But in my own small way, I was able to speak in defense of family, mothers, and nurturers because of two things: (1) I understood and believed God’s doctrine of the family, and (2) I prayed for words to convey these truths.

fish-diamond_courage_inlBeing distinct and different from the world will draw some criticism, but we must anchor ourselves to eternal principles and testify of them, no matter the world’s response.

When we ask ourselves, “What shall we do?” let’s ponder this question: “What does the Savior do continually?” He nurtures. He creates. He encourages growth and goodness. The Savior’s creation of the earth, under the direction of His Father, was a mighty act of nurturing. He provided a place for us to grow and develop faith in His atoning power. Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement is the ultimate place of healing and hope, growth and purpose.

Our high responsibility is to become women who follow the Savior, nurture with inspiration, and live truth fearlessly. 


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