Culture Wars: Indoctrination in Education vs. American Patriotism

Culture Wars:

Indoctrination in Education vs. American Patriotism

keyThe devil will grasp them with everlasting chains . . . For behold, at that day shall he rage in the hearts of the children of men, and stir them up to anger against that which is good. ~2 Nephi 28:19,20

gop-betrayal-backstabPaul Ryan Hints at Suing a President Trump Over Muslim Ban

How Radical Leftist Howard Zinn Poisoned the Minds of Two Generations


Rush Limbaugh

school-indoctrination-EducationThis is all about a curriculum, a history text that has been written by somebody by the name of Howard Zinn.  Now, Howard Zinn ran what is called the Zinn Education Project.  It is a radical, radical bunch of insane lunatic leftists.  And there is a project at the Zinn Educational Project: A People’s History of Muslims in the United States — What School Textbooks and the Media Miss.  And this program is teaching your high school student, juror junior high or middle school student.

Rush-Classroom-school-indoctrinationThey’ve been doing this for two generations, a vision of Muslims as an integral part of the fabric of the progressive movement in the US with a presence in every social justice struggle along the way.  So your kids have been taught that there is a more equivalence between Martin Luther King and today’s Muslims — a moral equivalent between today’s aggrieved gays and lessons and Muslims.  They’re all victims of an evil and ill-formed United States of America.  Let me read to you from Howard Zinn.

He said the single longest reference he could find to Abraham Lincoln was two paragraphs.  That was Howard Zinn.  Would you like to hear how Ronaldus Magnus is portrayed?  I’m just gonna tell you.  “In the proposed California 11th grade framework, Reagan is presented as a leader who appealed to ‘social conservatives,’ a segment that is characterized as opposing ‘safety net’ programs.” That is it.  That is how Reagan is taught.  One or two paragraphs on Abraham Lincoln.  Try this from the Washington Post.

sharia-no-americaLike I say, if Obama really, really wanted to use the law to stop acts of militant terrorism, he would get hold of the architects of Sharia, as the American president, and he’d say, “You know, you guys, you’re gonna have to moderate this. This is not good. It’s not right.”  It wouldn’t go anywhere, but that’s… Now an American president like Reagan wouldn’t have a meeting, wouldn’t have a summit.  He’d give ’em a warning and then — or Bush would give ’em a warning and then — whatever would happen.

Because you don’t allow the murder of American citizens.  You just don’t permit it.  But we do.  Innocent Americans are murdered.  I don’t care, gay, straight, black, white, Martian. Innocent Americans are murdered, and what happens?  An entire political party and an amendment to the US Constitution gets blamed.  And implicit in that is, “Well, what do you expect’s gonna happen?  You got these Republicans out there won’t change the law, and won’t get rid of guns! What do you expect’s gonna happpen?”


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