History Facts: Biblical Timeline, Current Events, and Moral Solutions

History Facts:

Biblical Timeline, Current Events, and Moral Solutions

keyoldAsk for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. ~Jeremiah 6:16


Nehemiah is sent to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Isaiah and Jeremiah warn against evil and call the people to repentance. Look for parallels in today’s society. Find good advice that will ensure safety and blessings.



Many Jews were in bondage to their brethren. At Nehemiah’s direction they are freed, their lands are restored. Nehemiah is sent to rebuild the walls and gates of Jerusalem. Their enemies seek to prevent Jews from rebuilding walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah arms the laborers and keeps the work going forward. Sanballat engages in intrigue against Nehemiah and the building of the wall. Jews finish construction of the wall.


Isaiah warns people who reject God as their maker and do works of darkness.

Isaiah 29:15,16, 21

15 Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?

isaiah-good-called-evil 16 Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding?

21 That make a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and turn aside the just for a thing of nought.


Prophet Jeremiah as depicted by Michelangelo on Sistine chapel ceiling

Prophet Jeremiah as depicted by Michelangelo
on Sistine chapel ceiling


The following chapter headings give an outline of Judah and Israel history. What parallels do you see today?

The sins of Israel and Judah


The people of Judah forsook the Lord, the fountain of living waters—They worshipped idols and rejected the prophets.


Israel and Judah defiled and polluted the land through wickedness—In the last days, the Lord will gather the people of Israel, one from a city and two from a family, and bring them to Zion.


Judgments will be poured out upon the people of Judah because of their sins—Their iniquities cause blessings to be withheld from them.


Jerusalem will be destroyed because of her iniquity—She will be overrun by a great and cruel nation.


The people of Judah will suffer death, the sword, famine, and captivity—They will be scattered into all the kingdoms of the earth—Jerusalem will be destroyed.


The captivity of Judah comes because of sin and forsaking the Lord—Hallow the Sabbath day; doing so will save the people; otherwise they will be destroyed.

Moral Solutions: A Call to Repentance


If the people of Judah repent, they will be preserved—

The temple has become a den of robbers—The Lord rejects that generation of the people of Judah for their idolatries—They offer their children as sacrifices.


Israel is as potter’s clay in the hands of the Lord—If nations repent, the Lord withholds the evil decreed against them.

1 The word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord, saying,

potter-clay-wheel-stand-center_2 2 Arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause thee to hear my words.

3 Then I went down to the potter’s house, and, behold, he wrought a work on the wheels.

4 And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.

5 Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying,

O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel.

7 At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy it;

8 If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them.

change-of-heart1 9 And at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it;

10 If it do evil in my sight, that it obey not my voice, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them.

11 ¶Now therefore go to, speak to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, saying, Thus saith the Lord; Behold, I frame evil against you, and devise a device against you: return ye now every one from his evil way, and make your ways and your doings good.



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