Truth Zone: 5 Liberal lies about the Constitution

Truth Zone:

5 Liberal lies about the Constitution

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh Letter, June 2016, 11


Lie #1:

liberalism-liesThe U.S. Constitution is nothing special.


The American Constitution—the oldest written national constitution still in use today—is unique for its longevity, endurance, and stability. The average life expectancy of a constitution, according to the University of Chicago, is 19 years.


Lie #2:

The Constitution is “living,” with no set meaning.



minutemanThe Constitution as written defines the rule of law in America. Changes can be made via the amendment process laid out in the document itself. Instead, liberals pretend the “living, breathing Constitution” says whatever they want it to say. That is lawlessness—it’s how the left invents what isn’t in there, like “right to privacy,” and ignores what is in there, like “the right to bear arms.”


Lie #3:

The U.S. Constitution is outdated.


Americans overwhelmingly value the Constitution’s continued effectiveness. Except for Democrats.


Lie #4:

Only the paranoid fringe believes Constitutional freedoms are under threat.


obamatearing-constitutionMillions of Americans recognize that our Constitutional freedoms are being eroded—especially under the Obama Regime.


Lie #5:

The Constitution is “a charter of negative liberties,” putting limits on what Americans can do.


constitutionThe Constitution protects and guarantees the inalienable rights and liberties of the individual, putting strict limits on what government can do. This revolutionary document divides government power into three co-equal branches in defined, enumerated roles, with the primary mission to defend Americans’ freedoms.


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