Truth Zone: Democratic Party includes Marxism, Shariah Muslims, Baby Butchers

Truth Zone, election 2016:

Democratic Party includes Marxism, Shariah Muslims, Baby Butchers

Rush Limbaugh to Trump: Call Dems ‘Baby Butchers,’ ‘Shariah Muslims,’ ‘Marxists’


I’ve been talking to a few people who mostly vote Democrat, including my Sister and her family. After watching the Democrat convention for a couple days they’re in the “Never Hillary” camp. I think the Dems overplayed their cover-up and lie strategy. Even their voters don’t believe them anymore.

Rush Limbaugh

barrymarxGOP presidential nominee Donald Trump should add a list of who the Democratic Party now is, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said Monday.

“My idea for a short Trump speech, maybe an intro to the speech that he’s gonna give to his improv at all of these appearances, is just list who the Democrats are,” Limbaugh told his radio audience.

“Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Occupy Wall Street, stripping God from their party platform, transgender bathroom advocates, pro-death panels, baby butchers!” he said. “A candidate who violated the Espionage Act thousands of times, sexual predators, pedophiles, illegals, Sharia Muslims, Marxists. That’s the Democrat Party today.”


Hillary-and-Nurse-RatchedRUSH: Here’s what Hillary Clinton tried to do last night [of DNC convention].  She tried to embrace America’s birth, but she couldn’t do it.  She then aborted America’s birth, explaining how she would butcher and sell off the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Tenth Amendment.



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