Dinner Talk Topics: Creation Works

Dinner Talk Topics for Friday

Creativity is Work!

keyTo create is to bring order out of chaos, and this certainly does not happen by chance.

Creation Works — A Process, Not an Event

creationhandsADAM WAS NOT THE FIRST BEING WHO EVER WORKED. Earth, Eden, and Adam and Eve themselves were the work of the Creator. Works of art and music began even among Adam and Eve’s early descendants. Whether it be manifest in Michelangelo’s classic art or Edison’s inventive genius— beauty or technology— it is creative. It requires thinking, which is a form of work.

Of course there are some who, seeing the end results of great creative work, try to devise shortcuts, and skip the required effort. Spectators who switch on a light, or applaud a perfected performance, do not understand the years of perseverance through trials, obstacles, rejection, long hours of hard work, and sacrifice which effected the creative work. Author Irving Stone called this process “The Agony and the Ecstasy.”

powerObjects seen by the eye or measured in other tangible ways are not the only works of creation. Anyone would agree that it takes creative work to keep a family together and happy! We are doing creative work when we repent, put off the natural man, become spiritually reborn, and over time, become a new creature.

All creative, edifying acts require effort. Some consider that anything, given enough time, will improve upon itself. To create is to bring order out of chaos, and this certainly does not happen by chance. The path of least resistance always leads away from, not toward, order and improvement.

Since all are created in the image of God, we each possess capacities for creative work. After our mortal sojourn here, our own unique creative work will have made something a little better now than before we began.

dinnerDinner Talk Topics:

All creative, edifying acts require effort. *Creativity




  1. How can we use our talents to bless others?
  2. What is the value of excellence?
  3. How can we be creative in relationships and service to others?

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