Book Reviews: Hillary’s America—History Timeline of the Democratic Party

Book Reviews:

Hillary’s America—History Timeline  of the Democratic Party


keyThese revolutionists are using a technique that is as old as the human race,—a fervid but false solicitude for the unfortunate over whom they thus gain mastery, and then enslave them. ~David O. McKay

The Left owns dark. The Democrat Party owns scary. The Left specifically owns the unfolding horror i American cities. As we go to press, The Chicago Tribune reports that nearly 100 people have been shot in Chicago? Obama Democrats. Since 1931. At the same time, race riots erupt in Milwaukee. Who runs that city? Democrats. Sonce 1908. In city after Democrat-run city,  the stories are, sadly, the same. Crime, unrest, poverty, hatred, misery. In places Democrats have wholly controlled for generations.  ~Rush Limbaugh, September 2016 Limbaugh Letter, 2


HIllaryMovie Hillary’s America—The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Dinesh D’Souza

My crime was exceeding the campaign finance laws by giving $20,000 over the campaign finance limit to a college pal of mine who was running for the U.S. Senate. I didn’t do it to get anything in return; I did it simply to help an old friend. For this, I found myself at the receiving end of the full force of the U.S. government.

But since no one in American history has been prosecuted—let alone incarcerated—for doing what I did, I should be allowed to suspect that my real crime was in exposing President Obama in my film 2016: Obama’s America and my books The Roots of Obama’s Rage and Obama’s America. Obama hated my film, vituperatively attacking it on his website, and a few months later, the FBI was knocking on my door.

During my eight-month confinement, I got to know attempted murderers, drug smugglers, coyotes, armed robbers—the whole gamut of the criminal underclass. Here I learned how criminals think, how they organize themselves into gangs, how they recruit allies, how they come up with their pitches, and how they cover up their misdeeds. I realized there is a close similarity between these criminal operations and the longstanding practices of modern progressivism and the Democratic Party.

(D’Souza, Hillary’s America, 23)


The Party of Plunder—The Land Stealers


andrew-jacksonAndrew Jackson steals 2 million acres from the Creek Indians

Jackson massacres and mutilates hundreds of Creeks at Horseshoe Bend, Mississippi


Andrew Jackson, founder of Democrat Party

Jackson elected first Democrat President


Cherokee Trail of Tears a direct result of Jackson policies

(D’Souza, 52-54)


During recent years, the Democrat Party has confiscated miles and miles of land, robbing millions of Americans of jobs, such as in the coal industry.

slavery-democrat-thingThe Party of Slavery


(D’Souza, 102, ff)

  • Abraham Lincoln, America’s first Republican President, aptly described the difference between the two parties by saying that one thinks slavery is wrong and ought to be restricted, while the other thinks slavery is right and ought to be extended.
  • Northern Democrat Stephen Douglas, who sought to uphold slavery through his doctrine of “popular sovereignty,” gives the lie to the idea that the slavery battle was between the North and the South—actually it was between the Republican and the Democrat parties
  • While Democrats preciously kept blacks “down on the plantation” with lashings and whippings, today they keep blacks on the urban plantation through dependence on the progressive welfare state. (Hillary’s America, the film)
  • The Ku Klux Klan was founded in the 1860s and initially focused its terror tactics, not on blacks, but on white Republicans.
  • Night-riding and cross-burning were two symbols of the KK. Historian Eric Foner calls the Klan the domestic terrorist arm of the Democratic Party, whose main objective was to enforce white supremacy and to keep the South voting monolithically Democrat.


  • Black Republican crusader Ida B. Wells sought to stop the practice of lynching, but she had mixed success because lynching was protected and promoted by the Democratic Party as a technique of keeping blacks down—and preventing them from voting Republican.


20th Century


  • Republican Booker T. Washington, a former slave, inspired the ire of Democratic racists when he dined with Teddy Roosevelt.

ku_klux_klan_virgina_1922_parade1913-1921 Woodrow Wilson presidency

  • By showing the racist film The Birth of a Nation in the White House, the progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson inspired a Ku Klux Klan revival in the South, Midwest, and West. Wilson also segregated all areas of the federal government, telling black leaders that segregation was for their benefit. The film The Birth of a Nation, a work of propaganda by the Southern Democrat D.W. Griffith, smears Republicans.


1933-1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt presidency (FDR)

  • Progressive hero Franklin Roosevelt cut a deal with racist Democrats in which he agreed, in exchange for their support of his agenda, to block anti-lynching legislation and to exclude blacks from most New Deal programs. This shows how progressivism didn’t displace racism; rather, it incorporated it.
  • One of FDR’s closest allies was the notorious racist Theodore Bilbo—FDR’s choice to run the District of Columbia—who always described blacks in vulgar terms and racial slurs.


  • Originally a member of the southern faction of racist Democrats, Lyndon Johnson saw the Civil Rights Act as a means to keep blacks (he used the racial slur) down on the Democratic plantation.


plannedParenthoodAFAThe Party of Abortion and Eugenics


  • Progressive Margaret Sanger—founder of Planned Parenthood and heroine to Hillary Clinton—sought to deal with the “unfit” by keeping them out of the country or killing them. Her “Negro Project” was designed to reduce the size of the black population.
  • The forced sterilization policies of the Nazis—which at first didn’t target Jews but rather “unfit” physical and mental defectives—were based in part on compulsory birth control measures developed in the United States by Margaret Sanger and her progressive allies.

Progressives heart Fascism

1930s and 1940s

  • Hitlerjugend.svgYoung John F. Kennedy toured Germany in the 1930s and praised Hitler as a “legend”, attributing hostility to the Nazis to jealousy of what they had accomplished. JFK went to serve as a Navy Lieutenant in World War II. He had no illusions about Hitler after the war. Even so, JFK’s pre-war fascination with Hitler is revealing because he was not alone. Other noted progressives at the time admired Hitler and the Nazis. The feeling was reciprocal; Hitler and the Nazis admired them.(D’Souza, 150)
  • Progressive Democrats have worked hard to erase this history, but their hero Franklin D. Roosevelt admired Mussolini in the 1930s, and Mussolini returned the compliment, considering FDR to be a fellow fascist.


Mafiosi Training


  • Mobster Al Capone is the inspiration behind modern progressive techniques of intimidation and political shakedown; he also helps us understand how the Democratic Party, while operating like as a crime syndicate, came to be viewed as on the side of the “little guy.”
  • Saul Alinsky—mentor of both Obama and Hillary—was no crusader for social justice; rather, he began his career as a petty street criminal and thief and later learned the art of political intimidation and shakedown at the hands of various Chicago gangs.

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