National Security: Never Trump, Egoism, or America First, and our Children First?

National Security:

Never Trump, Egoism,  or America First, and our Children First?

key‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ ~Edmund Burke


Never-TrumpersWake Up!

Wayne Allyn Root

True conservatives put God and country above their personal wishes. Hillary’s election ends both. Forever.

Are you willing to risk the end of America? The end of capitalism? The end of freedom? Your children’s future?

                Are you willing to bet all of that on your ego and pride?

cartoon-scalia-D-WoundedFolks, Justice Scalia is begging from his grave: Wake up, Republicans. Unite, Republicans, before it’s too late. If you don’t support Donald Trump, you have no idea where this is headed.

Are you willing to risk the end of America? The end of capitalism? The end of freedom? Your children’s future?

Are you willing to bet all of that on your ego and pride?

America and my children’s future is on the line. It’s time for courage. It’s time to call out some names. Yes, I mean you, Glenn Beck, John Kasich, Mitt Romney, George Will, William Kristol.

I’ve worked for conservative candidates since the age of 3, when I campaigned in my father’s arms for Barry Goldwater. I believe in God, guns, country, family, Judeo-Christian values, American Exceptionalism, capitalism, the Constitution, economic and personal freedom, and the all-American institutions of small business, the police and military.

Does any conservative have a problem with any of that?

If you consider yourself a conservative, Christian or patriot and you’re not voting for Donald Trump, or you’re not voting at all, I have a message for you:

You’re playing with fire. You’re either ignorant, delusional, or incredibly selfish with an ego so big you don’t care about anyone but yourself.

You certainly don’t care about me, my children, or millions of Americans like me.

narcissism2   Is your ego so big you’re willing to allow every small business owner in America to lose everything we’ve spent our lifetimes building?

You may be part of the protected establishment elite, but can’t you see the election of Hillary Clinton will finish off every small business owner in America” We’re drowning and suffocating under an avalanche of big taxes, never-ending regulations, Obamacare, lawyers and lawsuits, draconian EPA mandates in the name of climate change, and IRS audits. I call it Obama and Hillary’s “Axis of Evil.”

With their philosophy and policies, it no longer makes sense (dollars or otherwise) to run a business and create middle-class jobs. The American Dream is dead.

The people now running America are either insane, incredibly stupid, or communists. Obama and Hillary aren’t qualified to manage a Dairy Queen or a Bronx storefront bodega.

Trump wants to cut taxes, freeze regulations, repeal Obamacare and kill Obama’s executive actions—all of them—on Day 1. He wants to rein in the Gestapo . . . oops, I mean EPA and IRS. He wants to build a wall and stop Hillary’s insane plan to import 650,000 Muslim refugees at a cost of $400


You “#NeverTrumpers” say, “Hillary is the same as Trump.” You’re either delusional, or want to rationalize what you’re about to do to America. She wants to dramatically raise taxes, add regulations, expand Obamacare, open the border wider, give amnesty and voting rights to every illegal, take our guns away, bring in more Muslim refugees and give everyone everything for FREE.

Did you miss the fact Hillary has adopted Bernie Sanders’ far left socialist platform?

Did you not hear Hillary has hired young illegals to go door to door to campaign for her?

Trump’s right to be worried about rigged elections and voter fraud.

Did I mention Obama’s TSA has invited Muslim leaders to see the specific details of our airport screening process to suggest more “culturally sensitive” modifications?

                Did you miss Hillary’s endorsement by the Communist Party USA?

But, oh no, you won’t vote for Trump, because Trump isn’t perfect, isn’t “conservative enough,” is flawed, offends your delicate sensibilities, or has given donations to Democrats in the past while trying to build skyscrapers in 100 percent Democrat-controlled New York City.

You’d rather see Hillary Clinton become president because in your mind, that will prove you were right all along. You’ll prove Trump is unelectable by making sure he can’t be elected.

TrumpHat-not-screw-up-country Because Trump isn’t a perfect traditional conservative on every issue, you believe you have the right to badmouth him, or endorse Hillary, or sabotage his election, or just sit on your hands thinking you look smart or “principled” while Hillary wins.

Or maybe you’ll vote for the new independent named “Evan” something. I’ve never heard of him. He’ll get 1/4 of 1/4 of 1/2 of 1 percent. He’s not anonymous. He’s invisible.

There may even be some of you who believe you’ll look “cool” by voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee who puts himself to sleep in the middle of interviews and whose platform is to “put pot in every pot.”

Just what we need—a nation of Americans lying on their couches too stoned to know the economy is in shambles, GDP is zero, industrial production is the worst in history, the debt is $20 trillion, and there are no jobs.

Those are the sane alternatives to Donald Trump?


                Go ahead, elect Hillary and ruin America. It’s what any selfish fool would do.

But know this. You haven’t a clue what conservatism is.

Conservative means:

  • Lower taxes
  • Fewer regulations
  • Killing Obama’s executive orders
  • Repealing Obamacare
  • Building a wall
  • Reigning in the EPA and IRS
  • Stopping Hillary’s plan to import 650,000 Muslims at a cost of $400 billion
  • Supporting law enforcement and bringing back order
  • Supporting and strengthening our military
  • Protecting our veterans
  • Defending and upholding our Second Amendment


Trump-Make-America-Great-MAPThat’s my DREAM platform.

I’ve been waiting my whole life for a president with that platform. Guess who has that platform?

            DONALD J. TRUMP.

That platform might make Trump the most conservative president since Reagan. It certainly makes him more conservative than Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, John McCain or Mitt Romney.



millennial-ego                So if that’s the case, this is 100 percent about your ego. If you aren’t excited by the platform above, you are either a liberal masquerading as a conservative  or you’re a selfish, egotistical buffoon who needs to re-examine your priorities.

True conservatives put God and country above their personal wishes. Hillary’s election ends both. Forever.

One last point for all Republican elected officials and former members of GOP presidential administrations who refusing to support Trump:


No one likes a traitor.


obamatreason                Don’t forget  in 1964 when Barry Goldwater won the nomination, many in the GOP refused to support him, and he lost thanks to their lack of effort. But the last laugh was on them. Only Reagan and Nixon gave 100 percent and campaigned across the country for Goldwater. They both went on to become presidents of the United States, while those who sat on their hands saw their political careers go down the drain.

No one likes a traitor.

That will be the fate of every “#Never Trumper.” Good luck.

                It’s time to pick a side. For my children’s sake, for your own children’s sake, for America’s sake, I beg of you . . .  reconsider.

                The next president will pick not only Justice Scalia’s replacement on the Supreme court, but three to four other justices ready to retire. The next president will decide whether America is capitalist or socialist for the next half century.


           justice-scalia     If you love America and want her to survive, there is only one option:

                Donald J. Trump.

                Justice Scalia is begging you from his grave.



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