History Heroes: How did the Greatest Generation conquer 20th Century Terrorism?

History Heroes:

Terrorism Facts Part 2

greatest-generation4-much-owed-fewHow did the Greatest Generation conquer 20th Century Terrorism?

In Part 1 of this article we learned a reason for the inexplicable behavior of many people in our society—that is, going over to the dark side, to join with or defend Islamic terrorism. This state of mind and emotion in which we are vulnerable to being converted “at the point of a sword” is called the Stockholm Syndrome. Islamic terrorism has been around for centuries, had connections with Nazism in the 20th century, and exists as Islamo-fascism today. Here, in Part 2, we learn how the Greatest Generation conquered terrorism. We can benefit by learning lessons from great history heroes.

Terrorism Facts, Part 1: How does a Society first abhor, then embrace Terrorism?


Of Terror and Courage, Part 2:

What would the ‘Greatest Generation’ Do?

keyThese are the kinds of measures the WWII generation would have implemented, at least for starters. Call it tough love on a national scale. But that in turn requires two things in short supply today: courage and moral clarity. ~David Kupelian


IS THERE A CURE FOR THIS TERRIBLE SYNDROME? Yes, and since Americans have a history of vanquishing tyrants, let’s explore the powerful lessons they’ve bequeathed to us.

First, let’s look at how the “Greatest Generation” managed to vanquish major evil “isms” like Nazism and Japanese imperialism.

Judeo-Christian Values

greatest-generation1To understand how the WWII generation was able to deal so effectively with monstrous totalitarian movements, it’s essential to realize the fundamental difference between America then and now. For all our problems back then, America had tremendous national unity and a strong sense of identity. Judeo-Christian values were still paramount at work, play and everyday life—they comprised the cultural “air” we all breathed. We weren’t yet crippled by national guilt, self-doubt and self-hatred like we are today. There’s no way we could have been bamboozled into thinking same-sex marriage is perfectly normal, or that slaughtering innocent babies in the womb is moral and constitutional, or that posting the Ten Commandments on a courthouse wall somehow violates the First Amendment.


greatest-generation3-vs-entitledIn other words, we were not corrupted with the anti-biblical philosophies and utter confusion that have suffocated our modern era and robbed it of genuine moral strength. Back then, the unified national character and confidence of the “Greatest Generation” allowed us to make the tough decisions that were necessary to preserve our nation, rescue our allies, and end a terrible war.

Perhaps the most controversial action in U.S. military history was dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to break the will of the maniacal Japanese war effort. Decades later, arguments still abound both for and against this use of the A-bomb.

But whatever you may think in retrospect about the destruction of those two Japanese cities, what is undeniable is that doing so accomplished more than end the war with Japan. It broke Japan. It confronted the “evil spirit” that had possessed that nation—a totalitarian, emperor-worshipping military cult obsessed with expansion—and violently exorcized it.

greatest-generation2-ww2Having neutralized the evil that had captivated Japan, America became that nation’s friend and helped massively reconstruct it, ultimately turning Japan into the civilized, successful, First World economic power it is today. Think how utterly amazing that is.

For that matter, after the Allies annihilated Hitler’s war machine and along with it the german capacity and will to conquer its neighbors, the U.S. also helped a newly sober Germany become a great Western power. Our enemies, Japan and Germany, became our friends.

No, I’m not saying “Nuke Mecca.” I am simply affirming what Arial Sharon said years ago: We must create in the enemy “a psychology of defeat, to beat them every time and to beat them so decisively that they would develop the conviction they could never win.

appeasement-quoteRemember, moral weakness—appeasement—whether in individuals or nation states, always encourages violence.

Just as with communists and Nazis, today’s Islamo-fascists regard goodwill gestures and concessions as contemptible weakness and an irresistible invitation to take advantage. Hitler, shortly after the appeasing Neville Chamberlain arrived home proudly displaying his worthless peace treaty, turned around and attacked Britain.

So, what would the U.S. Congress of the WWII era do today about frequent threats by radical Islamists to commit further terror on the U.S. homeland?

The “Greatest Generation’s” lawmakers would probably—after making a brief apology to all law-abiding Muslims living here—announce immediate and severe restrictions on immigration into the U.S. from Muslim countries. No more Muslim chaplains in our prisons to act as recruiters.

no-shariaNo more Saudi-funded, anti-American Islamic schools here. If a mosque in the U.S. is proven to have been used for storing terror weapons and fomenting revolution, it gets bulldozed—immediately. You get the idea. We’re at war. These are the kinds of measures the WWII generation would have implemented, at least for starters.

Call it tough love on a national scale. But that in turn requires two things in short supply today: courage and moral clarity.


Terrorism Facts, Part 3: Courage and Moral Clarity

Terrorism Facts, Part 1: How does a Society first abhor, then embrace Terrorism?



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