Christian Movie Review: New Ben-Hur is powerful remake

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New Ben-Hur is powerful remake

The new version of Ben-Hur includes the famous chariot race, but several other plot details from the original movie and book differ.

afa-movie-review-benhurJudah Ben-Hur can afford to be generous, living a luxurious life as Judean royalty even with Rome’s grip of power over the land. But when one most trusted turns against him and robs him of everything, he has nowhere to turn to ease the weight of despair and suffering – but to revenge. He sets his mind to destroy his enemy, or be destroyed, in the blood sport of a Roman chariot race.

An encounter with a strange carpenter who tells of another way lingers with him, but he cannot give up the fierce effort that might free him from his burden.

Christian symbolism is rich in this movie, especially in two places: a young zealot who benefits from human mercy only to find himself still in need of a much greater, eternal redemption; and when Judah comes upon a man taking a punishment once intended for him.

Set in a historically violent time period, Ben-Hur is appropriately rated PG-13 for intense violence. There are also occasional uses of God’s name in vain.
Stacy Long


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